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 Apr 2017 Orson
strawberry fields
Sunday I met you
and now it's Thursday
haven't left your bed

Spring weather so riotous
and erratic
love so dangerous it breaks
hearts and bedsprings
bent blankets and electric
tingles hands scraping
each other's bodies
inspired by a friend, the seatbelt effect's poem
 Apr 2017 Orson
strawberry fields
there are drops of Jupiter
in your hair
laughing jewels trickling
out your eyes
a harem of moons
hanging from
your pretty ears
constellations your
background music

even when i look at your
night face,
comfort and in peace
i am reminded that
even the largest of bodies
can be coaxed into their
loving orbit
the lord of worlds
fits inside your
smooth palms
and cancer
is surmountable.
repost from wayback when
 Apr 2017 Orson
strawberry fields

I wear these rings and scars
and deaths with pride

 Apr 2017 Orson
strawberry fields
I'm curious about you
want to touch
the places
you've been
and the places
your body's touched

but my mind screams
like a thunder spirit
all you do is
use her
rock her back and forth
all you do is
use ******
rock back and forth

South side
acting west side
and no direction
in my eyes
no future and I'm feeling
more and more
like a waste of time
nothing new
 Apr 2017 Orson
strawberry fields
is a
filled with
a fusillade of
Haha i mispelled the word.
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