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Wait, what now?

Bound to get some questions from this, some hate; a backlash. The funny side of this is my middle name can basically be a backslash.

Some will say I don't have to mention.
Others will say I'm doing it for attention.

I'm doing it because I don't know.
I'm putting my confusion fully on show.
Whoohoo! Yippie! Let's go!

I don't have to be shy.
So what? Sometimes, I feel pretty much, like a guy
Perhaps, the majority will stigmatise.
For you see, my gender does not fit into a pretty little box, at least not in society’s eyes
(C) 2016
Feelings: I have none.
A thought; only one.
If only I had a gun.
(C) 2016
(C) 2016

My grandad  stopped breathing this morning this is for him
Don't let silence be your foe.
Let it in, think, ponder. allow your imagination to wander because you never know
(C) 2016
Hush don't wake her, leave her in the quiet.
Hush don't wake her, it's the nightmares. Let her battle the internal riot.

Hush don't wake her, there is no longer any need.
Hush don't wake her, now she must take the lead.
Hush don't wake her, yes we have shown her this ledge.
Hush don't wake her, but, you see, she must be the one to walk over the edge.
(C) 2016
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