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 Oct 2018 Dave Legalisa
It's all about size
Too skinny
Too fat
    Society says your not good enough
Not the right size
Not the right shape
Not the right height
    Their standard of beauty
Is too much
Too unrealistic
    Follow your own standard
Find your right size
Your right shape
Your right height
    Your standard is the only standard
I have been beaten...I hv been starved
I've slept on a cold hard floor
But am alright

As long as I can breath
So long as I can think
I'll write
Pen down my pains
Let my  tears accompany them....
I'll be strong
Strong enough 2 face tomorrow

You can think of me as you wish
But I know am great
And am going to be even greater
 Sep 2018 Dave Legalisa
Star BG
May you wrap your words of heart
in blanket of poem
and continue to write expanding the world.

May you remember who you are
and take barton-like pen
to scribe your message inside grace.

May you find peace in your journey,
knowing you are a gift,
deserving to have your dreams.

May you expand in these changing times
to align with Spirits guidance
so you feel harmony.

May you open your hearts,
and take action to make a difference,
inside love and the written word.
I sent a response to a fellow writer with first stanza and then it expanded into a prayer for all. Thanks Patty m
 Sep 2018 Dave Legalisa
Star BG
You paint a picture in my eyes,        
as I look deep into your soul.

You evoke a picture in dreams,
as dancing steps seed memories.

You color a picture in heart,
as hands clasp and temperatures rise.

You paint a picture in the mind
as I move to celebrate love.

You evoke picture in moment,
as I divinely sing your name.

as I stand caressing your smile.

As I miss you, waiting for your hug
inside the wind.
Inspired by Laura Brehm song  "We wont be Alone"
I dedicate this poem to my soul mate Curtis who died before we could consummate our love.
 Aug 2018 Dave Legalisa
Yeah, I want you
But I can't have you
So I want you more..
and more... and more
Heard from the song Minimize.

Stubborn Love
We chase, we want
What we can't grasp
We hold, we grab
Whatever chance
Even a little attention
Even a little affection
From people we like
But don't like us back
 Aug 2018 Dave Legalisa
Your lips are filled with poison
But all I want to do
Is kiss them
August 3, 2018
 Aug 2018 Dave Legalisa
Will I make you see?
Will you belong to me?
Rest in my embrace,
Feel my need for change,
And I'll be your only place...
Where you'll rest in sleep,
When you come to me,
I'll be whatever you need,
I'll be the fall, catching you from the depths of despair,It won't matter, for whatever it takes,
I'll be there,
I'll be the sadness,the kiss in your tears, mending every fear,
Is my promise to make,
I'll be there,
In the light and the dark,
The warrior of your love, creating truth with my sword,
And I swear, you'll be okay,
Because I'll be there.
Originally written to be a song...
Once there was a very poor man,
He needed to get off these streets.
So he wished for this for a reason,
Spare change ma’am? He pleads.

The lady he asked, had no change,
So he begged and pleaded for any.
The lady felt bad and had nothing,
I’ll take anything ma’am, I’m so sorry.

He just needs money so desperately,
I’m trying to get off these ***** grounds.
I’ll take anything, I needed this so badly,
I’m so poor, I’m robbed from these towns.

Just the man wanted to ask another lady,
She wanted to help him, she was so nice.
Gave three hundred and thanked her kindly,
He got up and saved this, kept this as a prize.
When we were kids,
We just couldn't rest.
We'd wake up early,
Coz each day was a fest.
The younger we were,
The less we slept.
We felt waking up was better,
There was much to test!

The more we learned,
The more we knew,
The more we heard,
That more became true.
The less we observed,
The less we grew,
The less we listened,
This less became true.

We learned to wait,
We learned about patience.
We designed ourselves to fit in,
Whilst we outwaited our creations.
We began to yearn for time,
We began to yearn for another chance.
We began to yearn for what we once had,
We began to blame it on finance.

We spent our first few years unafraid,
Didn't we know then that we were in an ocean?
We didn't stop to think of that, did we?
We just continued to join the waves in motion.

We didn't know fear,
Until we reached for something others couldn't.
We didn't know fear,
Until we yearned for something others didn't.
We didn't know fear,
Until we waited in hope, whilst others didn't.
We didn't know fear,
Until the rainbows we saw weren't our own.

Now time is running out,
We're in yet another decade.
We've been through **** and back,
But we've reached this age, still afraid.
We wake up everyday with reluctance,
We don't want to face our duties.
We muster it up and turn on auto-pilot,
We let ourselves become our own refugees.

We've forgotten how we awoke,
6am every Christmas morning,
Run downstairs to see Santa's gifts,
Our tummies all butterflicious, hearts warming.
We've forgotten how we felt excited,
To face each day with the unknown
Each year taught us to be less dependent,
Leading up to the writings on our headstone.

Isn't it time we were born again, everyday?
Just so we once again embrace what we don't know?
With something new to look forward to,
Would we not find this lost joy and our own rainbow?
I was watering the plants this morning and saw this lovely rainbow. And then these thoughts suddenly came rushing in, alerting me of how we get caught up in moments that make life seem so long, when it's actually pretty short. We spend so much of this time being weary, afraid and cautious. We didn't go through all this as kids! It's actually quite a painful feeling, to know that we were happier as kids when we feared less than we do now as grown ups. I’ve feared for too long now. I just don’t have the energy anymore. It’s demotivating and has made me begin to question why I wake up everyday if I cannot feel the way I used to as a kid. Kids have such love for each day that there is much to learn from. It seems to get harder as I grow older, to be more like them. Fearless. Here’s what I feel I’ve become and I know there are more like me. I hope you can relate to this poem I wrote. Enjoy :)
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