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Opal Wood Jul 25
Broken promises
Kept me going
For god sake
You were my everything
But now I'm growing up
I remember the fall
Manipulation tactics you used
The broken eternity
Trapped in your love sick web
Now I see
I was just empty
  Jul 13 Opal Wood
I hate that
In the rhythm of your ecstasy
In the rawness of your craving
I became powerless
To ignore the hunger
That your eyes fed mine
Opal Wood Jul 13
Never thought I'd say this
But sober me
Is the person
I want to be
No more 3ams
Living in a life of destruction
Happily drinking tea
Blankets piled over me
That's all over now
The drinking could have put me into a coma
I'm living now
I am free
To live my life
How I want to be
One month sober
We're only getting closer
To dreams and passions
We'll conqueror them all
Laugh at the telly
We'll have a ball
I chose to live
Not to fade into nothing at the age of 28
Opal Wood Jun 28
Four years I was under your control
I allowed myself to let go
Breaking hearts and causing pain
I drained the girl I loved away
You tore away a life for me
A piece of me
But now I'm here to take control back
Four years have passed
Now I can say
Hello sober me
You're here to stay
I have wrote this regarding my addiction to alcohol and how I come to a decision of no longer allowing it to control my life
Opal Wood Mar 16
Trauma killed me inside
Made me feel so damaged
Lost in dimension
I feel like failure
Opal Wood Jan 12
And if we must wait till death comes
Should we hope to greet the ones we loved
Lost in our time here on Earth
Return the love we held so tight
For all the years we cried at night
If in death should we seek the answers we longed to know
Does death really conquer all?
Opal Wood Jan 5
I loved you
I lost you
Another year of your passing
The dreaded echos of screams I hear
Although my mind keeps focused
My heart keeps breaking
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