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88.8k · Jun 2012
In Artemis’s Wood
Seán Mac Falls Jun 2012
Lovers entered a forbidden forest bower,
And as they stalked that range, with eyes glazed,
She offered up her hind. Now, with doe eyes,
Deep as his, deep in arousal's sleep, heels fell, 
As he knocked and pulled her dark honey hair 
And whispered, surrender, into wanting ears, 
Softly he drove his hunting command, homing 
To his huntress.

Her body braced, yet bade, with heat and vibrance.
Ruthlessly, he ****** his arrow deeper and then 
Once more and then again.  She bucked fiercely 
And defiant, goading his prodding lance ever more
Ever longer, and parting the pink lines of her white
Rose, he was, and once again, Prince to the dark
Dominion of her quarters.

In the middle of this carnal match they paused.
And looking into the forest beyond they saw
A yearling fawn, a feral Goddess, grazing still, 
Bathing in a vale, virginal, wholly unmoved 
By their act of venery, lustfully playing, in the innocent 
Leaves.  It was as if they were among her kin, a gentle 
Doe and a noble stag. From that moment on 
The human hunters did not speak.

Falling, again, rolling eyes were deep in arousal's sleep.
Her back was a crescent moon pocked and wet with dew.
He could feel her heart beating in time with his piercing 
Prong, her arching back glistened in the suns spittle
As it broke through the dark and vernal ceiling wood.

In the final shot her quivering buck lowered and broke
And a sound not heard, made a scene, a sweet murmuring
Shuddered and sank onto the floor of the forest leaves 
With her tale, taken and told, her breathless breath, 
Her nostrils cold and her heated and lanced openings 
Dripping, draining; here was a New World’s beginning.

Sated, solemn and softly quaking, his woman sweetly laid,
And now, doomed with her doe eyes, two lovers, fated, made;
She glowed, divine, like the rolling brook that mellowed
Slow, in the vine-dark and golden forest stable,
In Artemis’s wood.
51.2k · May 2012
Body of Ocean, Milk and Sky
Seán Mac Falls May 2012
Body of ocean, milk and sky,
We are tangled in the hope of night.
The lips of the milky way, creaming us,
Stains and is **** with a taste keening;
All is creation.  My meteors crash
Into your ruptured Earth.  I flame
Upon your must and moisted furrows
And my toes are locked, rooted in yours.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
In the deserts of the day you are true
Oasis.  The curves and waft of your sands
Seethe and sodden my barren plains,
Are erasing all my wandering memories
Of an endless sky and now your eyes
Are the only stars I know, and your skin;
A sheet that holds the heavens shimmering.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
Your ******* are the heaving of grasses
And wind, loft and laden in the rounded
Hills, a hoard of ****** bread, bountiful,
Ripe and strange.  Your hair is an endless
Savannah, your valleys are gold and honeyed
With milk, seared, filled by my penetrating sun.
In passion we play; low on earth and deep in sky.
49.0k · Aug 2012
Zz Red Rose
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
Love in garden rose
Her little hands twining tight
Heart rapt in tendril
47.3k · Mar 2015
Zz Cleanliness
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2015
Little wings flutter
Morning starts with eyes smiling
Birdbath needs filling
26.0k · Dec 2014
Haiku ( lovemaking )
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2014
As olive or grape  .  .  .
So shed, paired souls are threshed,
  .  .  .  Out of their bodies.
21.7k · Dec 2014
14 Sensual/Erotic ~ Haiku
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2014
Wet welling from earth
Deep valleys, hills, sweating *******
I plung into her

We are lost at sea
In moonless night our soft cries
Curled waves drowning us

Above her in bed
Little breaths lifting our bodies
Eyes, fingers, dreaming

Her green eyes are set
Jewels from sargasso seas
My ghost ship is wrecked

Her long hair tangles
No struggle in rising— then
We are rapt in bed

Her eyes blinding me
Milky way of her body
There is a heaven

In forest we taste
Each other in evergreens
Hot dews on the moss

Blissful time kissing
My bare thighs sink into hers
Running sands so quick

As olive or grape
So shed, paired souls are threshed
Out of their bodies

Hummingbirds share truths
Nature sounds with all sweetness
Bee in the flower

Always in a field
Wild flowers— a bunch to pick
Herself a bouquet

In the park we walk
Flocks of white birds taking flight
Two hearts light as air

We kissed under moon
Pox of stars grew flowering
Nightshade of her lips

She took me to bed
Skinned in bliss— was reborn, lost
In her satin folds
20.5k · Aug 2012
Sea and Star
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
Little sea,
Cast me in waters most surrounding
And ring me in kaleidoscope of reef,
Gently waving me home, promising
Deep underwater lands.

