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tevah Dec 2020
he was neverland.
his fingertips felt the way old books smell
his kisses tasted like a soft melody
and his eyes held his bitter truth
tevah Dec 2020
And she looked as if she had sipped the sun
her lips a ghost of what once was
and a promise of what will come
tevah Dec 2020
you promised me forever
and yet you left me
just like everyone else does
like they always have
like they always will
tevah Dec 2020
sometimes i wonder
if i myself am real
which leads me to think
are any of you?
what's to say
that this isn't some elaborate dream?
all i'm sure of
is that if you aren't real
you surely are the best thing i've ever dreamed up.
tevah Dec 2020
stop saying that you know i'm strong
because it's obvious that i'm not
i never have been, truly
and i doubt i ever will be
adding the weight of the world to my shoulders
won't make me stronger, either
it will surely weigh me down more
weakening me
letting me crumble away
tevah Dec 2020
each and every word of praise
sends smoke signals to my brain
confirming what i've long known
that i am god
and i could **** god
if i so desired
but really
this god complex of mine
is to hide the thousands of insecurities
i pick at from time to time
tevah Dec 2020
this air of confidence
i have
is carefully constructed
of nothing more
than toothpicks and marshmallows
and it has been left to melt
in the window of my fourth-grade classroom
destined to crumble and melt away
if it manages to survive
the threat of being crushed
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