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3 years
I lost you
Forever torn
Forever lost
Stricken with grief
I love you
Hope you're at peace
Even If I am not
Opal Wood Jun 5
Ever since he died
I have felt a void
Tormenting my mind
Killing me slowly
I block it with remedies
Allowing them to rule me
Until reality hits and I crumble
Grief will never understand it's damage
Opal Wood Jun 3
June is an ugly reminder
Our little sunflower boy
Lays peacefully in his dreamlike state
Forever blessed with no more demons
Among his tomb
Lies a garden of sunflowers
Sunflower boy
He was my older brother
Opal Wood Jun 3
Leave us in the past
Darling I have defeated you
To you
I mean nothing less
Than a simple ****
Opal Wood Jun 1
Grief is the never ending burden we attach ourselves to because we can't forget our loss and what it changed 💔
-In memory of my brother and Granddad I wrote this x
  May 30 Opal Wood
Elizabeth Zenk
I know that when I’m gone
you will mock me for my selfishness
for taking my life away from you
but please know,
that I lived my life bound by selflessness
I lived to serve and please
I recited my poems in rehearsal
so my last words could comfort you
and you’d never feel to do the same as I
I scar my flesh to bear my cross
So you may never have to.
Please know,
I lived every day confined by others needs
I listened to your woes
I starve my body to bear your cross
So you may never have to.
Know that this last act I take isn’t selfish
That my last act is one of freedom
It will be my only act of self-indulgence
in my life of catering you.
my final act is one of freedom
I died to please myself
Opal Wood May 30
I hear these ghastly creatures
Like vemon in a snake
Their words torment me
Until I drink to avoid the sound
Like a void of reality
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