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10h · 27
Smile, and perhaps
I would not look so dead

Smile, and perhaps
I would not feel so dead

Smile, and perhaps
I would not be so dead

Constrained, they say
I could not free myself

Delusional, they say
I could not convey myself

Lonely, they say
I could not have any company other than myself


But I am not the one that should be happy
I am simply not happy

And a smile will not patch my fragmented emotions
That splatter ****** patches on the walls of my mind

And a smile will not lessen the burden that I carry
That heighten the voices on the grid of my conscience

And a smile will not make me alive
Because I've been dead for a long time

My deep slumber of hopelessness
Has made my smile go flatline

I'm glad to be writing again. I drew my inspiration from observing an individual who appeared to be despondent. This poem highly contrasts my current mood, which is happiness. I've been feeling very happy recently; today's the last day of finals week and I'm glad that I survived my first semester of university.
Dec 1 · 223
I open

                                                         ­           my creative

                 wings to

                                                         ­   fly in

                                            my imagination

Dec 1 · 76
I used to love the world
And the world used to love me

Now I'm just sitting here writing poetry
Feeling misunderstood by far too many
As in this ******* named social anxiety

I used to listen to the world
And the world used to listen to me

Now I'm just sitting here feeling angry
Feeling like another helping hand for anything
To just get paid with an empty apology

I used to accept me
And I used to accept the world

Now I'm just sitting here in front of my T.V.
Feeling dormant from static energy
Your assurance will never be comforting

Oh, really?

I used to be aware that the world cared
And the world used to be aware of me

Now I'm just sitting here in front of my screen
Feeling prepared to face everything
Request a quarrel with social anxiety

I used to feel unloved
And I've realized that I'm enough
The world never resented me because
I listened to the voices of social anxiety

Now I'm just sitting here writing poetry
Feeling understood by many
As in my family and camaraderie

I used to feel ignored
And I've realized that I ignored myself
I've learned how to
Decline the voices of negativity

As to your request, I decline.
Nov 17 · 96
Osiria Melody Nov 17
You're just a piece of CrumpledUpPaper,
Tucked away
                     under the
                                     subway seat

With scratched-out letters and dried up ink,
Will a pair of eyes even

       of feet
                     t  a   p e        
                      r  m  l  d
                               ­       over you
                 ­                  manyyy
                 t  o  r  n  ,  

You haven't even been recycled yet!
And so I'll pick you up,

Take you to the recycling bin,
And PLOP, in you go like a lillypad on a pond

Filled with rain, drenched in soluble ink
What were the words that were written?

On a midsummer's day or a quarter-winter's night?
I ain't sure and I'll never know

I saw a piece of crumpled up paper on the ground.
Nov 17 · 119
Osiria Melody Nov 17
will you ever Make a change in your life?
say you want Everything to be all right
will you ever Learn to fly from a fight?
say you want Another chance to climb high
will you ever Notice that you're out-of-line?
say you want Imperfections to see the light
will you ever Eradicate your mental plight?

This ain't a quirky letter to myself.
Nov 16 · 618
Osiria Melody Nov 16
I am more than what others         say
I am more than what others               think
I am more than what others        do
I am more than what others                 feel
I am more than what others      perceive

I am what I           say
I am what I           think
I am what I           do
I am what I           feel
I am what I           perceive

If I do not fit into society's construct,
Then so be it–conventional mules
Being happy for myself is most important
After all, I am my own advocate for the choices
That I make, and that no one can take that away

          ­                                  Self
                          ­                                     I

Nov 15 · 680
Osiria Melody Nov 15
Midnight footsteps of trepidation
Seizes the attention of a salacious man

Heart screams in adrenaline
I quicken my pace in convulsion

He wrenches me by my clothes,
Making me plummet to the ground

Asphyxiation overcomes me
I do not remember anything

I wake to bright lights of hospital's death
I could not believe that I am still breathing