Little star,
Guide me in my mission of light,
Turn me toward the green valleys,
The blood streams, the noble orchard
And fruitions of dream.
20.4k · Aug 2012
Haiku  (beginner)
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
I am syllables,
Proper numbers in wonder,
Am I haiku now?
19.7k · Aug 2012
Haiku  (constellations)
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
Stars in dust wasteland,
Seen once every seven years,
Desert flowers bloom.
17.2k · Feb 2015
15 Haiku | Senryū
Seán Mac Falls Feb 2015
death dirges

Frogs in distance sing  .  .  .
Foxes, herons, join in too,
  .  .  .  A round of croaking.

love gifts

Her gift of flowers  .  .  .
Came at night without garden,
  .  .  .  Were picked in bedroom.

twins demure

Full moon and she  .  .  .
Beauties without crescent smile,
  .  .  .  Naked in starlight.

light music

Before even sun  .  .  .
Gleam opens to paint each day,
  .  .  .  Beauty in birdsong.


After sun showers  .  .  .
Sparkle of rainbow colours,
  .  .  .  Busy hummingbirds


Hollow sound through trees,
Naked and bare branches sway,
  .  .  .  Old winter creeping.


She wanted a child  .  .  .
Rushed from one suitor to next,
  .  .  .  Clock set to maybe.

super villain

Truth once singular  .  .  .
Mucked all up with politics,
  .  .  .  In cowl of falsehoods.


Blood spills in gardens  .  .  .
Naïve worms torn from loose grounds,
.  .  . Red robins, green lawns.


Each spring miracle  .  .  .
Trees blessed by caterpillars gifts,
  .  .  .  Holey hands of leaves.


Ripples lead to bows  .  .  .
After fish breaks the water,
  .  .  .  A kingfisher dives.


Steadfast as always  .  .  .
Wildflower in sun and rain,
  .  .  .  Showing true colours.


Chaste lovers wonder  .  .  .
How bodies weather the cold,
  .  .  .  Never knowing touch.

swept away

Suddenly we kissed  .  .  .
At beach as tides rolling in,
  .  .  .  Drowning by ocean.


Her red hair so long  .  .  .
Brushing my face, hiding eyes,
  .  .  .  A kind entrapment.
17.2k · Feb 2015
Senryū | Haiku ( lovemaking )
Seán Mac Falls Feb 2015
Us, lost in springtime  .  .  .
All the twinings of our hair,                                                            ­                      
  .  .  .  Tangles in meadow.
16.6k · Aug 2012
Haiku  ( ending )
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
Flowers, we both cried,
Because tears were not enough,
Petals cup the rain.
15.8k · May 2017
Night Meadow
Seán Mac Falls May 2017
( Sonnet )*

Under the primrose stars, the lovers
Lie abed, on green, threadbare croft
Of sleeping daisy, clover and moss,
Trails with hushed air, an embroidery
So fine as to stitch blushing heart fall
And wrap the waters full of quietude
In graces, winding, soft, granulating
Time, wings flutter and hum, winsome
Sparks, fire white, flying as little suns
Burst confetti, in sweet encampment,
Of grass and sapling wood, innocents,
Charmed are wholly twining, in moon
Rise a lantern to the winking heavens,
Out of their skins they are climbing.
Re: a poem of mine, finally being chosen as 'The Daily Poem' ( it only took over five years )

First, I'd like to thank all the fine writers and readers on HP for your lovely comments and support.

As an earnest and hopeful poet, who has been here, posting poems nearly since the beginning of 'Hello Poetry'
I'd like to thank the HP - daily poet - algorithm for finally choosing one of the hundreds of poems I've listed here.
Perhaps the ghost in the machine has a heart after all?
13.1k · Aug 2012
Haiku  ( jilted )
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
I gave ocean pearls,
Her answer was no— blue firs,
Hold, cold water beads.
12.7k · Jan 2016
Zz Cleanliness
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2016
Little wings flutter
Morning starts with eyes smiling
Birdbath needs filling
12.5k · Jan 2015
Haiku ( garbage )
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2015
Dumpsters rain on lots,
Seagulls fly over asphalt,
  .  .  .  Ocean food waiting.
12.3k · Aug 2012
Holey Trinity
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
Man of science,
Only sees what is there,
Wants to build the fence.

