From the start,
That sweet beginning,
You've had my heart
and soul; I'm willing
to give so much to You alone
to seat You on my heart, Your Throne.

How long has it been? A day? A year?
Since that first "I Love You, Dear"?
Either or, but I don't care
As we lay here and I ****** Your hair.

Strange to ponder the brevity
of This Love, so young so free.
Yet so intense that I can't see
The outside world when You're here with me.
And honestly,
I hope one day You'll Marry me.

When that question, to You, I ask
I renew my commitment to my task
Of Love and Devotion so I can bask
In You. Forever. Finally. At Last.

Warm and Safe.
Your Love, Your Presence.
From that first day with confidence
I knew my life would make no sense
Without you in it.

When I told You this, and finally
You said "I care about you like you care about Me"
I was the happiest I thought I could ever be,
But I was foolish. For it's apparent to me
That there will be more, oh so many,
Moments like those; where again I'll see
Your Pure and Perfect Love for me.

As if it's the very first time.

Then with a thud I'll Drop to my knees
and pray to ***, that when You look You'll see
The exact same thing, for You, in me.
Erik McKee Nov 29
a big red dog in the sky
baby's breath in the chest of her mother
the uncertain notes of windchimes in the summer  
a glint of silver at the bottom of a wellspring
and an unsolvable mystery
Erik McKee Nov 27
My eyes are blue
Blue like the sea, or a chlorinated pool in the suburbs  
Or a balloon,
Lost to the sky after escaping
From the small sweaty hands of a kid just departing an amusement park.

Without gradients from green to gray
Lacking for complexity,
Like the scratch
from a dollar-store pack of colored pencils    

But I get compliments
"Such pretty blue eyes you have"
"Like the sky in summer"
"Like blueberries in spring"
"I wish I hadn't my eyes, but yours"  

All of these so well-meaning,
But I disagree
For I love the dark brown of yours
And the hazel glinting coyly in their intensity
The gradient from light to dark mirroring the mosaic of your character

So when we gaze into each-other's eyes
And you say
"Your eyes are so pretty"  
I can't help but laugh

Because to me their simple beauty
Is only made manifest
When reflecting the oaken luxury of yours
Erik McKee Oct 28
Faces blur
Like radio tower lights fuzzily blinking on the horizon
Flashes of red, orange and green
Fading to the chocolate brown of the night, her eyes in the dimming light.

The words, "I love you" drifting through the swirling dimness,
Her hair playing upon the milky moons of her cheeks
Her eyes flicker and become closer, closer.
Again, closer

My nose taps hers, the cheap wine making me sway to and fro,
The wonderful scent washes over me: Mint and lavender,
Wine on the breath, the tinge of bitter sweetness.
     "I love you"
     "I love you, too"  

Her tied hair falls, like the cherry brown leaves of winter
Onto her freckled neck, her moony face outlined
In the dark chocolate of her hair.  
     "I love you"

I feel the surge of want building in my chest
I sway forward, steadying myself on the soft carpeted floor  
My heart's drumming
A shock of static, when flesh meets flesh

I shudder, as I'm carried into the Fall rain
The frigid cold bites at my nose and lips, numbing them
Her face, blinking merrily, becoming further and further out on the horizon
I fall into bed

The birds are chirping and my head hurts
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