You do not believe me?
Sure, I get it

Was it my fault that I was walking alone?
Sure, I get it

Was it my fault that I got violated?
Sure, I get it

I believe that the world deserves to know the truth

I am human
He was not

Personally, I have experienced ****** harassment in my lifetime. I put myself through the perspective of ****** assault victims who feel like they are ignored for telling the truth–that they were harmed, that they were ridiculed, that they were blamed for their ordeals. I'm aware that the perpetrators aren't only men and that victims aren't only women.
Nov 15 · 87
Osiria Melody Nov 15
My mind's loading, loading, loading
Circulating through bullets of thoughts
Locked away in a chamber of memories

I want to pull the trigger of time
Brandishing pistols of life
Hoped to avoid the crosshairs of shame

All that has become of me is a shell
A toxic shell of who I once was–
The kind that had a mind that didn't reload

Every time I yearned for death

Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you enthralled
Get thrown into the fiery rings of lecture halls
And catapult through a cannon of adulting

Come one, come all
To the circus of pulling all-nighters in awe
Get thrown into the trapeze of feeling small
And catapult through student loans defaulting?

Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you appalled
Get thrown across like a rag doll hitting a wall
And catapult through résumés that seem insulting

You’re the performer, after all
This circus is an emotional, physical, and financial risk
I know that it would be ironic for me to say this,
But college is overrated

current mood be like....
(I ain't against the education system.)
Oct 26 · 283
I'm not sober.
Osiria Melody Oct 26
My wine waits
For me all the time

Too many bottles
Lay peacefully in plain sight

Falling in love
With death's kiss, toxic lover

A threatening question
Of whether I am fine

Makes me scream,
"I will never be sober!"

I can't breathe
Let the world judge me

Always falling apart
Shards of life shatter hard

My wine waits
For me all the time
And so will you, sobriety

I once had a nightmare that I was caught drinking. I don't know what my brain was thinking. I've never been drunk and I can't explain why the thought of being inebriated makes me smile. (Please don't worry; I don't drink.)
Oct 23 · 177
Osiria Melody Oct 23
If I could reach into the sky,
I’d dry the rain from your cloudy mind
Sickened that I can’t do a thing
You’re barren, looking for a sign
Of whether life’s guiding your wings

If I could reach into the sky,
I’d pull glass shards from your broken heart
Sickened that I can’t do a thing
You’re barren, yearning for a fine
Of whether your loneliness will get paid

Tired of being isolated
Tired of being used
Tired of being lost

How much more could you take?
You’re barren, trying to escape

I was unable to post for a while since I kept receiving an error screen. Finally, everything’s working out. I’m happy that I’m able to write again.
Sep 29 · 247
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Why can't I get it through my head
That I should probably shoot myself dead?

Or hang myself with a noose instead?

These are the thoughts that I take to bed
"You should get help," they said

I refuse to let my strength be fed
For too long, my happiness has been in the red

Nah, I'll let cyanide take the cred

Poetry has always been one of my creative outlets that has helped me overcome life's tribulations. To clarify, I'm not going to **** myself with cyanide or with any method–for that matter. The first two lines were from a written poem that I discarded a long time ago; I couldn't recall the original verbatim, so I rewrote the rest of the poem.
Sep 29 · 361
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Pods detonate nuclear explosions of nicotine clouds
Laced with addiction and withdrawal symptoms,
A pair of lungs work in conjunction with Death
And so, even tobacco cigs achieve the same effect

So what? My lungs are my lungs
Let the vapor consume my being and let me be
There's no reason for me to reconsider this
Because I'm living a life filled with wonderful bliss

Why not give it a try?

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."

I'm not promoting smoking in any way. The final line is a quote from the novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I came up with this piece on-the-fly after thinking about the vaping epidemic.
Sep 29 · 177
Osiria Melody Sep 29
In silence's muse, not a single muscle stirred
My mind had wailed for my words to be heard
But my thirst for vengeance against them grew
Because death is simply not meant for you
So while my scant breaths rob oxygen in greed
Of the day that I planted anger with a seed,
Your final words that fluttered a subtle hue,
Your final wish sat upon a mantel—then I heard
The memories of you taking me under your wing
And I remembered how one day in spring
You found the human in me and said
“Silence! Listen to their motions spiraling!”
The grave is marked; your remains repose dead,
But you are dead, oh, you are dead

