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One in a million Dec 2015
I shall give thee my love
Prithee with no deceit
I know not. Know you?
A glance of the eye
To ponder in woodness
Tis  not keak nor whiteliver
A sky with wooly clouds
Methought you are theow
I shall bethink myself
Good morrow my lady!
My heart sings to see thee
Shy love, methinks of thou
O come hither, my life's delight!
Fie ! Fie on you !
To make me melt in thou words
Forsooth tis me, your prey
Nay my lady! tis me.
O my love's like a red rose.
I bid you to be ruled by me
I want to guard your honor
I pray to see thee with me
Aye my lord! Thou are mine
And I shall be thine.
You are the true sapphire
your fair sweet face
Make me cherish all that is good.
I want to stay faithful
I could never constrain myself
from loving and praising you.
Mine eyes have drawn thy shape
Which, like a jewel hung in ghastly night.
Peace in thy breast!
So sweet to rest!
Alas! Thus If I am to die    
Shh-- My love we shall die together
For I could not imagine
The pain I shall have to bear.  
Tis thou whom I love and desire
  For you, my sweet companion
      I have thus given my heart.
One in a million Jul 2015
I live alone in my dreams
Who can listen to me?
Who cares about my screams?
How good does it feel to be free?

I always struggle to build...
To build my own life...
My own life that has been destroyed..
Destroyed by my own home.

Family!! What family?
Family means being there.
Where are you? Are you here ?
I do see you everyday,but
I've never saw you beside me.

I need you so bad but i'm over it
Thanks to you, I threw my heart
To rely on this cold feelings.
Now I can't cure my homesickness.

You left me alone in my dreams.
The dark listened to me.
Madness cared about my screams.
The birds are flying with me.
One in a million Nov 2014
Love is lust, Love is faith
Beautiful emotions, deceptive feelings
Didn't know what to do after being rejected ?
Oh! Parents, Parents!
They loved each other madly
But wasn't meant to be together
They fought for the existence of love
Oh! Parents, Parents!
Why closing the door for this young dreamers ?
The answer is within society
Inequality among the members of society
Oh, Parents, Parents!
Love is the connections of two hearts
Love is something great
Love means that differences can be worked out
Oh, Parents, Parents!
Let these couple express their feeling
They finally deserve delight
Poor or rich , black or white
Love is not racist.
"Love is precious gift that you receive, and you need to give it with caution"
One in a million Jul 2014
Standing there in my dreams with your ugly scars
But there is no way you can feel it how you abuse all of it
With your yellow hair touching my ear
You only show up when i'm cold
Only when i don't have bold
Stinky clown! Why are you stuck on my head ?
I see you everywhere i see you nowhere
You can touch me  but i can't do the same
Your face painted with flour
Your ugly face that glare
Stinky clown! Why are you stuck on my head ?
I know who killed me in front of me
My eyes are deceiving me
Darkness and evil is thick in your face
I tried to end up this chase
I tried to **** you but i killed me
I'm screaming but no one can hear
Stinky clown! Why are you stuck on my head ?
Why are you living in my dreams ?
I'm getting worse and you don't know
I want to stop this pain i'm on a war
Either i'm gonna' win or i'm gonna die
I'm sick of searching light deep in dark roads
Stinky clown! Why are you stuck on my head ?
Lost myself again i really feel unsafe
I know that feeling, it tried to steal once my life
I cant believe i'm standing here at all
I can't believe i'm still holding on
My world is dark and filled with demons
It's the end i'm going home alone
I'm stopping all this pain
All this struggles with Schizophrenia.
I see it there Heaven yes i'm watching it
I'm ready to rise again i'm ready to get released
War ended and i lost, the clown wins
It means i'm gonna die so,
I'm closing my eyes forever.
One in a million Apr 2014
I always try to be perfect
But why searching perfection ?
If it's not allowed for anyone
I'm lost with pain
Suffering with distinction
In my family
Whatever i do, whatever i try
I'm always not good
I used to have hope in life
But now i have hope in death
I'm certainly not abused physically
But abused mentally
Always trying to forget
But never being able to
If suicide wasn't for cowards
You wouldn't see me here now
Struggling with today
To live a better tomorrow
It's true i'm lonely
It's true no one have my back
It's true no one cares about me
But i'll always keep smiling
Because it's the only thing that i got
One in a million Apr 2014
I know that you know
You know that i know you know
Why knowing with no talking ?
Let me know you better
Let you know me better
Not a secret anymore
Because we all know
Why you hide this knowledge ?
Probably if you didn't know**
It would've been preferable
Why did i admit it ?
What an idiot i am
Talking nonsense
But i'm over it
Because you didn't make any move when you knew
Speaking of you
I'm over you
Getting up, starting up, warming up
For a new me without you
OH! I forgot !
You were never in my life
I was just dreaming
Sick of you
Moving on is what I've gotta do to keep myself over you
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