someone broke the news
for sure cause me blues
chills all over my body
starry night sky turned foggy

sitting here reminiscing
day we walk outside raining
you handed me your kaffiyeh
you said "girl, wear this okay?"

you were the nicest
we were the closest
your jokes causes outburst
won't stop til our stomach hurts

expected but it won't sink
now you are gone in a blink
all things comes to an end
rest in peace dear old friend

i write
than violence

i write
than drowning

i write
than fading

to murder
i can't kill
i write

to remember
i can't keep
i write

to shout
i can't say
i write

i write
to be

i write

i write
it keeps me sane

Happy World Poetry Day!

and just like that, she became invisible
like how humans are oblivious to the
beauty of flowers

yet we are so crazy over roses

her eyes are alluring like the daisies
white petals emblems her
pellucid heart

yet they bat an eye on her

and just like that, she wilted clumsily
as she was only a daisy in the field
of roses

November 22, 2016
Sandra Macacua Nov 2016

Total stranger you are to me yet our worlds are starting to be one. Thought of you makes me giggle from bright morning to gloomy midnight.

And the stars. Twinkling gracefully as they form newly discovered constellation in my own eyes. Your face. Your smile.

Would I walk with you in the shoreline under the moonlight? Yes, in my best dress, i would. Until we're grey and old.

Your secret smile, the way you intentionally cough before you start talking. I have loved those.

And the way you make me feel everytime i hear your name. It's different.
You are different, my love.

I was inspired by my friend who turns red everytime i mention the name of this one fine man she's crushing over. Haha. I love her anyway.
'Noor' means light.
Sandra Macacua May 2016

I was looking straight to the door when you suddenly entered and then stared at me.
I noticed how surprised you were, I can see it in your eyes.
You smiled at me, I noticed how your lips moved.
For a minute or two, my heart beats so fast but the people around us were moving so slow.
I was about to smile back but by the aroma of the coffee inside the shop, I suddenly woke up and then you disappeared.
Maybe one day, we will meet at the coffee shop again somewhere and the timing will be right.

Sandra Macacua Mar 2016

Staring at the sea,
saw you riding with the waves
Washed away my tears

Walking near the cliff,
saw you leaping with the bouys
Dived away my fears

Sitting on the street,
saw you tricking with the flips
Kicked away my pains

Waiting for the day,
thaw adventure thoughts of you
I tried to move away

Wishing that some day,
flaws of ours will be clear
So we can start wandering

Sandra Macacua Feb 2016

(a poem written by Hafsa Tadile Sucatan)

We met in unknowing place,
Doesn't know each other's face.
It was you who smiled at me,
Wondering, who's this man infront of me?

The way you look into my eyes,
Feels like we met again in twice.
Though, we don't exchange names yet
Why this heart strikes as fleetest of the beat?

I squelch for awhile,
Gazing at you in a mile
I now remember you,
My last night's dream was you

The mind's eye was flying
Walk into you, I am hoping
A chance to ask you,
So, is it you? The one?

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