My mind's a grave. I'm buried in anger.
Sep 22 · 229
Osiria Melody Sep 22
I would not like to see the day
When my books are on the shelves

I would not like to see the day
Because my insecurities cannot be tamed

I would not like to see the day
When my creativity is all that I sell

I would not like to see the day
Because I want my words to die in vain

I would not like to see the day
When everybody knows my name

Dedicated to those who dialed 1-800-IMPOSTERISM and never received word on why you're still suffering to this day.
Sep 22 · 278
Osiria Melody Sep 22
Unbeknownst to her family,
Ascends a conflagration of unforeseen limits
A relentless and foul depravity
She cries in disbelief for she might not make it

Kindled in her ashen spirits,
She is taunted by depression's gravity
This vortex of agony is death's one-way ticket
That bewilders her sagacity

In our darkest moments, we are strong enough to escape the vortex.
Sep 16 · 175
Osiria Melody Sep 16
There may be strong currents in life's waters of victory
There may be earthquakes along your faults of prosperity
There may be cacophony in the music of joviality
There may be imbalances in your scales of rationality

In times of a dire need to shed out of your past self,

Remember that you're always loved,
Even when your heart beats apathy
Remember that you're always resilient,
Even when your mind screams worthlessness
Remember that you always matter,
Even when your hands betray you in harm

Please hold on to your unwavering faith, whatever it may be
You always deserve to heal and be happy

I woke up in a great mood today.
Sep 16 · 141
Osiria Melody Sep 16
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out
Your agonizing screeches electrify me with euphoria
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Raise your bloodied wrists, bound to a chair and shout
My immaculate world is a dystopia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out

My wrath punctures your skin without a doubt
Harvest your organs of emotions, a delectable cornucopia
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Inebriated, I slur my derisions at you with an unsympathetic pout
Scar your eyes with the trigger of trypophobia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out

Drown in my waters of deception up to your snout
My wrath culminates into impending dysphoria
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Burst your bloodstream like sauerkraut
Haunt your tranquil dreams with insomnia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

conjured while listening to ragecore music. morbid, indeed.
Sep 14 · 408
Osiria Melody Sep 14
Starry skies bleeding blue and white
Wind rustles my hair, so uptight
Imagining our fates intertwine
Fall asleep under the night's eyes

Waking up to a rainy storm
You come along, all adorned
Getting me out from the rain
Asking me for my name

Life's never felt so complete
No one else can compete (for me)
You're the only winner to my heart
Nothing will tear us apart

Boy, you make me feel weightless (weightless)
Like a famous star on the red carpet
Floating so high up in fame
Cause everybody knows our names
Boy, you make me feel invincible
Everything that I do feels so powerful
Without you, I'd not know what to do

I felt so lonely
Didn't know how to smile
Till you came into my life

cheesy song written on 1/23/19.
Sep 7 · 304
In a second, you lose your ability to talk
In a second, all the sweat in your body seeps through your palms
In a second, your bloodstream's struck with an adrenaline rush
In a second, Death sneers at you from a distance
In a second, a switch of life flips from 'ON' to 'OFF'

When a bullet's scream pierces the air,
When will society ever realize that enough is enough?

I'm tired. You're tired. We're all tired.
Aug 26 · 391
Diamond Tears
Osiria Melody Aug 26
The world is painted vividly and you feel as if
you're a blank spot on a canvas
Just like the trees and never-ending cascade of
greens and dingy benches,
You camouflage into your surroundings

You're at this park, surrounded by smiling folks,
too preoccupied with their activities to notice you
You're a ghost to them
Breathing in life and exhaling death
Your mind runs away to seclusion as your witness
a dog trotting along the gentle blades of grass

The sounds around you cease and you only hear
the voices in your head
Unforgiving, apathetic voices of self-loathing

Drop by drop, tears slide down your porcelain
visage, broken in shards of despair
Diamond teardrops glisten in the scorching
sunlight, momentarily falling and shattering

Dissociated, you can't feel the warm air
embracing you or smell a waft of ice cream from
an ice cream cart
You only taste the familiar speck of bitterness
in your mouth and feel your body tremble
You hear the voices in your head shift from
pitied whispers to shouts of worthlessness

The sun's graceful waves of warmth would soon
take away the shards of sadness
Would it?
Does it care?
The sun's been glaring in your direction, oblivious
to everything, especially you

Your back has been slumped and you've been
standing in the grass this whole time

"Pathetic, right? Everyone would just stare
daggers at you and stab you with derision, right?"
Your mind roars in laughter at you
"You made it this far to go out today since your
depression has held you prisoner in your
home," echoes your mind
Your voices sneer, "Just go back. You're crying and
you look like a disaster. A complete failure."

