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I feel a pain,
Deep from within,

It's hard to say how it feel,
Because it is not written within a book that you can read,

Twisted and bleeding from every corner,
Occupied with scars and sores,
Never has it been revealed,

I've received punches and bullets,
I've been injured and hurt,
I've been tortured and captured,

But still I kept it in my belly,
And never say a word,

For it is my deepest secret,
It can not be share with anyone, not even my mom or dad,

For it is stuck inside my flesh,
Saying it will lead me to death,

If you wish to know ask God for he knows all things.
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  Sep 29 Osiria Melody
Alex Teng
We fell in love by chance,
We stay in love by choice.
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Pods detonate nuclear explosions of nicotine clouds
Laced with addiction and withdrawal symptoms,
A pair of lungs work in conjunction with Death
And so, even tobacco cigs achieve the same effect

So what? My lungs are my lungs
Let the vapor consume my being and let me be
There's no reason for me to reconsider this
Because I'm living a life filled with wonderful bliss

Why not give it a try?

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."

I'm not promoting smoking in any way. The final line is a quote from the novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I came up with this piece on-the-fly after thinking about the vaping epidemic.
  Sep 29 Osiria Melody
The devil whispers in my ear
Love and ever things I hear

Licking my lobes
And kissing my fear

The devil whispers
Would I dare

To listen
Osiria Melody Sep 29
In silence's muse, not a single muscle stirred
My mind had wailed for my words to be heard
But my thirst for vengeance against them grew
Because death is simply not meant for you
So while my scant breaths rob oxygen in greed
Of the day that I planted anger with a seed,
Your final words that fluttered a subtle hue,
Your final wish sat upon a mantel—then I heard
The memories of you taking me under your wing
And I remembered how one day in spring
You found the human in me and said
“Silence! Listen to their motions spiraling!”
The grave is marked; your remains repose dead,
But you are dead, oh, you are dead

My mind's a grave. I'm buried in anger.
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