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Olivia Jul 2014
Your name is imprinted
in my mouth,
under my tongue and
scraping down my lungs,
your fingertips are finding
holes in my body
that other people have left,
and you have a piece of string
and you're trying to stitch me
back together,
sewing the holes
kissing my scars that,
if they ever reopen,
and i swear it would be an
they would bleed your name.
And your nails have left
a mark on my back,
as if by digging in hard enough,
you could make art on a
canvas made of skin
and I don't think you know this,
but, by sewing the holes shut,
you wrapped the broken bones in my
body back up,
I remember when I tried to
glue my bones back together
with glue that never actually
worked, and I never tried
stitching them up like you did.
I like to imagine you made a
row of ribbons along my
ribcage that spell out your name.
And someday, maybe these
broken bones will be fixed,
with cracks along every single
one of them that scream your
name like the air in my lungs
do, and I guess that's okay.
I don't think this even makes any sense..
1.4k · Aug 2014
Olivia Aug 2014
You painted
a sunset in the back of my
throat, so that every time
we kissed, you could taste
something beautiful that
wasn't me.
930 · Jul 2014
Alcohol and Coffee
Olivia Jul 2014
It's 11pm and
I still haven't eaten yet,
been drinking
alcohol and coffee
to fill my stomach.
Maybe you'll love me better
if I was prettier, skinnier,
if I just wasn't me.
Your name is in the bottom
of every bottle, your lips
are stained where my mouth
falls on this cup of coffee,
and your breath is falling
out of my cigarettes and
into my mouth.
Olivia Jul 2014
I saw you fall asleep
amidst a garden of stars,
underneath a moon
that if I looked closer,
would realise was just
as bright as your eyes,
and I found my favourite
constellation running
across your collarbones
and down along your chest,
and somewhere in between
all of that,
it collided with planets
that would never have
looked so beautiful
if I had seen them on someone else.
When I looked at you,
I found myself wondering
how a person could look
like that,
like they were the galaxy,
a galaxy so pretty that
for a moment,
the air left my lungs.
747 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
Do you
miss me when
you hear my name?
734 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
Do you
miss me when
you hear my name?
Does it
hurt when you
fall asleep now,
nothing but
your cold bed?
Does it hurt
when you see
me around?
Does it hurt
now you know
you'll never
see me again?
Do you
miss me when
you hear my name?
648 · Aug 2014
I always fuck up.
Olivia Aug 2014
I don't know how to
not **** everything up,
I don't know how to change
my ways,
and I don't know why I'm
such a terrible person.
Someone tell me how to
get rid of my anxiety
so I can talk to people.
Someone tell me how to
be a better person,
because I'm tired of always
being wrong.
This is terrible, but.
Olivia Jul 2014
I've never had a home
that felt like one,
more than the home I
feel when you put your
arms around my waist,
when you kiss my neck
and when you whisper
my name into my ear.
566 · Nov 2014
i'm tired of missing you
Olivia Nov 2014
I'm tired
of missing you
when you're
right next to
Olivia Jul 2014
You're a little like a shipwreck and I think you lost your heart amidst all the piles of rust and dust and I tried to help you by looking for it but everything was so dark and I couldn't find a light, so I tried looking in your eyes but there was nothing there.
You lost your mind a few years ago and I don't think you've ever really been the same. Your eyes used to hold an eternity of light, but now they're darker than the darkest of nights.
You treat your body like a canvas and it looks like you're trying to draw a map, I always knew you were lost but I couldn't figure out where you were, maybe you're lost inside yourself, and I don't know where your map is planning to take you but I hope you get out okay and I hope it's nicer than where you are now.
You look like you're made out of paper and you are so fragile I can't remember the last time I touched you because everything I touch seems to break and I couldn't do that to you.
You have power lines surging through your veins but you're breaking them one by one, so I guess you're not happy with them anymore. You leave cracks all along them and let the energy leak out.
You're like a minefield and I honestly don't know how to work my way around you anymore. I've had years of practice but you suddenly switched and now everything is different and I can't navigate you in the dark.
You started to do things that I do a few months back. Now you stand by me while I light things on fire, because I guess it's better than lighting myself on fire.
You stand by me while I stand on the edges of cliffs, my arms open and my head back, staring at the sky and wondering if I could make myself fly. I don't really want to, I just want to jump. But if I stepped off the edge, I would want you to fly.
And I don't really know which is worse, the look on your face when you know I'm not really there, or the look on your face when you suddenly realised you weren't either.
I'm still looking for your heart, but I think it has been swept away, I'm sorry, but never mind, you took mine anyway.
510 · Oct 2014
Olivia Oct 2014
Oh god
I miss you
so much.
442 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
If I looked you
in the eyes,
I would see
the end of everything
we ever had.