You stumble backwards and your fall is
cushioned by the gentle blades of grass
Your voices melt away as a friendly face
peers at you in concern

Your dissociation fades and you hear the world
A hand helps you up and you're greeted with
kind words

You're invited to an embrace and you nod,
Letting this stranger embrace you
For the first time today, the suffocating
sensation in your body dies

You hear their comforting voice say,
"I know that everything may not feel
okay, but I'm here for you."

They slowly pull away from you
and the brightest light that
shines is your smile

Together, the both of you stroll across
the park and you open up about
how you've been feeling
With empathetic eyes and caring words,
the stranger gives you comfort
A friendship forms and you forget that
you've cried diamond tears

A scenario played in my mind where a person struggling with depression decided to go out in public after staying at home for a while. They walked to the park and experienced an episode of social anxiety, causing them to cry from feeling overwhelmed. A stranger comes along and befriends them after learning that they both suffer from depression. Just like most of my other poems, this scene progressed in my mind as I wrote. The scene unravelled like a rug rolling onto the floor.
Aug 22 · 280
Osiria Melody Aug 22
What is centered in my
mind is a beginning anew

When mountains of doubt
embrace rivers of confidence,

Towering above what is
to come forward

That bring forth a solidified
truth, unwavered from deceit

Oh, graceful waters that sway
me in a new direction,

A beginning anew

Patience is necessary to be successful.
In four days, I'll be starting my first  day of university, which I'm looking forward to. I'll be commuting every day. I'm currently on campus since there's a campus tour and a school supply giveaway.
Aug 22 · 170
Dear Hatred,
Osiria Melody Aug 22
Forget about the past
Use this chance to change
Create good over evil
Keep your distance at bay

Yaup in remorse
Open your mind to diversity
Unleash your inner soft side

This **** popped up in head.
Aug 20 · 203
Osiria Melody Aug 20
To scream and to weep from
this moment forward,
For mind, for heart,
For astray, for toward,
In light and the dark.
To devote and to betray,
Till fate do us asunder.
To rise and to lay,
You were once my lover.

I've never been in a romantic relationship. I came up with this piece on-the-fly.
Aug 20 · 588
Osiria Melody Aug 20
With inquisitive glances and scant hesitations,
We gradually pull closer into each other,
Akin to ocean waves slithering to unite with eager grains of sand

Our eyes light up a flame of lust and our mischievous hearts tiptoe akin to scheming thieves
Our faces bloom a rose red and our lips shimmer in the morning's chuckle of light

With invigorated glances and insatiable desires,
We embrace passionately and interlock lips,
Akin to ocean waves sensually dancing with excited grains of sand

inspiration drawn from an HP poem about romance, which had three lines.
Osiria Melody Aug 17
All bundled up in autumn weather
Birdsong echoes through the trees
Sitting alone on a ratty bench
Listening to the crunch of fallen leaves
Sipping on dark coffee in hand
Embracing the well-tempered air

You come up to me decked out in leather
Birds leave their post momentarily
Sitting with me on this ratty bench
Staring at me with no words to say
Sipping on dark coffee in hand
Embracing the unsettling air

I speak my mind, no icebreaker
I say that leather don't look fine
You giggle sarcasm, which stings a lot
Grinning from ear to ear, you say,
"I can't believe that I'm speaking to a thrift shop."

Finally, I level my gaze with your creepy kind
And say, "Knock it off, it ain't cool."
You blush rose red, which makes me giggle
Head hanging low in embarrassment, you say,
"Sorry, but you're so beautiful."