Man of religion,
Out of nothing sees everything,
Wants to envision the fence.

Man of philosophy,
Out of everything sees nothing,
Wants to sit on the fence.
11.6k · Apr 2013
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2013
One flash, frozen in light,
The burning of her eyes
Fell my sprocketed night,
Deep in flames shudder,
All language, new, cipher,
Filmy frame, truest colours.
10.9k · Aug 2012
Haiku  ( breath )
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
I remembered her—
Voice, soft, warm summer water,
First breeze ever felt.
10.5k · Jul 2012
Sun and Moon
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I have seen her playing
With light, edging her hair,
In crescents so fair.

I have watched her fingers
Twirl and twine, beaming gold,
Threshing precious hold.

I have witnessed the taming
Of the sun's rays, captured,
Spinning in rapture.

And I feel for the pale moon
Who offers his frail, vestige light,
While she sleeps at night.
10.2k · Jul 2012
Haiku  ( pool party )
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I fill the bird bath,
Then splashes, wings, songbirds play,
Joy to fill again.
10.1k · Jul 2012
My Aphrodite
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Out of Greek myth, she
Glowed at the party and proved,
Stories I had told.
10.0k · Jul 2012
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I was with the ocean last night and your body
Was its vessel, overflowing.  Words were frail,
Drops indwelling about the shapeless sky,
Water reaching for its own height and breath,
Like touch, were as desperate letters exchanged,
Endlessly read, until like loamy vellums, they
Disappeared in our hands.  Inklings of tide-
Pool and driftwood.

                               My blood was a river that ran
Its course.  Members feeding your deltas and birds
Breeding where the water-russet sheds on pampas
And inverness.  Eyes like wing through ever—
Green, empties the fossil shell.  Fire, brimming
Mountaintops that were, for countless millennia,
Sleeping.  Did I mention that the earth moved?
No?  Her displacement was involuntary.

Then came the waterfalls, lifting throughout
Time.  The scent, searching for its identity,
The wave, calling to its own name— Ocean,
O— cean.  And flowers, opening like galaxies
In the after-light.  A universe of face and hand
With hunger for salt-rain and then the cloud
Burst-blue and spilt and spun more redolent,
Deities, in joyous creation.

I breathe, in your ocean, like a child unborn.
9.9k · Aug 2012
Beneath the Wave
Seán Mac Falls Aug 2012
I remember that day on Mount Tamalpais.
We picnicked under the loving sky
On Bolinas ridge, atop Wicklow hill,
The maiden’s breast.  We found those apple trees,
Who’d gone wild and fell into their world.
A blossom on the way.

I took your picture and you developed into
A sea-horse, or was it a mermaid?  The ridge
Was foaming about you and birds were swimming
Like fish underneath.  We found a tree, an umbrella
Left at the beach.  The coral-grass became our bed
And wine turned into water.

