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Dave Legalisa Oct 2018
why do they say lips-to-lips
when boys touch her lips
with their mouths open,
their tongues knit hers
like two ropes in concord
to make a thicker one,
their teeth bite
the lower soft part
until she bleeds a line,
and their saliva,
they mix to hers
like honey and saps
or lovers from
warring borders
stick and *** to bear
a new taste of offspring

why do they say lips-to-lips
when it feels more like
a mouth-to-mouth
tasting ****** flesh
about that night
Dave Legalisa Oct 2018
are not
an empty
canvas, honey.
already are
an art
that only
a beautiful heart
can appreciate.
Dave Legalisa Oct 2018
the only time he
told you he loved you
was when he pressed
his mauve lips to yours
and your tongue
got twisted inside
tasting the thick honey
he sipped between your thighs;

when his claws dug
deeper and deeper
into your muffled skin
making your body mottled
with purple patches and scratches
with rosy blood that hurt
so lovely like thorns of roses;

when his hands crawled
around your body and
his fingertips touched
the parts men should not touch;

when he
finally entered inside you,
penetrating the orifice
every man dreams of getting in;

when he kissed parts
other than your lips
licking your neck
tasting the sugar and caramel
that was your sweat;

when he clenched your belly,
squished it like what he did
to your breast
and to your horror
it felt like a knot
tightening the flesh.

it was when
the wails from your throat
were the words you
could only speak.
the groans and moans
served as phrases
when you couldn't spew well
the correct formula
to whisper the
sensation you felt.

the only way you could
tell him you loved him too
was him to work rough
but gentle,
to go harder and deeper
while his tongue
kept searching yours,
while your bodies clung
chest to chest and skin to skin
dipped above the soft foam
inside that chamber,
he did.

straining your legs apart-
only wider this time-
pushing strong forces against
the nest between your thighs,
collapsing his body,
singing moans and triumphs
as if he
just held the haven,
he whispered something drone
you also tasted
on his saliva,
"it's done" he said
in that moment
when he stopped driving
and he pulled
his manhood stick back
from your nest,
you knew,
it only
was your body
that he wanted.
Dave Legalisa Oct 2018
i can feel the ship
that you are,
voyaging inside
the wormhole
that is an object
of my purity.
i can sense the
pleasure you keep
driving inside
like a mixture
of wramth and rage.
the moanings
and flickings
halt when
you run out of force
to keep entering
the abyss that i am.
all of the sudden
i feel the fuel that
keeps you active
and running.
it litters all over
the stars and rocks
and bodies
that embody
my purity.
it's quite a mess
but it's haven.
you are a ship
and i am the universe.
Dave Legalisa Oct 2018
i was the land you once loved
and you were the voyager i admired
i remember you kissing
every part of me
with those steps of yours
making voices through rocks
as if singing with the ocean.
i was sleeping
when you explored my body
and i
felt the mixed
tenderness and roughness you
exerted while indulging yourself
in between my legs.
you fell in love
with the beauty i had
and all the flowers i
always bear in my land.
you knew i was pure
like a virg¡n that was so thirsty
for a miracle of rain and flood.
the trees, the fruits, the flowers,
all went thanking the gods
when they had seen you
exploring the untouched.
you appeared from nowhere
like a merman from a sea
that made my body aroused.
for a long long time
my soul was asleep
waiting for a knight
to kiss the purity
that my body had.
or perhaps,
waiting for another soul
to live in me and indulge itself
on exploring the parts
yet to be explored.
after all,
you were a voyager
just another voyager
yet the first voyager
who skirred my flesh
and treasures
just for your
self-indulging expedition
and you...
you never came back.
Dave Legalisa Aug 2018
i'm a fruit dressed
in a shell so callous and thick
so hard yet vulnerable
when i fall
i, too will easily break.

i'm a fruit so sweet
no one can taste
so fierce no one can touch
and so soft that everyone
dies to hug.

i'm a fruit ripened
through time of this orb
i go out in spring,
die in winter
i dance with trees,
until i turn splinter.

i'm a fruit sugary
in platonic disguise
so yellow and seraphic
smells like daisy
sticky as honey.

i'm a fruit unkind
no one knows what am i
how poisonous am i
until you taste the lie.
not even a friend knows me well.
Dave Legalisa Aug 2018
my name
was a song
through your mouth
a song once loved
and embraced,
a song once played
and danced with.

my name
was a song
through your mouth
a song of love and peace,
a song of romance
and eternal regret
the less you sing it
the more dead it gets.
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