Feeling at ease, I tease a little,
"Bet that you say that to ev'ry girl you meet."
Unfazed, you shoot another glance like a dart,
A target to my heart, you say,
"You're the only one that I've said that to."
I dispose of my coffee cup, now empty

Crunch of fallen leaves dimimish
My surroundings slow like fading light
Embracing each other, our hearts beat together
Gently like birdsong, now echoing through
the trees
We share a kiss, tenderly

This marvelous scene played out in my head.
Aug 17 · 220
Osiria Melody Aug 17
How do you write?
I improvise
Let my imagination
and ideas coincide

I tend to rhyme,
Should be a crime
Don't ask me why
I bother to try

I barely edit
Craft some lines,
Then shred it
And tether it to
form a stanza

As I write, I pay
a visit to a
word bonanza

Similes, figurative
language and

Common themes
include love,
curiosity and

I imagine myself
in a fictional situation
Usually the kind
that involves

I insert the key
into my creative
And drive myself
wild with ideas that
come into fruition

Ideas that stem
from branches of
a lucid dream,
Repeating and
changing each

From the morning's
coffee made black
with no cream or
sugar or anything,
To the afternoon tea
that complements

To the evening's arrival
that's comforting

My desire to write
Is an evergreen

I've been so sing-songy lately.
Osiria Melody Aug 17
When you're feeling down,
I understand
It's okay to frown,
As you hold your head
Let the tears come out
Let 'em ring

I'm looking out for you,
Even when the worst comes through

Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to find another
Rainbows can't be made without rain
Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to to find another
No remorse comes without shame

When your days are rough,
I understand
It's okay to feel stuck,
As I hold your hand
Let the words come out
Let me listen

I'll help you pull through,
Even when  your spirits are cold blue

Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to find another
Rainbows can't be made without rain
Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to to find another
No remorse comes without shame

I'll be your guiding light
You don't have to fear
For the worst will come
And disappear

Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to find another
Rainbows can't be made without rain
Pain is a bittersweet lover
Can't ever let go
Want to to find another
No remorse comes without shame

I'll be there for you.
Aug 17 · 408
Osiria Melody Aug 17
Mull over the worst in my grave mind

Instill fear of an unforgiving life

Silent woes turn into dormant smiles

Each breath comes out in broken shards

Resist taking action to heal

Yearn for the day that I will be fine

I was drinking some dark coffee when I came up with this piece. (• ε •)
Aug 16 · 200
a bittersweet memory
Osiria Melody Aug 16
Younger was I, perhaps, a tender age of nine
I can't quite remember, but young enough
to spread out my creative wings and fly in my imagination

Young enough to dwell in clouds of unknown lands and creatures born from my own mind
To notice reality's snap when my name is spoken aloud like the delicate crunch of leaves on a fall afternoon

Children are remnants of finite innocence

I was a child, when life was filled with simple moments
The kind of moments that remain freshly baked into your mind, never going stale

I recalled a fond memory of my uncle and I, when we drew beautiful farm animals
A summer morning, when the sky yawned a delicate yellow-orange and the sun stretched its light

Farm animals, such splendid creatures, a marvel to our eyes that reign superior beauty
He drew a hyperealistic horse with such fluidity that the page flowed with intricate detail and ebbed with subtle additions

In awe, I oggled at his work, amazed at the wonderful ability that he had to breathe life into a drawing
A man around his age approached us like a sheep that had wandered away from its flock

Unamused, he furrowed his brows at my uncle's creation and bleated, "Imagination is only for children."
Unperturbed, my uncle's earnest eyes leveled his and calmly stated, "I drew a horse."
The sheep man turned around to return to his flock, oblivious

Aug 16 · 906
Osiria Melody Aug 16
Are we love or lust?
Has our romance turned to rust

You were once my answer, I knew
Now, just a mysterious clue

I once could trust you with all my heart
Now you auction my loyalty like stolen art

Not sure if it's me or you
But now know our love ain't true

I got inspired from a drama that I watched last night, which involved heartbreak.
Osiria Melody Aug 15
Pulverise me, please
Suffering relentlessly
No need for a warning sign
I am a danger to society
My eyes ignite a phantom
fire of agony against my
I want to ****** them all,
tear up their flesh to

                                                 Your enemies are not your “friends”,
                                                 those toxic voices that deem you

Nothing’s wrong with me
My definition of ethical
doings lay in obscurity
Call me the one who
wronged you all,
But you all wronged me,
for neglecting me
What is selfish about
standing up for what is
important to me?

