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  Dec 2015 ミキー
It was not me, who put you into the dark
It was not me, who put too much hate upon himself
It was not me, who made you so imperfect
          Who choose this life for us?
                   It was you,
                             I am only a shadow in every decision.
The weak link, the forgotten will
of one’s owned heart, truly remains in the corner…
*Simply the ghost, who whispers in total silence.
my road is still dark....
  Nov 2015 ミキー
the butterflies bubble, dawdle, build up
homes underneath the skin, as she looks at him
as he looks at him
as she looks at her
as they look to each other

cocooning between blood vessels and pulses
their wings spread as intoxication, renovation
hands reach up
for him
for her
and stars are plucked and presented

they are the stars that first looked around the space
and came to rest, upon the ignorant, beautiful breast
of him, of her
from his eyes
from her eyes
and they glitter, and flutter

the chemical pours through the muscles and the butterfly
blooms, takes wing at hill-start, straight to heart
infinitely wonderful
for him, for her, for them, and for forever
different kind of style??
  Sep 2015 ミキー
Unrequited Love
I can't help you if you don't want to help yourself.
No matter how many times I wipe your tears away
Or tell you how beautiful you are.
You have to want to hear it and stop crying.

No matter how much I try make you smile
Or hug you close.

You have to want to smile and embrace me back.

No matter how much I wish I could save you.

The only person that can do that is you...
I just hope one day you actually decide to save yourself
  Sep 2015 ミキー
Unrequited Love
Its so much easier to push someone away, than to let yourself become vulnerable.
To give them the power to hurt you.

Showing your true feelings is relinquishing all your power.

You're trusting them not to take advantage of your weaknesses.

And that, is an absolutely ridiculous notion.

Once weakness is spoted, it is used and abused, untill you are just a quivering mess lying on the floor, wondering how you ever let yourself get into such a situation.

I will not be:

I am strong, because people don't know the real me, and that's how its going to stay.
People don't care about anything but themselves
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