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to our forefathers;

who fought for our rights for golden years

who bled for peace even before we were born

who screamed for our freedom for decades

who died and dedicated their lives for the future and welfare of the Bangsa,


the tears of the mothers, the widows and the orphans will now turn into joy

the flowers will bloom in the battleground of the blood and sweat of the Mujahideen

the scars of the bullet wound from the past will now heal

to the survivors who continued the fight;

the war is over, you can now rest and start over.

no more running, no more hiding.

you can now take the streets and dance with your grandchildren without worries.

no more guns to carry, only pens to write new beginnings

this time, a beautiful one.
To the inspired.
To the believers.
To the soul searchers.

To those who never gave up.
To those struggling but puts a smile to brighten up others day.
To those who still believes in love despite the bitterness in this world.

To everyone who sees beauty in the chaos.
To everyone who fought for the rights of others.
To everyone who sheltered the homeless and the poor.
To everyone who accepts everyone despite the color, differences and faith.

To you,

Thank you. Cheers.
Sandra Macacua May 2018
life has been  
great lately.
the sun
reconciled  with
the moon.
they shine  twice
shade of darkness
almost gone.
no more
thunderstorm in
the neighbourhood
only rainbows and
Sandra Macacua Mar 2018
I am the queen of euphemism--can't phantom the thought of hurting anyone by my words. Especially if it includes confronting one's feelings and rejection. I was so scared of the posibility that it would destroy him but the damage it would cause me would reach the moon and the stars if i stay silent. And at that night, i digged deeper to the courage section of myself that was burried many years ago.

It was hard. The feeling was new. I was shaking. I was scared. Scared of the words that would wound him. There were moments i wanted to stop myself because he didn't deserve any of it. He was such a nice person. But that was the case, i can't hurt him more. I had to be honest about what i feel than living with a lie and ignoring it. He has a pure heart that would probably melt yours. I can't let him hope for nothing.

But somewhere along the way, the guilt feeling turned into empowerment. I may sound a horrible person, call me selfish, but it's the truth. Empowered because that time, i said something that i was terrified to say. Overcome the fear of confronting one's feelings. And because finally, that very moment, I chose me.
Sandra Macacua Mar 2018
People will betray you.
Some closest to you will leave you.
No one will care about you.
Everything around you will change.

You will cry.
Your heart will be broken.
You will be lost at some point in
your life.
You will fail over and over again.

But then you will wake up one day
and realize that those things happens
to everyone.
And no matter what you go through,
the truth is, life must go on.
You just have to keep moving forward.
If there's a darkness, there's a light too.
Sandra Macacua Mar 2018
Let yourself feel the pain if it exist.

Embrace the grief that way you want it to.

Fall in love deeply, and let your guards down.

Feel the emotions that you are afraid to feel.

It's gonna sting a bit, I won't lie.

But it will make you more human.
Sandra Macacua Jan 2018
she can only
hear the
blaring sound
of guns and bombs
and the
dreadful sound of
thunder and storm
inside her head.

not a single word
came out from her
she stopped screaming
for she can’t hear
herself anymore.
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