Marshal Gebbie
73/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ    Australian native who has adopted New Zealanders..Wonderful people ! Wonderful country! Have been writing everyday poetry for everyday people for over 50 years. Love Janet, ...
The Wood    Although it is quiet, There is not silence, For Those within Us must speak.
Brandon Conway
31/M/SC    Wandering this dark forest with no guide Figuring out the labyrinth of the my feeble mind Evading the sun for melted wax leads to a ...
Darrell Landstrom
19/M    I make things to confuse people.
Evan Palmer
J Klein
37/Home    I'm a writer, filmmaker, and wannabe poet. My latest documentary film, "Becoming Truly Human" can be seen on various streaming sites and can be watched ...
F/Detroit    I just write. Copyright © Cassidy Johncox 2014-2018. All Rights Reserved.
100/M/New York   
Mark Penfold
Bournemouth    I hope that you like my poetry, its experienciences from my unbelievable life which has been up, down and shattered on the rocks more times ...
eleanor prince
Australia    may light ignite - where shadow sits alone - tell me what you sense - when etchings raw you read - and how my exploits ...
M    ABOUT MY POEM My poems remain explorations of the subconscious erotic They are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of ...
JS Carie
35/M/Indiana    Words are a habit that transcend touch and cut while leaving no mark or scar but drain the heart and stain the carpet. For the ...
Daniel Ruiz
18/M/If i knew, i would tell    lost, utter and completely lost
Jillian Jesser
30/F/Ca    Iced-tea drinker, cigar smoker, listener to songs that make you cry, writer of small lines that make big sounds.
Nathanael Xavier Hueso
San Diego, CA    Word player, note manipulator, and logic breaker.
67/F/Tanzania    I live in Tanzania.I love writing poems and share them with friends and families. I also love teaching young kids.
Dark Fjord
The sudden, unexpected realization of the solution to a problem.
I write subtleties,thoughts that randomize in the wee of the morning,the lover longing for something past its expiration date,the curtain billowing in the breeze of ...
F/Surrey    Poetry: the ramblings of a confused philosopher.
21/F/Denmark    "I am free and that is why I am lost." My sister writes poems too. Please, check her work out - she is called Dark ...
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