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 Feb 7 olivia
These tears
Will leave.
I know it.
I made them..
You just don't-
Don't know why..
They appeared
In the first place.
I've been wanting to write about what I felt and I finally did. I just had to stop thinking.
 Feb 7 olivia
Ciel Noir
you're broken
like a mirror
that my shadow falls onto

but we should thank the gods
they thought to cut
our soul in two

come on
be strong
and on and on
and still I long for you

you're wrong
you don't belong
how long till I belong to you?

and though I know
I must let go
it's oh so slow to do

and it is tearing out my soul
the one I stole
from you

still holding on
though this is far too sharp
to hold onto

how long until I can move on
and say so long
to you?
 Feb 2 olivia
Keith Wilson
I fell through the hedge
I hurt my knees quite a bit
I'll soon be better
 Feb 2 olivia
 Feb 2 olivia
we all have two lives
the second one starts when we realize that we only have one
theory of everything - (the cinematic orchestra - the arrival of the birds)
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