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Oscar Harding Feb 2020
I’m am still here
I’m all around

Remember in summer
I’ll be the sun, kissing you face at 1st light

Remember at Night
I’ll be the shining Star winking and smiling at you, all through the night

Remember in winter
I’ll be the snowflake that kisses your nose
I’ll be  the frost that nips your finger and toes.

I am still here
I’m here all around

In loving memory of
Corrina Rose Green
1st Oct 2002 – 1st Feb 2020
By Oscar Harding
Oscar Harding Dec 2018
What’s Next
Where’s that Rabbit?
Merry ****** Christmas, whether you like it or Not.
Our way of life is dying.
They are trying.
That what they won’t, us to think!
No ****** way.
Merry ****** Christmas, whether you like it or Not.
They won’t us to second guess Our Believes.
No ****** way.
Merry ****** Christmas, whether you like it or Not.
Stockings all hung by the warm by the BBQ Light.
Our boots were hung up.
The incense was lit.
Stockings hung and empty.
For Santa was late.
Yes, midnight had come.
Midnight had fled.
Then all of a sudden
A  silhouette began to appear
Far of in the Dark, up high in the sky
Music drew near,  surely weren't sleigh bells I heard from afar.
No, Santa had stopped to bash them ******* with a six pack of BEER.
Then all of a sudden the sky seemed to sparkle with magic.
“For Santa had won”
Merry Christmas

By Oscar
Oscar Harding Nov 2018
So Lost
My vision short.
The journey far.
Too many, hills.
Time never stands still.
My LIFE so short.
Too many, valleys
Life so short
To many choices.
The journey  long.
My VISION is short.
The journey far.
My time, short.
So Lost and Time is short.
I am lost and my time running out.
By Oscar Harding
Oscar Harding Nov 2018
Death is life's greatest mystery except from Life.
When my soul leaves & steals time.
Darker moments give way to moments of intense joy.
stunned with grief.
I no longer need to fear arguments.
Death walks in my personal abyss.
Beyond Good and Evil.
I stand alone in the crowded space of time.
I fights with monsters.
I gaze in a mirrors.
By Oscar
Oscar Harding Nov 2018
I felt, your Funeral in my Brain!
My mind is going numb, numb with pain.
Numb with joy.
I’m “ Back “ to darkness and to peace of mind.
I looked inside to view the damage that was done.
"I am Forever lost without my soul.
My body is numb
I am alone
It’s never Quite
Anger ,Hatred ,Betrayal
I felt, your Funeral in my Brain!
Your now alone.
I feel joy and I am lost.
I felt, your Funeral in my Brain!
By Oscar Harding 11/2018
Oscar Harding May 2018
“Candle wax and waning death of age”
Let me die a man's death.
Yet hope again lives, waning death on golden wings.
Manfully, fearlessly, death tiptoes closer.
Yet fear seems a long time past.
Yet I am not lost.
I am not afraid.
Yet I feel strong.
Life is too swift for those whom fear to live.
Life is too short  for those whom live life to grieve.
But for those whom love life, live life, except life.
Your time is now.
Death is but only a timeless sleep.
Yet hope lives and I am not afraid.
By Oscar
Oscar Harding May 2018
“@ ******* with my Mind”
Your smell smelled like no other.
The scent, ****** with my Mind.
When your scent walked by.
You took me to your bed.
It’s ******* with my head.
You’r Dead , Dead, Dead Dead.
Oh what bliss, @ ****** with my head.
When you walk by.
And no one's around.
It’s all in my head, when you walk by.
The scent
The scent, in my head.
Your Dead, Your Dead.
Oo nose of mine!
I’m not be smelling?
I miss your fragrance, when you walk by.
It's amazing!!!, your scent ,its amazing when you walk by.
I miss you
You’ll always be in my mind.
Your dead and your scent,won’t leave my mind.
By Oscar
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