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1.7k · Nov 2015
I hate
Olivia Marie Nov 2015
I hate you.
I hate your adorable laugh.
I hate your complex eyes.
I hate your innocent comments.
I hate the way you lie.
I hate how your eyes are my favorite.
I hate how I love your comments.
I hate how difficult you are.
I hate how I love a challenge.
But most of all,
I hate how I love you.
197 · Nov 2015
What you did
Olivia Marie Nov 2015
Fourteen years is what it took,
To find out why this is how I look.
Compared to mom, dad, nana and pops,
Why all my cousins act as if I deserve mops.
An outcast of the family most of my life,
To only find comfort in my knife.
Silver blades and scars that stay,
Almost took my life away.
****** people and a mean mind
make me wonder if it's my time.
To stand up or sit back,
To save myself or fade away.
Fourteen years is what it took
To take a look
And see you are the poisen in me.
154 · Nov 2015
Why me
Olivia Marie Nov 2015
Why me
I am caught in your spell
In this invisible hell
Because you say you love me
You say you won't leave
Just to turn around and love her more
I don't blame you
I'd pick her too
But why lead me on
Make me fall
Just to leave me
For someone who did the same to you
147 · Jan 2016
Olivia Marie Jan 2016
It started out okay
i managed to keep my thoughts at bay.
then you got bad,
Acting as if you went mad.
I pushed my problems to the side,
eating up your every lie.

you went away
for more then "just a few days."
did you think of me once?
i though of you a bunch.
you say you missed me,
but in your mind are you wishing to be free.

I know thats what you want.
thats why we constantly fought.
it hurts me to say bye,
but not as much to say hi.
And know that you'd rather be with someone else.

— The End —