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Order in Chaos Apr 2016
My mind wanders to you
those mornings i wake up dreaming of you

It's been years that i've forgotten how you smelled like

But i'll always remember those deep hazel eyes that turn dewy
each time you look at me and breathe a sigh of relief

We were good together, you and i, so good

I still find myself wondering if i would see you in our secret spaces
or if i come across your mind when it goes idle

Maybe in another life, maybe

You will still be my first love,
and honestly,
the only one
Order in Chaos Apr 2016
We are a perfect match -
Two souls who lit each other from within.
But maybe, that's why we burnt out.
Order in Chaos Apr 2016
i question but i no longer seek answers
you preach like a saint but you act like a sinner
i brought you into my walls and you destroy everything inside

i miss being indestructible.
but now you're lost within me
burning me out slowly from within
  Mar 2016 Order in Chaos
Kathryn Paige
He repeated the words
"No one will ever love you"
so many times
that I started to believe him,

and I'm in need of constant
reassurance that I'm safe
because everything he did
plays on repeat in my head,
and I feel as if
I never really escaped it at all.

I got so used to
holding my breath in his presence,
I don't think he noticed me
fading away.

Order in Chaos Mar 2016
If I knew you were coming,
I would have saved experiences,
memories, feelings, my firsts,
and the way it feels when someone
traces their fingertips along my spine.
Order in Chaos Mar 2016
What if you thought you meant the world to someone
But all you are is second best -
The one he settled for
For the one he wanted
didn't want him enough
Order in Chaos Oct 2015
I still talk about you in present tense -
like I could still feel your heartbeat
under my fingertips
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