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Ogoru Vidrine Jan 27
I never knew I could love so hard until I met you.

I never knew it could hurt so bad until you left me.

I never knew I could go to bed and wake up like I never slept as you were with me in my dreams.

You’re my earthly paradise and I wish never to leave your side.

You’re like an angel sent to coat my flaws with endless perfections.

I walk tall cos you took my outstretched hand but now you’re gone and I wish I’d never met you.
Ogoru Vidrine Jan 27
Pieces by pieces my heart fell Like a broken record.

All I see is an ocean of pure confusion; what’s next is the question on my empty heart.

It’s best melody has been stolen not minding what will be left of it. My life torn into tiny little pieces and rage engulf my thought like a wild fire.

It’s now or never my inner man said. You have to get a different life, don’t ever let yourself get ****** again by wolves you call friends.

Scars remains, a reminder of the past, a reminder of mystery, a constant sign of what’s been done.
Ogoru Vidrine Jan 27
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I have let myself remain hidden without a reason to.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I spend most days thinking of you but never told you how great the thought of you made me feel

I'm sorry
I'm sorry that everytime I pick my phone to call,I put it down Immediately for the fear of never being with you

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being a coward,
I'm sorry for never telling you that I look at your pic and smile before going to bed at night.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for never telling you that I wanna live through this year and beyond holding your hands,laughing with you and forgetting all the burden the world lay before me.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry cos I never told you  I love you.
To Jay my crush

— The End —