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Orchid Rose Nov 27
i am scared to say it
because i really feel it
you hold me close
and i feel home
i want to say it a million times
because i see it with you
and no one else--

you understand my in's and out's
you know how to make me happy
you're patient with me and treat me so well
in the bedroom, you've got me under a spell
you're everything i need and want
there have been situations
where you have treated me so well that i've realized my own trauma
further proving you are so right for me
i know i was timid and shy in the beginning about letting my guard down
but you've broke through my walls
and i couldn't be happier to call you mine.
Orchid Rose Aug 25
you remind me of how it feels
of what it could be
you're a movie trailer of a love I've known
finally i see it with you
but we are no where close to the ****** of the story
so i'll take this step by step
and enjoy the ride
with you
Orchid Rose Aug 4
You have four years to complete this degree
then you must, you must be ready to know what to do
for if you don't, you will end up back here doing the same thing
You must do good on this exam
and every exam, every project, if you miss one you will not be successful
If you don't do good it means you're not smart enough
you're not smart enough, you're not smart enough, you're not smart enough!
Why would you study something you like? Don't you know you will be living in a tent if you do that?
You need money, you need money, you need money
I am trying to find the thing that gives me a greater purpose
is it here? is it here? is it here?
An abundance of thoughts flashes through my brain
and it's a lot.
Bringing me down to my knees, hugging my pillow, crying as my dog probably starts to worry
Is this it?
Orchid Rose Jul 23
We keep doing this
It’s not my fault
I can’t resist your kiss
But no matter how many dates
We keep coming back to each other
I touch your skin, we come alive
It’s you I’m coming home with tonight
You call my baby and I go crazy
How long have we been doing this?
I’m toxic and I know
I say I want a relationship
Then do this just for a moan
You know my body and I know yours
You do as I want before I ask
How could I stop?
This is too good not to last.
Orchid Rose Apr 25
I'm drowning in my mind
the thought of you i've put behind
or at least I've tried
I can't when I close my eyes

And I think about you first
but you wonder about her

if you can make, if you can make it out
I'll be here
Orchid Rose Apr 19
I'm  not used to being treated this well
Gone through many, you can probably tell
But I haven't been this hurt in a while
And I know it's because you made me smile
It was short lived but it was lovely
Then we realized you had someone in your mind
If only I had seen it, but you were just so kind
I know you didn't mean it, maybe that's what makes it worse
But you still think of her, so I'm stuck with this curse
I'm shocked but not surprised, as my serotonin decreases
Here's to being sad once again--my heart is in pieces.
Orchid Rose Jan 25
two souls meet and worlds collide
conversation over a meal, we're both wide-eyed
smiles exchanged, connections were made
more dates but still no progress was displayed

there's nothing wrong with you nor me
i suppose we should set each other free
go our separate ways and move on with ours lives
before this starts to hurt, with heartbreak shown in our eyes

we may like what we see
but you think better is out there
and i'll be the first to disagree


                         to wonder

maybe if the black in your eye had truthful intention
we'd be together in a different dimension
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