If I heard your
words, I would
hear the start
of a war.

If I put a gun in
my mouth, all I
would taste is
your name.
436 · Nov 2014
Olivia Nov 2014
I wonder
if my body is mine,
I mean,
if it breaks
will it **** me
or will it **** you?
430 · Jul 2014
Pretty Bitch.
Olivia Jul 2014
He didn't love me
but he ****** me,
tried to leave his mark on my neck
and now every time I smoke
I can smell it on his breath.
I can feel his fingernails scraping
when he turns around, says I'm nothing more
than a pretty *****,
and laughs.
Olivia Nov 2014
I ****** strangers
in their cars
thought of you,
I breathed your
name down
another man's throat
and didn't bother
to hide it,
I ****** strangers
in their cars
in an attempt to
forget your
369 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
It's 3am and I can still feel
your collarbone underneath
my fingertips, I can still feel
your calloused hand in mine
and I can still taste the
***** - in my lungs and on
your lips.
I can still hear the way
your words fell together,
and I can still hear you telling me
you love me.
I can still feel your body
against mine, your fingers touching
my skin,
your voice soft in my ear.
I can still feel the way
your teeth dug into my neck,
my skin,
leaving a mark to remind me
of you while I sleep alone,
in a bed too big for just one person
in a bed too cold without your warmth
in a bed too silent without your
uninterrupted breathing
while you're sleeping.
I can't seem to sleep if
you're not holding me
and I'm still trying to decide
whether I'm too far in or if
I just can't get out -
get out of the depths of your eyes,
the warmth of your body,
the rhythm of your words.
I guess I just don't want
to leave you behind.
360 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
I found myself barely breathing
on the bathroom floor with no one around,
except the guy downstairs who I
realised I love,
even though I told myself
never to love again.
Maybe this time,
my veins will stay closed
and my lungs will have air.
Maybe this time,
loving him won't turn wrong.
353 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
The moon cascaded on to your skin,
shining lights brighter than the northern ones into your eyes,
taking pictures of the sun
and planting them behind your eyelids,
capturing colours from the galaxy and rainbows
and painting them in the back of your throat.
You're like the fire I used to set in my hands when I couldn't breathe,
except this time it's because
you resemble the flames dancing in my hands,
and you feel like home when
your hands close around mine
and your arms wrap around my waist,
and I love you like I love the sunrise,
and cigarettes,
which altogether is a ******* lot,
and coffee tastes like your breath
when you leave for uni and I'm still in bed,
and sometimes when you're gone I wear your hoodies which are oversized on me,
but I like it because it feels like you're wrapping yourself around me.
321 · Aug 2014
Olivia Aug 2014
You are making earthquakes
with your hands, destroying
mountains, building cities
from my spine and crushing
them with hurricanes that
fall from your mouth.
Your body is the tornado
whirling through my door
at 3am on a Thursday morning.
315 · Sep 2014
Olivia Sep 2014
And baby,
your hand in mine
is enough to warm me,
your kiss is what sets
this paper heart
Olivia Aug 2014
These notes were once
all addressed to you because
I always tried to
begin a sentence with something other than your name,
but my hands
only know how to write
about you.
Olivia Jul 2014
I can hear a clock ticking somewhere in the back of my mind and I can't reach in far enough to take the batteries out, and that's when I realised it had stolen mine and I can't remember how to work, how to breathe, how to be and you're laying next to me but wait you're not or maybe I'm mistaking the fact that I'm mistaken or god I must be daydreaming of your lips against mine and it's only half past five in the afternoon and I'm sitting here in the middle of uni trying to think of how to say your name without it taking a hold of my throat and scraping down my lungs and choking me half to death and I'm wondering how to touch you or let you touch me without setting myself on fire and I'm trying to remember where all the stars have gone and then I looked into your eyes and found them and then you opened your mouth and more came spilling out and I'm trying to concentrate on what your hand feels like in mine but I'm also concentrating on how your bones feel underneath my fingertips, your collarbones, hipbones, your bones that I once only thought of as part of the human body but now it feels different when I'm touching yours and now I'm thinking about the way your fingernails dig into my back I guess you could say you use it as a canvas and as long as you're the only one making art on this strange substitute of a canvas then I'm okay with that, as long as your name stops choking me and my lungs stop being raw from your name and from trying to scrape out the taste of another's breath when he kissed me at a party you weren't at and I threw up afterwards because I only wanted your lips, not his and I hope you know that I love you and I hope you love me too, and I can hear footsteps coming and all I can think of is you and I hope they are yours but I know they aren't because you're not down today I don't think but I'm still hoping and I wish you had come today and I've lost myself in thoughts of you, and oh god I think I'm in far too deep.
Really messy but.
286 · Oct 2014
Olivia Oct 2014
You're playing me
like a ******* violin
and you've
all my strings.
284 · Jul 2014
In too deep
Olivia Jul 2014
I think I realised
I was in too deep
as my eyes closed
when you fell asleep,

