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Oliver Evans Feb 2014
When the rising sun
Catches your eye,
on far too many occasions
And sleep becomes a distant memory
Lost to your dream ridden head
You'll find comfort in the fact
that we're one in the same
We all have lovers insomnia
and we all believe ourselves sane
Yet we're dreary and broken
swept and misspoken
So kiss me, and let your pillow speak poetry.
Kiss me, and never wake from this dream,
we've dripped into.
Just kiss me.
Oliver Evans Feb 2014
I'm almost always certain
that with certainty
comes a certain thought
that I and only myself
will ever be certain about
and in knowing this
I'm certain that
life lacks a certain certainty
So while you or I could claim
To be certain about revolutions
Or feelings that are certainly
I think i prefer to believe
That i am certain of nothing
and only the certain things
in life are worth avoiding
and if i was certain of this
well, id certainly be insane
Don't you find this to be certain?
Oliver Evans Feb 2014
Please excuse my human condition
For I'm afraid to be an ape
They have too much hair..
They ****... like apes!
They drink too much, and
Linger on boring conversation
They consume themselves with
Bright Flashing Images
They only think about..
and *******.
They chase paper
believing one day
it will teach them something
Oh, excuse me
I began to speak of
My Human Condition.
Oliver Evans Feb 2014
We exist because stars explode
We become because the world moulds
We have faith in our dying star
We carry the world in muck and tar

We took awhile to bridge the gap
We lost the keys and burned the map
At a time we were a world set free
Now we spiral far too complacently

We were gods of soul and mind
We now are lost and hard to find
We hid our hearts behind a shield
But this digital age refuses to yield

We live in a world of Blood and Sap
We drip too slow and often snap
We dull our minds with harsh narcotics
and far too often become neurotics

We live among our mother moon
We dodge the sun and sleep till noon
We love because we drink the sea
We loved you and you loved me

Gravity always dragged us here
Now I speak wisdom and
You speak fear
Oliver Evans Feb 2014
The worlds become alien.
In the summer heat,
My mind was fast and
observed the colors like oceans,
colliding on shimmering heat.
Now the beams of winter,
lick at my skin and
draw soft pastel from
chilled earth.
Now in polar opposites,
my mind breathes,
in monotone colors
and silly routine.
To dodge the summer
How ludicrous.
Though the sun,
In full exhibition
still swims through
infinite blue.
Somehow he doesn't
Speak to me.
Somehow he is alien.
On this sweeping desert,
I am no longer the animal
who sat under him,
while he bled wisdom
into an African sky.
No longer can I
converse with my sun
I have become
and now,
He has left me
To the Moon.

— The End —