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As  I read your poems,
all I could think of
is ...

But that scares me sometimes.
Am I in love with you?
or am I just in love with your poetry?

But then I remember...
we are
what we write.
man and poetry are on the same team. :)
i apologize so much
i feel like i'm saying sorry for my existence
I'm so sorry
1. Write a poem
2. Love that poem
3. No one should like it
4. Create 10 different accounts
5. Like and repost from those accounts

no I don't do that how dare you even
(disclaimer: I actually don't create different accounts and like/repost my poems from there, it was a joke)
Jeg er ikke så meget mere værd end et engangsknald,
så meget ved jeg da.
Den man samler op midt i dyre flasker og slørende, dæmpede lys,
glimmerdækkede kinder og kraveben,
Den man søvnigt skubber ud af sin seng,
søndag morgen, inden morgenmad.
Den man sender på den famøse walk-of-shame , dagen derpå.
Den man sender hjem til slatne chips, lunken cola,
fysiske, moralske tømmermænd.
Så meget ved jeg da.
Jeg er ikke typen, man bliver hos,
hverken nu eller forevigt.
Typen man holder om - dag ud og dag ind,
kysser på panden,
på næsen,
så meget ved jeg da.

når han siger, han elsker mig,
at han ikke kunne forestille sig en dag uden mig,
at jeg er hans ét og alt.
For hvorfor?
Hvorfor skulle det være den rene sandhed?
Sandheden fra renheden selv, en dreng,
når jeg er så beskidt,
så værdiløs,
så lidt,
så meget ved jeg da.
Hey everyone,

I'd like to propose a challenge.

Grab a book, any book, and open to page 49.
6th line.
5th word.
Make a poem, and use that word as its title.
Be sure to make sense, and relate the topic to title!

Tag your poems as bookpoemchallenge so I can check them out. I'll be sure to like, comment, add to collection, share the poems which I enjoyed reading.
Best of luck.
Please like and share this so it will trend and more and more people join on this lovely challenge!
 Jan 2015 Ordomkasteren
 Jan 2015 Ordomkasteren
remember to always follow your dreams.
starting this conditioning early instills the message so deep
that you're never quite aware, that in order to follow
your dreams you must first remain asleep
this is how they've created generation after generation
of obedient, self absorbed, consumerist sheep
where nothing is more precious to yourself then
the possessions that we keep
conforming to what's cool
owning the newest technology
and never looking cheap
join the hottest trends, stay in the loop
you're rising high on the social ladder
a fall from here is awfully steep
the fear of this fall turns you into a materialistic creep

these social constructs we all need to together break
or no one in our western society will ever truly be awake
December 8, 2014

 Jan 2015 Ordomkasteren
it has been said for ages that a woman
             could lead a man willingly to his demise
a song or a dance; a touch or a glance
              simple gestures could dumbfound the wise
these have always just been strange stories
               tall-tales or faerie-tales, even outright lies
until half a year ago. until the day that I-
                became so very lost within her deep blue eyes
it was just a simple look
                                ...that's all it took              
my heart missed a beat
                                    then.. it shook

and in that moment, I finally did realize
                     how very powerful they can be; a woman's eyes
January 8, 2015

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