                                                What’s important is that you’re still
                                                 breathing and I know that this world has
                                                 left you disheartened

Me, me, me, I could go on
forever until fiveever
You cannot stop me, for
I am hurting
I just want out of my peril
Please, pulverise me
Just come on
Do it right now
I want to die

                                               No, I will not let you leave
                                               I am no therapist, but you are therapy to
                                               Your sorrows affect me as well,
                                               But you inspire, motivate, push me to ****
                                               Until strength is the only thing that I can
                                               turn to
                                               This world will always be unforgiving,
                                               But you complete me

—                                                           ­                                         
Melody                 ­                                                                 ­         
(Please read this poem in landscape if you're on a mobile device.)
This piece touches upon the hopeless voice that I once had, which is on the left. My hopeful voice is on the right. Ironically, my internal enemies, which were my dangerous thoughts, evoked my positive voice and made me stronger. I'm always here for anyone who needs someone to talk to. You may talk to me about anything.
Aug 15 · 679
Osiria Melody Aug 15
Attending to favors is like
answering phone calls
Don't respond and people
will wonder if you're worth
their time at all

Attending to favors is like
writing a speech
Don't plan it out in advance
and your work will be

Attending to favors is like
taking a walk
Don't decline to help others
and you'll end up wondering
when you'll ever stop

However, you've got the right
to stand up for yourself

Being selfless isn't selfish if you
can't help everyone

Taking care of yourself is just
as important too,
So please don't burn yourself
out and remember that you've
got the right to do you

Doing favors for others is fine, but it's all right to decline sometimes.
Aug 15 · 940
Osiria Melody Aug 15
I'm craving the gentle scent of your skin,
Which enraptures me with immense pleasure
Your robust legs make my heart race a marathon
Your boulder abs burn a warm sensation throughout my body
Even your rugged biceps that embrace me excite me tenfold

My face flushes rose red as I place my hands on your chest
Peering into your statuesque face, you gently pull me into an impassionate kiss, our bodies pressed
You slowly pull away to undress me with care as if handling a package with fragile contents
Your hands gently graze my bare skin, making me slightly tremble in arousal
We lock lips again and I undress you with care as well

Ravenous for each other, we descend into bed and fornicate with flaming desire
As the delirious day departs to nefarious night,
We fall into a satisfying slumber, all cuddled up

This piece celebrates the beauty of this exhilarating experience: fornication. Personally, this piece is a fantasy. My imagination got worked up after drinking a cup of tea. [blushes in embarrassment]
Aug 13 · 118
Dear Quinn,
Osiria Melody Aug 13
Hey, how've you been?
I've caving in
Collectin' rain water in a tin
Drinking gin
Throwing away your clothes in a bin
Is loving you a mere sin?
Been separated from my kin
In this battle, will I ever win?
Oh, Quinn

From the day's rise to the dawn's disguise
Feel like loving you is a vice
Been payin' a one-bed flat with lots of dimes
Your name is enough to keep me enticed
Say you love me again, would be nice
What do I need to do to keep you satisfied?
Will you ever call me mine?
No, you're out of line
Your missed calls and texts should be a crime
We should be together till the end of time
Do you really love me?
Don't lie

I made this up from the top of my mind.
Aug 12 · 1.4k
Osiria Melody Aug 12
I will never be happy.

And don't ever try to convince me that

Time will heal everything.

Please read from the bottom to the top.

This poem's another reverse one that only has three lines. And no, I ain't heartbroken.
Aug 10 · 843
Osiria Melody Aug 10
I am worthless

No one could ever convince me that

I deserve to live

Please read from the bottom to the top.

