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1.0k · Feb 6
My heart
luc Feb 6
Endangered like a beating heart
Emotions stir my vulnerable heart
Why, oh, why, my heart,
have you fallen in love from the start?
184 · Feb 5
Her Hope
luc Feb 5
Manila, lost throughout the years
From her wreck, who will ease the fears?
But, she remain hopeful that soon
Her pain turns to the light of moon

Manila, come back and rise up
The trees and sky won’t let you stop
Your brokenness will be mended
Through time, bitterness be ended
171 · Feb 6
luc Feb 6
I stood at the edge a little boat
With emerald waters that keep it afloat
Who would have thought I would journey across,
this vast sea and towering mountains so close?

— The End —