A spiral dance in arms of anemone, it was
All embrace!  That reef was spawning heaven.
At the treasure chest under the sea maiden,
Like children on highland pap, we played
At the beach that day in a castle above the clouds,
Beneath the wave.
*The name Tamalpais was first recorded in 1845. The meaning of the name is not well-established and there are several versions of the etymology of the name. One version holds that the name comes from ostensibly Coast Miwok words for "coast mountain" (tamal pais). Another holds that it comes from the Spanish Tamal pais, meaning "Tamal country," Tamal being the name that the Spanish missionaries gave to the Coast Miwok peoples. Yet another version holds that the name is the Coast Miwok word for "sleeping maiden" and is taken from a "Legend of the Sleeping Maiden."[13][14][15] However, this legend actually has no basis in Coast Miwok myth and is instead a piece of Victorian-era apocrypha.*
9.6k · Dec 2014
Senryu ( bedded )
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2014
Without grounded words,
Senses have so much to say,
  .  .  .  Tongues, fingers flying.
9.5k · Apr 2014
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2014
One flash, frozen in light,
The burning of her eyes
Fell my sprocketed night,
Deep in flames shudder,
All language, new, cipher,
Filmy frame, truest colours.
9.4k · Apr 2015
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2015
Dark wings of lost light
Feathered face of the fallen
Moon in your screeches
9.3k · Jul 2012
Loves Prisoner
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I wanted to know the sighs
Of mercy.  On the bed she lied,
Laid bare in the shocking light
That twitches, as she rolls
I hover and cage her in question,
With moist eyes, abandoned
By loves interrogations,
I stab at the untruths and confusions.
I wanted to hear the supplicant
Murmur of indolence and shame.
With windy caresses I break
Her arms, she ropes me red
In tangled hair and I struggle
To let go.  I wanted to taste 
The twin defeats of victory
And indifference, when in the light
Of darkest night there are cries of yes
And no and false accusations,
There is consuming pain and excruciating
Pleasure and as we squirm
And seethe, she teases,
Goading me and then,
I loose it.
9.2k · Jul 2012
Morning Interrupted
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
At the end of night she bathes in light,
We tussle in the warmth of morning,
The blankets and she are of sea foam
And found shells, whispering lost ocean 
Words.  Our bed is a raft, drifting aloft,
The coffee is brewing with mellow sun,
Her smiles, filling my silly, giddy mug.
Soon, we walk to the pebbled beach,
Her hair is waving at the friendly seas, 
Gulls are circling in the moving skies
Reeling with the slow, slipping tides
And I skip stones with her as our feet 
Sink in the milk of morning sands—
Must we be off to Dublin town?
9.0k · Jul 2012
Maid of Moon and Glade
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Water nymph, you are the gentle wind 
Bursting the daisy, your eyes, are bells 
Of blue echinacea spiriting the light—
Echoing sound which water makes, ring
The laureled forest leaves in cathedrals
Newly sprung of pews, meadows, spark,
The dance of bees, who trace your honey
Scent in combs of ambrosia and sunshine.
The miraculous waters are floored under 
Your white, lily petals of feet, your nests
Of hair are embracing tendrils of the wild 
Grape, wine and sweet, long forgetfulness.
Maid of the wood, daughter to the moon;
Are you of Elysium or temptress of doom?
8.9k · Jul 2012
The Face of Ireland
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Your face,
Tender, round and dimpled,
Framed with gilded, carved, tawny curled
Whirlpools of hair, long, lighted, and sparkling,
Your face is the face—
Of Ireland.

Your lips,
Full, moist and deathly deep,
Are wells, not well for me, not safe, taboo,
Tantric, tall told tales of brave Odysseus
Under Circe's alchemies
Of forgetfulness.

Your *****,
The zenith of blossom in fabled
Elysium, gateway to the forbidden gardens
Of sage and sinners, warrior-poets, Aphrodite's
Envy, Poseidon's drowning
And smoldering Zeus.
8.8k · Jul 2012
Haiku  ( gift )
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Wild flowers I picked,
Were soon lost, when she arrived—  
Wind took them away.
8.6k · Jul 2012
Haiku  ( seeing )
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I never saw eyes,
Like hers, now we walk together,
Lake water sparkles.
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2013
"I shall welcome the majesty of the ******
Loam, the honour of being the daisies mantle
The goodly fortune to sleep under the golden
Stars who birthed my dream of grace and light.

World, ply my ship and sail it to the seas
Of love, poem and song, I was unworthy
Shaper and so, whereby cold fates decree—
Here lies one, whose name is traced in vapour."
8.3k · Jul 2012
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
You are song,
Rain dropping on still pond.
You are sky,
I see Heaven in your eyes.
Your are peace,
A garden above the world.
Your are grace,
The gentle path of the swan.
You are knowing,
The wind that whispers alone.
You are star shine,
The dust that lights the plains.
You are vast ocean,
Mother to the Fathering atmosphere.
You are dancing light  .  .  .
8.3k · Mar 2016
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2016
Naked bodies— blind
Spark of ******, fingers light
Eyes closed, lips seeing
8.1k · Jul 2014
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2014
In a forest clearing deep in wood,

I spied the grace of doe and fawn

And stopped my track as I should,

To set my gate about face in song.
7.8k · Oct 2014
Haiku ( vain hack writers )
Seán Mac Falls Oct 2014
Two ****** loving each  .  .  .
In lieu of gnats and peacocks,
  .  .  .  Pathetic poetasters.
7.7k · Jul 2012
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
You were my gift,
Soft, sweetness, little one,
Eyes of moon and ocean
Hills of creation, of shadow
And bread.  In your nakedness
I fled the earth and bathed
In starlight and dust at the end
Of the forever of the sky.  
In that silence,
Of exploding cosmos and vapour,
I fell, feeling in your smiles the suns
Decay, I felt light beyond
Its barrier, and was decimated
In the gravity of the neutron
Blue of floating eyes in separation.
Your faraway orbs were lost
To me in the frozen dark energy
Of shunted light and the cold 
vacuum of space.
It was my birthday
And you were set on leaving.
It was my birthday
When I nearly died.
7.7k · Jul 2012
Haiku  (sunflower)
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
The moon held me down,
Then your shining face swept me,
Now, I rise with sun.
7.5k · Jul 2012
The Sorrow of Days
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Time is teasing along with lush earth so pleasing,
The minutes of our youth are spent in toiled days
And sands are blowing the weld of our sold means,
Foundations of dust, the cries unheard, of the aged.