1st read (top to bottom): I don't want to live anymore.
2nd read (reverse): I'm willing to live and won't let others bring me down, despite being told that I should die.
Yes, I'm doing fine. I felt inspired to write a short reverse poem after reading some online.
Aug 10 · 798
Osiria Melody Aug 10
Our world is full of color
Yet, I'm monotone empty
Emotionally numb and lost
Trapped in my mind that's
been rerouting the labyrinth
of certainty, which yields
more dead-ends than escape
routes; why must agony, an
unremorseful beast taunt me?
Yet, I haven't succumbed to
death, which amazes me

Being emotionally resilient ain't easy, but please remember that you're not weak when you don't feel strong. It's okay to cry.
Aug 8 · 972
to eat
Eating is
like taking


n  b  l  s
   i  b  e

Nibble TOO

c h o k e  



what popped up in my head while eating oatmeal.
Aug 8 · 192
Go ahead
Laugh at me
I'm not the best at poetry
Creatively overfed

Staircases never trip or fall
But I do, even with the rails
Every twist and turn, I fail
In front of me stands a writer's block wall

Go ahead
Push me to the ground
Watch me not utter a single sound
I should quit to the voices in my head

Doors never give a **** or sigh
But I do, even with the hinges about
Every suppressed emotion, I lash out
In front of me stares bloodshot eyes

My mirror never notices my reflection
Although I see mine

Go ahead
Raise your voice at me
I'm not the best at speaking out loud
I prefer camouflaging in a crowd
Isolation is what they see

I don't make any sense,
But that's all right
No one even bats an eye
Imminent estranged suspense

Picture this...

The voices in your head haven't been very friendly lately and you're talking to inanimate objects. Everyone is worried sick about you being alone all of the time.

This scenario played in my head. It just came to me.
Aug 8 · 268
Eventide serenaded Daylight to rest
Oh, weary eyelids betrayed from lethargy
Lulled you to sleep, once energized
Rocked in a cradle of imagination,
A capricious scene unraveled
Your senses were temporarily seized from the Mastermind of Dreams,
Who has calculated each successive moment
Unless, of course, you had a lucid kind
Then you could outsmart the Mastermind
of Dreams–
Daylight awakes you once again, just like every
You wake up to pandiculate and realize that
the Mastermind of Dreams will always defeat you since you relinquish control over your dreams

Having a dream is like staying at a hotel; it feels nice to stay, but terrible when you have to leave.
Aug 8 · 893
both in love.

forever, no regrets.

like evergreens,
we fuse branches
of honesty,
selflessness and

we overcome leaves
of life's trials that fall
and grow again and

we don't age.

physically? yes. but
romantically? no.

of all of the people in
existence, you uplift
me. you pave the way
to brighter skies.

like evergreens,
we rise above the

your loyalty.
my trust.

Aug 8 · 1.4k
Huffy puffy, smoke till your
lungs get stuffy
Drinky dinky alcohol till
your mind's no longer runny
Poppy pills till you almost
drop dead
Funny how you cope is not
a joke
But a scary reality that I can't

You're killing yourself every day
You promise to quit,
But you relapse into addiction

You tell me that all I do is write
"stupid poems"
If your health had a status, it'd
be "It's Complicated" filled
with terrible afflictions

As I watch your health snap like
a defenseless twig on a hiking path,
I feel beyond sorry for you

I do everything to keep you alive
But ****, you're like a breathing
corpse to me
Passive in life and breathing to
You used to smile, but now,
You only cry

Please, I know that changing
your ways will take time
I'm beginning to feel out-of-line
As each day adds on to your demise

Please don't die. I want you to be alive. There's no shame in getting treatment for addiction to substances. In this poem, someone's heart is crushed as they witness their friend's life being destroyed from substance abuse.
Aug 8 · 445
Roses are red
Currently August
Been way too long
since he kept
his promise

He loves me
He loves me not

Who cares if he does?
He broke my heart,
to be honest

Violets are blue

"How are you?"

"I'm fine," I lie

Roses are red
Currently August
I need to break
being solace

He loves me not
So what?