as my eyes closed
when you fell asleep
and what I saw
was the back of
your eyelids, not mine.

The back of your eyelids
and the beat of your heart,
the touch of your hand
and the rhythm of your words.

The touch of your hand
and the rhythm of your words,
against my chest and
falling out of my mouth.

Against my chest and
falling out of my mouth,
your words behind my tongue,
your breath in my lungs.

I think I realised
I was in too deep,
as my eyes closed
when you fell asleep.
This is pretty terrible so far, but bleh.
281 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
First drops of sunlight
that shines across your body,
where you lay asleep on
your side of the dishevelled bed.
This coffee tastes
as bitter as you were last night
but this cigarette smoke tastes like
the one we shared at
3am this morning.
The alcohol seeping
through my veins
reminds me of how you
infected me with your poison
when we first met.
Your name is on the tip of my tongue
and your breath is caught in the middle of my lungs
just like it was four hours ago
when your body was on top of mine
and you were burning me with your touch
Your scent still hangs around me
in a cloud of ****,
and ***.
And the ghost of your hand in mine seems almost real
that I forget you are no longer holding it.
Your kiss still lingers on my lips
like the teeth marks you left on my neck
and the scratches down my back.
Your words still ring in my ears
and my memory decides to play me a slideshow
of every image I have of you -
this will be a long night, yet it is barely even mid day.
The air is cold, colder than you
and you don't hold me anymore.
Every breathe I take will not be
because of you,
every cigarette will not have
the trace of your lips,
yet my body will still remain with
the touch of your fingertips,
a maze of marks and bruises,
a labyrinth of complications
and desires.
280 · Jul 2014
The stitches fell off again
Olivia Jul 2014
**** wasting energy
when I'll just
fall apart again,
Keeping myself in
one piece is a life lesson
I think I must have missed,
because everyone else seems
to do it so effortlessly.
I can't keep myself whole,
I guess glue can't fix broken
bones and the stitches just
fall off when my veins break.
277 · Jul 2014
I think my lungs are broke
Olivia Jul 2014
Maybe one day,
I'll wake up and not hate
myself, and breathing will
come naturally like it does
to everyone else.
I've never really understood
how people around me can
breathe with no effort,
but it takes half the muscles
in my body just to take
one ******* breath,
I guess I'm just unlucky.
Olivia Jul 2014
I think there's an arsonist
living under my skin and
on the edge of my fingertips,
leaving behind a trail of
flames wherever I go,
and I've always wondered
whether this will be the
night when I finally burn
to a pile of ashes, and I've
spent an eternity destroying
myself and the home I used
to live in, and I pushed just
about everyone away and
I don't have the energy to restart
all over again, I'm in pieces on
the ground but maybe I'm better
off this way and maybe
one day I'll be okay again.
263 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
You remind me
of summer,
and every cigarette
I light,
holds your breath
in between my teeth.
Your body holds planets
I thought I couldn't reach
and your eyes contain
thousands of stars.
And every time I touch you,
I feel the galaxy
your skin.
261 · Aug 2014
The Letter
Olivia Aug 2014
you gave me
a bullet and a gun
in the form of
a love letter
260 · Aug 2014
Nothing but silent death
Olivia Aug 2014
You are nothing but
silent death, your blood
drenched upon broken
flowers, your eyes blacker
than the night and your
arms a picture of a war.
259 · Nov 2014
Olivia Nov 2014
You haven't yet
figure out
to love me
I trace the patterns
of your heartbeats
you think
can't hear it,
and I whisper
words that
never hear
when I
you aren't
250 · Oct 2014
i miss you
Olivia Oct 2014
I would have
held your hand and
made you feel
and I would have
gone home
with you and
slept in your arms
all night.
243 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
I don't think anyone has ever looked at me
like you do, before.
238 · Nov 2014
Olivia Nov 2014
I've spent too many
nights with men who
just want to **** me
and then throw me
out like yesterday's
that it still comes
as a surprise
when you're next to
me in the morning.
234 · Oct 2014
Olivia Oct 2014
I dreamed of
your lips against
mine again
last night, I
dreamed of the
way your hands
trace the outlines of
my body and your
teeth scrape the
side of my neck.
I felt myself
falling asleep
in your arms
even though you weren’t
234 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
You have holes
in your sheets
from your last
230 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
The water kissed
the edges of the beach,
and the moon kissed
the sun goodnight,
but you never even
managed to kiss me
227 · Aug 2014
Olivia Aug 2014
The sun wakes after I have walked two hours just to trace the outline of your body.
My arms have purple fingerprints from all the times you grabbed me when I walked into your ghost.
A thousand suns used to fall from the tips of my fingers into your outstretched hands.
You would kiss me just to catch the cigarette smoke unfurling out of my mouth.
We used to play last card beneath a candle light and sitting in forts.
The colours of a hundred sun sets fell from your mouth when you looked at me.
Rainbows had formed in the back of your throat where you thought no one could find them, but I tasted them when your lips met mine.
My eyes have dark rings under them from all the sleepless nights you caused me.
You carved a hole in my chest and never replaced it.
You held me so tight all of my bones broke and every crack had your name inside.

