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Omni Winters Apr 2019
" insert name."
Just the echo of your name in my mind speeds the beat of my heart.

The very thought of you makes me smile like no one else can.

You're the source of my happiness.

My soul, my heart, mind and thoughts,
just surrounding in the essence of you.

      " insert name ." ♡

© 2019 Omni Winters
April 26th, 2019
Omni Winters Apr 2019
How much of a loss have you had recently?
How badly do you feel emotionally?
How are you, really?
Is there anything I can do to help ease the pain?
Do you feel pain?
Emotional? Physical? Or both?

Welcome back.
I've missed you dearly.
What's life been like without me?
Please be alright.
Yes, it is an odd request, but it's this feeling I have..
I get this sense of knowing and feeling the emotional pain or joy you feel.
You're one of a kind, to me.
Sure, he was next in line, but you were always number one.
I loved you and I still do.
You've been near and dear to my heart.
I guess, there have been times where I didn't acknowledge or ignored this love.
You're very special to me.
I guess, the strong attraction I had a long while ago, was hidden away while I was still figuring myself out.
But now I feel reconnected to you.
Sometimes, the things we try to ignore or hide away can creep up on us in unexpected ways.
In my case, it had always been in my dreams.
And who would've thought I'd ever see you again?
Now, universal signs and some indirect messages can finally confirm that this is real life.
This is  happening and this is now.
Though, it may not be today, it's definitely happening.
Soon, everything will fall into place like it should,
and every blessing will pile on and follow every other blessing.

Please, take care of yourself, take your time to heal.
I will be waiting, and I won't be going anywhere.
I promise you that.

© 2019 Omni Winters
April 17th, 2019

I'm not sure if this counts as poetry. It's more of an indirect message.
I haven't written anything in a while. I want to get back to writing.
Some major changes have happened and are just beginning for me. I'm just so happy to be living in the moment right now, and I can't wait for what my future holds. (don't know if this exposes me in some ways to others I have in mind, but I hope not).
Omni Winters Jan 2019
The storms of negativity in my mind would pierce
through my brain every day.
I thought to myself,
“What if the negativity could be erased?”  
  I was a bird in a bird’s cage.

Depression was the worst.
The days brought darkness to my once happy days, and welcomed me with a demon.
Depression once brought down the joy I had.
I could feel the shadows as they swallowed my fragile heart,  tearing away at all the positive thoughts and joy I had left.
“Congratulations, you’ve won."
Little did I know, I would see life’s light and love again.

This demon dragged me away from all the good I had.  
Thump, thump, thump..
  I heard it get louder every passing second.
Thump, thump, thump.  
My heart was a ticking time bomb, hoping for some mercy from the dastardly demon.
I thought it was only a matter of time for life’s consequences to play its role in my play’s tragedy.

The days as a demon’s prisoner are gone.
I thought of all the new, positive blessings life gave me
months after the demon was defeated.

It was then, in between the dancing trees and through the
wind’s  touch that  I’d finally come to truth with what was
  past and present.

© 2018 Omni Winters
December 16th, 2018
Omni Winters Nov 2018
All my anger is slowly spilling out my body like the
Jugs of Aquarius, The Water Bearer.
And as I sit in total silence, my heart tightens like
the fingers inside a Chinese finger trap.
But as this feeling of negative emotion let's itself out,
the heart becomes more and more empty.

© 2018 Omni Winters
November 3rd, 2018
I wrote this about food. I'm ridiculous.
Omni Winters Oct 2018
You're innocent like the people of Salem.
But you're Abigail Williams.
We can all be a Reverend Hale sometimes. It's human.
But you are the witch.

© 2018 Omni Winters
October 26, 2018
Omni Winters Oct 2018
You're a stranger behind the person I thought I knew.

We all know that I never knew you to begin with.

I claimed to love you in one way. That is true.

And at this very second, I hold some of that love in my heart for you.

However, it isn't as as obvious as it used to be.

You were a very special lesson and part of my life and that I will not forget.

It's okay.. I know you don't listen or care as much as I want.

Do you enjoy this attention?

Truth is, others can feel similarly about you as I did.

Life is too short to stay stuck in the past.
It is too short to stay stuck on old habits.
It's time to create a fresh start.. a better start.

You and me, as normal people would.

Start a conversation and talk.
Get comfortable enough to avoid any embarrassment.
Get rid of any discomfort and confusion.

Let's get used to life and the bright, happy beginnings it brings for us all.

© 2018 Omni Winters
October 14th, 2018
Omni Winters Oct 2018
You were my inspiration.
God is great and all, but you're so much better.
Lay down your thoughts and ideas.
I want a part of your wonderland.

© 2018 Omni Winters
October 14th, 2018
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