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 Feb 7 Ojaswee Das
I have done nothing to earn
the coveted gaze
your self discipline

Just two pools of green
in a mound of pale flesh.
Nothing more.

Yes. Look away
Look away.
 Feb 7 Ojaswee Das
"Dark-eyed blue waters
My gentle muse,
Gathering you in my arms,
As mountain flowers..."
 Jan 13 Ojaswee Das
I’m living
I’m livin
I’m livi
I’m liv
I’m li
I’m l
I’m ly
I’m lyi
I’m lyin
I’m lying
 Jan 12 Ojaswee Das
 Jan 12 Ojaswee Das
Your words are everything I wanna hear
Your eyes are the only things I wanna see
With you I feel like I've been set free
With you I feel no fear
I love getting your texts at midnight
I love the things you tell me
I wait for you in daylight
Waiting for you to hold me
I understand why you cry
The world is cruel for us two
Maybe together we'll fly
Find a place for me and you
As I let the time fleet
I swear one day we will meet
 Oct 2018 Ojaswee Das
Shane Leigh
It was man that slain these beauties
and herein lies all the beasts.
Hello !!
© Shane Leigh
 Oct 2018 Ojaswee Das
Is it because my depression gets worse with every day or is it because the love is withering away?

— The End —