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Orville Dec 2019
I aimlessly betray myself to avoid the next tomorrow
My sad attempt of control turned vicious cycle  
Cherishing my created silence
I pray to a God I know is not there
To give me the serenity I never had
To rest the voices that never left
To enjoy a tomorrow of the simplest pleasures
Just this once.
Orville Oct 2017
This noumenal yearning met with
Alone, reconciled by distraction
An empty pint down the road
The manger that lulls thought from soul
A stranger to keep
Orville Oct 2017
Unperturbed, unassuming

Wanderlust distilled to espresso and tea

midday on tree lined streets
Orville Sep 2017
I have died each way
Loved countless lifetimes
And I'll do it again
sharing a quiet evening
waking to her Sunday smile
Orville Sep 2017
Trees graced
Hope, she shined
a passing smile
Orville Oct 2016
My life in her hands
I am lost in her moment
Floating as she tends
Orville Oct 2016
Wolf in sheep's clothing
I am but a small nothing
To her haunting gaze
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