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i am so used to telling myself that I am not enough.
i look at the mirror and i am not enough.
my ribs hold protective of my worried and used heart, wondering if it can be used to love anyone more so much.
my core holds my balance, wondering if the perils of the earth are too much to keep me standing straight up.
my head holds my brain, steady and wise yet youthful and innocent. my hands hold my past, engraved in a memories i will soon forget.
i have enough, i am enough, yet it is so hard to say.
i get into my car

the cold sweat on my scarlet dress
with the lingering smell of men's cologne.
my feet are pounding
baby toe screaming at the tight strap
of my one inch heels.
i do not recognize or acknowledge this.
my thoughts in my head
are louder than the screams of my body
exhausted after a school dance.

let it be
the beatles sing
my windows are open for the wind to hear their echos
my fingertips trace circles in the wind
rushing through my fingers
and i just listen
ever so carefully to the kind advice
let it be

it is so hard to just let it be. whatever it may be. but i like to place my worries on the tops of other's shoulders and if the beatles say to let it be, so be it.
i made you in my dream last night
and i did not realize it
until i looked into the eyes
of a terrible sea storm
its rolling waves called out to me
and the seaweed grabbed me by my arms

i made you in my dream last night
and i did not realize it
until the soft pillow i had rest my head on
tucked a small piece of hair behind my face
and the soft silk brushed my cheek

i made you in my dream last night
and i did not realize it
until the kind, gentle breeze of a fall wind
swept me by my feet
and an old oak held me in its branches.
droopy eyes
hold the world's pain
the world's secrets
they know more
and see more
than they care to reflect.
i am not a poet
i say
but the words
in my head
fill the pages
and i just
the red strands of hair
drowned in the hot tub.
red solo cup tangled,
it holds drinks
steady for hours
and at that moment
i realized that the
soul-cutting anguish i felt
was heartbreak.
my head shattered on the floor,
unbeknownst to the warm area around me.
i am alone, i thought.
yet my strings were already being attatched
to someone else.
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