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Ophelia Jun 25
i've been told i have been silent recently
but maybe they just don't hear me
am i whispering?
i feel like im screaming from the depths of my soul
so why can't they hear me?
if your eyes wander long enough
you'll see the pain
if you're listening
you'll hear the long-held breath i let out
when i finally get the release
of detaching
and realising
what helps
Ophelia Aug 2019
your problems have become mine
the beautiful thoughts that cross through your beautiful mind
the thoughts that cross through my terrifying mind
are you using me?
am i making a mistake?
will you let me be free?
is all of this fake?
i don't know
let me think
Ophelia Aug 2019
i thought of using my camera for once
take some memories with you
put them on my wall
basic, right?
i thought of how we will cuddle while watching christmas movies
you'll kiss me on the forehead
tell me you love me
basic, right?
we would play games together
have the same friends
perfect so far
basic, right?
you'll give me your clothes because i hate sleeping without you
spray it with the scent of you
just to make me happy
basic, right?
oh boy did i not see this coming
we did all that
it was perfect
but how long does perfection last before flaws are shown
your true face
the ugly behind the pretty
the comments behind the post
you just texted me
i feel guilty as every second passes by
i start to slow down
my mind starts to calm
do you feel that?
the sun in your eyes
the sand on your feet
the smile you give me
how can i give that up
for someone when i haven't seen their eyes
i saw their heart
it's a beautiful place inside your mind
but you want so much
and i can only give you a little bit of me
because the rest of me belongs to him
Ophelia Aug 2019
i've been keeping low
been off the grid for awhile now
the kindest eyes i have ever seen inspired me
to be the next kind eyes someone sees
don't hurt me please
being kind leaves you vulnerable
to the hate i get
you can surely see how good i am
tears keep falling
why must you tell me you think i should be *****
and dumped and left for no one to see
i deserve to be seen
please don't believe me when i say i'm okay
do not disturb is on i'm begging you
don't message me or i'm going to break
the ice is thin
i'm falling in
Ophelia Aug 2019
you put me through hell so many times
i'm sitting here as you're on the phone with your boy
and i'm just here so you aren't alone
are you trying to show off?
make me jealous?
your relationships are working and mine aren't?
you're laughing with him
proving to me that you're happy that i'm not in your life
thank you
i needed the clarification that you aren't worth my time
you don't know it but this is going to be the last time we talk like this
like we are close again
like we are friends and everything is okay
this is my goodbye
Ophelia Aug 2019
you say you aren't perfect
then show me your flaws
because what i see is nothing different than a waterfall
you love hard, always push forward and will correct me if i'm wrong
oh how i need someone to tell me i' wrong
please tell me i'm wrong
is it wrong to feel like this?
you'll leave, the water will keep flowing
but for someone else
Ophelia Aug 2019
the devil on my shoulder
he tells me to be selfish
get what i want
but that's stealing
devil, i cannot steal such a valuable treasure
it doesn't belong to me

the angel in my heart says be the one for others
be the one he wants and desires
your life will be misery
at the expense of him
be the girl he wants, don't be selfish
for being selfish is a sin
be there when he needs someone, but don't burden him with your thoughts
he deserves better than to deal with you
but he chose to
angel, so did the one who has my heart
he chose me
girl, you were put here to be the therapist
not the client
don't get it mistaken
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