Love's a two-
way street
Stuck in a dead-
end for repeat

I felt inspired after reading a poem that took a spin on the classic "Roses are Red".
Jul 31 · 819
Osiria Melody Jul 31
If you could reach into my mind,
I'd mold the truth countless times
until you believe all of my lies

If you could reach into my mind,
I'd paint a mental portrait of you
until you no longer recognize

If you could reach into my mind,
I'd build a tower from heartbroken
rubble and name it "Love" just for

If you could reach into my mind,
I'd destroy this pendulum of your
toxicity until you realize how
much damage you caused me

If you could reach into my mind,
I'd become a new art piece that
belongs to no one but myself

I'd like you to understand...

Until you see that I've sculpted
a new me, a stronger draft that
may not always be final

Until you see that I'm not just another
trinket to keep in your back pocket

I'm more worthy and loved than
you may perceive me to be
I will not let your abusive ways
burn me to death because

I'm not another blank canvas
left unfinished
I'm a masterpiece

A scenario popped up in my mind. In this piece, the thoughts in someone's mind are described; although this person is in a toxic relationship, they ultimately prove their abusive partner wrong and become stronger.
Jul 11 · 374
Osiria Melody Jul 11
Even the most laughiest jokes don't make her crack a smile
Another bottle burst open
She pours her emotions into a glass,
Downing the sleepiest concoction of death (Alcohol kills slowly)

Even the most handsomeiest of men don't make her eyes smile
Another shot at romance burst
She pours her emotions into a glass,
Downing the sleepiest concoction of death
(Alcohol floods her senses)

Even the most wonderfuliest of people don't make her confidence smile
Another chance at personal growth burst
She pours her emotions into a glass,
Downing the sleepiest concoction of death
(Alcohol made her callous)

Callous, desensitized, angry
Angry at the world for leaving her to clean up the mess that she didn't make
Angry at the world of leaving her to clear the wrong paths that she didn't want to take
Bottles don't listen, only supply temporary relief

inspiration loosely drawn from reading a web comic about a drunk character.
Jun 21 · 243
Osiria Melody Jun 21
To countless hours of lying in bed,
To countless lies inside my head,
To countless bonds that broke instead,
To countless memories that had to end,
To countless setbacks that I never fend,
To countless foes that once were friends,
To countless doubts that never bend,
It is I who is the only one who can make

Initially, I did not intend to rhyme. Well, I ended up doing so anyways.
Jun 20 · 562
Osiria Melody Jun 20
Here I am, drink in hand
I've gone cold
He's gone mad
We're emotional trash
I'm tired of this mess

I don't want him
Knocking at my door
A barrier between our love
Always keeping my heart shut
No key will ever open my soul

All the love in the world falls short
I've had enough of his woven lies
That stitched up my gullible mind

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I don't want him
To be my smooth superhero
A try-too-hard lad who ain't enough
Couldn't rescue myself
When he broke my heart

All the love in the world falls short
I've had enough of his woven lies
That stitched up my gullible mind

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I'm not heartbroken over anyone since I've never been in a relationship. It's been a while since I last posted a poem, so I'm finally back.
May 21 · 211
Osiria Melody May 21
Your infinite energy resonates within me
Takes off my lonely shell to replace me
Lifts up my spirits to make me smile
Your presence fills my empty eyes

You feed off my energy
I feed off yours, your love a land to explore
How far will we take us?

Our time is flower petal finite
Life runs out as each petal flutters to the ground
Once the flower of time dies, we can't get back anymore
So feed off my energy as much as you can

Falling in love is like fusing your soul with another person.
May 14 · 950
Osiria Melody May 14
Toss and turn in bed like laundry undone
My washing machine mind runs and my
energy dries up
Exhausted from being awake for too long,

I toss and turn to begin another cycle
I rinse the pain away from my body thru
successive stretches
A calisthenic conversation with myself

Lying in my bed of thoughts, each one is
a piece of emotion clothing, unravelled
I detect the fibers of morning breath and
reluctantly tumble out of bed
With a sigh, I walk to the bathroom to
brush my teeth, just another day

This toothpaste bottle is like detergent to
rid of my morning breath
And as I wash my face, I wash away the
morning grumps, which drain to my sink
My reflection greets me as I realize that
my image is an outfit seamed together

Since I look a little better, I don't feel like
the laundry undone when I first woke up

I woke up earlier than usual today.
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