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Erik McKee May 2019
It's a strange feeling.
I can't remember what you were wearing that night.

Leaning up against the railing, with the San Antonio skyline
framing your neat, unfair figure; as though the city felt it was its duty to mitigate such disparity in beauty (what a communist).
And the light nesting in your hair, like young gray foxes.
I could no longer here the pulse of the bass, nor the blurt of the trumpet, nor the snickering of the piano keys. Not even the sardonic tremolo of my oldest friend, the trombone.  

You were the coral, and I was looking in.
Of another age: were you to believe in the grace of
the night, filled with music I could no longer hear, in a setting now so distorted by the light drawn to you, that I couldn't help but acquiesce to the ******* of those little photons; for whom-else could have a clearer notion of perfection.
Erik McKee May 2019
Love is the breaking
Of my spine
The burnt hair (yours)
Wrapped in a tight bundle
And held with nothing

But the twine that cuts our  naked fingers  

And sleep (beside you) is the savior
Of our fractured minds
The healing
Of the little broken things
Kept in the hazel (blue)

Of our eyes
Erik McKee Jan 2019
i don't need
the drug that is
your smile

the high that is
your laugh

or the ecstasy that is
your breath
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