The sun woke this morning and I wasn't tracing the outlines of your body.
I wasn't speaking volumes because your lips weren't touching mine, and that's the only time I feel safe enough to write a novel.
The sun rose and I was waist deep in the water, trying not to think about your face.
But the water made waves that carried your name right to me.
225 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
Love me with
your words, your
body, love me
with your smile.
Take my hand and
don't let go.
Why can't you
love me?
223 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
I'm tired of
feeling like this,
like his hands
against my body
are better than
anyone else's
ever have been.
222 · Dec 2014
Olivia Dec 2014
It's okay if
I'm not the one
you dreamed of,
but please,
just love me back
for now,
220 · Aug 2014
Olivia Aug 2014
You said
I wasn't worth the world,
wasn't worth anything
at all,
my face
still has a red mark
from where you've
hit me, my
body still has bruises
from where
you grabbed me
and didn't let go, as
if you were holding
on to the ghost
of someone
you once loved,
and you wanted to
make sure they didn't
disappear again.
Afterward, you
told me I was beautiful
and then took
it back,
said you didn't mean
to hurt me
but I
still am not
worth anything
at all.
You had another bad night.
219 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
I think I heard the sound
of every rainbow falling down,
collapsing into your veins,
capturing your smile and
painting colours in the
back of your throat.

I saw each and every colour,
exploding from your body,
I think I saw the sun rise
in your eyes,
I think I tasted the rainbow
in your kiss.

It painted colours in your lungs
and left its mark on your breath.
This is the closest I have ever got
to seeing colours,
let alone tasting them on the
tip of your tongue.
Olivia Sep 2014
They never taught me about boys like you, boys who pour pretty words down your throat and are gone by the morning.
215 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
It's 2am and
I can't sleep.
Maybe it's because
this is the first night
in months
that we haven't slept
in each others arms
and honestly,
I don't know how to sleep
if you're not holding me,
if your lips aren't staining
my face,
my neck,
if your fingers aren't tracing
patterns on my chest,
if our bodies are not
entangled and our hands
like vines spiralling up the
side of an abandoned house,
caught up in each other
like lovers that lay
side by side,
each one dreaming
with the others eyes.
215 · Oct 2014
i think you're already gone
Olivia Oct 2014
you built something
inside me,
and seem to have
already gone,
even though
If I just reach a little
I can still touch you.
213 · Nov 2014
Olivia Nov 2014
You are small
notes on
worn paper,
"don't eat that,
you'll hate yourself
210 · Sep 2014
your kisses
Olivia Sep 2014
kisses burned
your name
under my
209 · Jul 2014
Olivia Jul 2014
Six months ago I was a ******* mess,
my lungs ran out of air,
I couldn't breathe, let alone sleep
and I regretted not listening
to my therapist,
when she told me
"don't fall in love."
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