And then, as dream, you came from the starry skies
Blue and small as the ocean dot, forever fixed—
Reigning over the frozen, revolving moon that lies,
Dimly wakes in your fabled orbit, my fated ellipse.

Now, time tables and splits, renders me to eaves
Undone, my squandered youth was but a sad play
And I am clocked with wind, the geld of my dreams,
Had shiftless hands been more solid than my days.
7.3k · Sep 2014
Similes for America
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2014
She's like a drama queen,
Plays the 'blame game' like a loser,
Fair minded as a bigot,
Wages war like drones,
As free as surveillance,
As open as privatized prisons,
As equal as feudalism,
As rich as the beggar masses,
Bankrupt as homeowners,
Socialist as the military,
Truthful, trustful as "NEWS," as propaganda,
Pagan as the manufactured Goddess 'Columbia,'
Christian as the stingy,
Pious as a sinner,
Wicked as securities, exchanges on 'Wall Street,'
Insecure as an empire,
Greedy as a fast food glutton,
As brave as a fool,
Warmongering as a chicken hawk politician,
Machevellian as a coward,
As rigged as the free market,
As selfish as Capitalism,
As tolerant as Islam,
Beautiful as a clear cut forest,
Charming as a strip mall,
Forward thinking as chaos,
Lawless as congress,
United as a belligerent crowd,
Compassionate as a swat team,
Green as any petrochemical company,
Organic as pollution,
Deep as a strip mine  .  .  .
  .  .  .
7.1k · Sep 2012
Un-veiled Narcissist
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2012
Un-veiled Narcissist

         THE             POET
   WHO                      TALKS
    AD                            INFI-
Nitum                             About
  Ones                            Self,
     What                      Low    
          # is                  S/he
Duchebag Rabbi aka p. *****, aka Arlo ***** mouth
wolf Spirit, aka sychophant ( aka the WEEKLY POET ) and attention seeker, panderer supreme
Ryn aka awful, writer and poser
Aka ad you own
To the growing 'PANTHEON of HP POSERS'
7.1k · Jun 2015
Seán Mac Falls Jun 2015
Sickly sweet colours
With their feathers fanning look
Still they soil the ground
7.0k · Sep 2015
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2015
As olive or grape
So shed paired souls are threshed
Out of their bodies
7.0k · Jul 2012
Diamond Moon
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Do you remember me?
I am fed up, strung on night
And closed in by time.
When I dine with dearest
Friends there is always a place
Set for you, there is always
A story, untold to them,
But not for strangers
Who know even without saying
What you never said to me.
My eyes are cracked dams
Above the flood plains,
My heart is dented brass,
Bent, out of gear and turns,
Mournful, dried, pocked
As rust, tarnished red,
If I look at the diamond moon
I am hooked.
When the flower brushes my calves
The lifting scent caresses, teases,
Rising with my memory of fire and stone.
If I travel to the balm Paris
Of the southern hemisphere
La Belle Époque is wearing your
Dress, the pampas fires and undulates
Like your hair, the Polaris star
Points at me, dreaming
Of you, dreaming,
My jewel, my,
Little moon.
6.7k · Jul 2012
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
Novice, heed my diction—
The learned, the schooled, the politic,
Are but fools with conviction.
6.7k · Jul 2012
Haiku  ( bathing )
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
I draw the hot bath
For you, my sweet goose bumped girl,
Your smile draws me in.
6.5k · Oct 2014
Seán Mac Falls Oct 2014
One flash, frozen in light,
The burning of her eyes
Fell my sprocketed night,
Deep in flames shudder,
All language, new, cipher,
Filmy frame, truest colours.
6.4k · Jul 2012
When . . .
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
When you touch,
It is withholding.
When you moan,
It is suffering.
When you smile,
It is mercy.
When you laugh,
I am placated.
When you swoon,
I am not there.
When you vibrate,
I only witness.
When you taste,
I only imagine.
When you love,
I am unknown.
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