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Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Dimples on her face,
Walking long miles without her,
Pebble in my shoe
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Rose of your ear,
Lantern in your eyes,
Forest of branching hair,
In Inverness of your midlands,
I shall broach lit vernal deltas,
Kiss deep into darkling depths,
Climb the leaved trunks of thigh,
Drunk in the moisted, muted sighs
Of promise, tendered to surrender,
I shall know your ripened *******,
As bloom of moon paints moons
At night, I will be ****** in milk—
That offers itself to leeching babe,
With little, lithe fingers you rake one,
A wan vagabond, *****, homeward,
I shall know your flowing wetness,
Below my desert, with purpose,
I am lost, in sleep and dream,
May I never wake, may I
Sleep, never, may eye
Always open, keep
In tableaus of oil,
Strokes, hues,
Of you.
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Body of ocean, milk and sky,
We are tangled in the hope of night.
The lips of the milky way, creaming us,
Stains and is **** with a taste keening;
All is creation.  My meteors crash
Into your ruptured Earth.  I flame
Upon your must and moisted furrows
And my toes are locked, rooted in yours.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
In the deserts of the day you are true
Oasis.  The curves and waft of your sands
Seethe and sodden my barren plains,
Are erasing all my wandering memories
Of an endless sky and now your eyes
Are the only stars I know, and your skin;
A sheet that holds the heavens shimmering.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
Your ******* are the heaving of grasses
And wind, loft and laden in the rounded
Hills, a hoard of ****** bread, bountiful,
Ripe and strange.  Your hair is an endless
Savannah, your valleys are gold and honeyed
With milk, seared, filled by my penetrating sun.
In passion we play; low on earth and deep in sky.
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Lifeless owl takes wing
Moon rising behind branches
Sundown for lost mouse
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Under the white sheets
Flesh twined in the dark opaque
Till dawning broke us
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021

Black God

Huge cumulus clouds,
Exploding into the blue,
  .  .  .  Shadowed by raven

Valley Morn

Dark hands working fields,
Raven tracing mountain crests,
  .  .  .  Carnal tillers wake

Raven Spell

Dark sound raven makes,
Chortles top fir tree, haunting—
  .  .  .  Druids incantation


Snow covers valley—
Solitary raven staining world,
  .  .  .  Love has turned black


Many years alone,
Suddenly— old thoughts of her,
  .  .  .  Lone raven in sky


Lone raven cackles  .  .  .
Clouds splinter across the sky,
  .  .  .  Mist cuts down the woods


Full moon crowns tall pine,
Raven landing in cross hairs,
  .  .  .  Dark angels halo


Raven knows a charm,
A child's costume jewelry,
  .  .  .  Colours a black eye

Tall Tale

Zenith of winter—
Lone raven in naked tree,
  .  .  .  Spring only legend

Dark Angel

In his feathered dress  .  .  .
Raven shrouds beneath the clouds,
  .  .  .  Even eyes are black
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021
Someday, soon I will sail a boat,
Away from all the modern seas,
I shall be cast aside, with wind,
The four corners, all calamities.

And gentle waves will carry me
Afar, sailing lost under the stars,
To live in dreamy breaths happily
And never wake, forever slumber,

Free as ocean birds, downy gliding
With currents that are leading true,
To the domes, new heavens hiding,
This is my plan, my soul to renew.

Farewell, fated blue world spinning;
I'm off a rocker, for lofty beginnings.
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