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Jan 2019 · 522
Oriada Dajko Jan 2019
Tú que has creado algo más allá del tiempo
ni sabes que traes Dios en tu vientre,
un Dios más en nuestro mundo que nadie va a creer,
uno otro Dios que nadie tiene que entender,
uno otro Dios que no será aceptado por ninguno,
uno otro Dios más que será juzgado por cada uno,
y así regresara a ti, crucificado por su buena voluntad,
y solamente tú lo vas a ver aún como el Salvador,
porque solamente tú verás su Milagro,
vivirás la vida más que una vez con el
tocando el universo con sus manos, con su piel,
buscando la verdad con sus palabras, con su voz,
matando la soledad con su ser, con sus sueños,
muriendo cada momento con el
por ser incapaz a cambiar el Destino de su ser.
Aug 2017 · 471
Oriada Dajko Aug 2017
In your world,inside your country,
in your town,inside your house,
in your family...
... strangers came around.
Even inside you...
Language was never found.
Mar 2017 · 839
Lake of love
Oriada Dajko Mar 2017
In autumn water becomes fire
created from the endless love of stars,
and feelings fall like old leaves
navigated by the nap of lake.
When world gets drunk from every sunset...
I know!You will come...where?
I know!You will be everywhere!
Everything will stop,I will wait until
the moment I wont remember...
I enjoy waiting,searching for you
to arrive at the understanding of love,
of that destructive love with tears,
with memories which hurted my soul,
because love destroy more when
it calms,it ends,it stops...
I saw you dancing in the lake.
Love is reflected in the sky,
stars will dance tonight...
Tribute to L.P
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Don't be shy
Oriada Dajko Oct 2016
Give me a gift, give me today
to remember yesterday.
When you sleep, all is the same,
tomorrow and yesterday,
united want to live  this day.
I have seen your dreams
swimming slowly on water,
your desire burnt by rain.
No remember if memories fly.
Treat life as you want to be
treated by life. ..
Life is so shy,
it turns to you to try!
Can you start the change
from giving yourself a chance?
You don't know where,
you don't know how
inside where is no sight,
light must be full of life.
I have been shy before,
now I am not afraid of 'I'.
Don't be afraid of life!
Let it be your wife,
your mother, your child..
We enjoy to be a shadow,
that everyone tries to follow.
Let others do what we can't do!
Let we stay behind,
let others be face, us mind.
If for the world we are too shy,
we must be brave for the sky.
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
A timeless sight
Oriada Dajko Oct 2016
An old house sounds proud of
disturbing neighborhood's sight.
Punished to follow lonely fate...
to feel a strong desire for transformation,
but a house can't move, can not speak,
a building lives in feeling isolation.

Not guilty,they persuade life from childhood,
waiting for others to remember them.
Doing nothing to change,
waiting for others to decide
if their life will be
or won't be timeless inside.

They listen to other people's voice,
no way to defend them from the noise.
Not expecting to hear sadness or offense.
Probably they don't have a luxe
to have a chance.
Sep 2016 · 804
Butterfly flies away
Oriada Dajko Sep 2016
Butterfly as a whisper comes around
for a little child happiness is found,
he sees a colorful art of life.
She stays near the child
not afraid of being burnt
by the desire.
Is it a candle or a child?
Secondly, she will be burned.
Firstly, she will be admired.
She makes him feel the magic
and then she wants to fly away.
A child can't wait
that hours become days
and butterfly returns again.
He will love only for today!
Once she will fly away,
the beauty in his eyes will be lost.
Soon he will learn that
beautiful creatures can't be admired
when they stay under chains.
Sep 2016 · 924
Autumn's red hair
Oriada Dajko Sep 2016
My name has been written
in a piece of letter,
waiting for me
to come
for a warm conversation.
I was lost...
I was swimming into the imagination
of the melancholy.
Leaves were embraced in the street.
It was autumn.
That tree has got red hair...
In her hair I found a photo.
I found you memory.
I looked back on the portret of
that girl with red hair.
Her hair was a leaf from that tree,
waiting for other leaves for company.
It was her...
the girl who waits for me.
Sep 2016 · 844
A woman's desire
Oriada Dajko Sep 2016
A lonely woman near a window,
looks after the sun under the shadow.
Her whisper becomes a cloud.
A cloud painted into the sky,
created by the hand of God,
designed by my mind.
A beautiful woman is a wind,
which touches deeply my eyes.

— The End —