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Of These Oceans Oct 2016
i want to turn you down like the volume
watch you fade to black
replaced with something more promising

it’s funny how the things you loved most about a person
can be the same things that make you despise them so many months later

your alluring, elusive charade isn’t enticing
superficial doesn’t even cover your lack of substance
never before had I been fooled
but i somehow don’t regret it
it’s nice to have something simple to believe in sometimes

if i wrote a list of disappointments
your name would be the title
never has falling been more charming

knowing you is like running circles in the sand
now the shore is covered in beautiful, useless patterns
and i am just waiting for the tide to wash them away

I’m glad you didn’t stop for me
but i almost hope you turn around
to see the waves rushing in
Of These Oceans Jun 2014
sometimes my words carry me away
and there is nothing left to do but fall
in a beautiful entanglement
of color
splattered on a ready canvas
undaunted by the wild array
of disastrous beauty-
chaotic portraits
reaching astronomical heights
like the constellations formed with the breath of stars
Of These Oceans Jun 2014
there is something about a door with a lock
that makes me desperate to find the key.

the mystery carries an almost euphoric presence.
it likes to surface occasionally
and tug at the corners of my heart
just enough to remind me of an insatiable thirst
that i didn't realize had lingered.

i couldn't say for sure what it is that draws me in
perhaps it's the hidden secrets
or the complex workings
maybe just the appearance-
the kind that carries a promise
or emits a sense of adventure

and if you couldn't already tell,
i'm not talking about doors anymore.
  Jun 2014 Of These Oceans
Carsyn Smith
I wonder, love, if you see
these stars that hang over me
or if you, so far away,
forget to look up?
My first attempt at a Doditsu poem...
  Jun 2014 Of These Oceans
you call out
"god help us"
in the quietest voice,
and I hear in it a desperation to be heard.
it's the way a mother would die for her child, as if it were no choice at all.
and the same sort of love that it takes
to stand between bullets
and your sister.
it's how a husband will do anything and everything to protect his wife.
it's what matters.
it's the way it should be.
you would lie down your heart to save what it beats for.
and at the the end of the day,
at the end of time,
it will be what saves us all.
Of These Oceans Jun 2014
At the end of the night,
I will bow,
In one swift motion,
As the pressure releases,
Like the beat of a butterfly’s wing
Or it’s gentle heart.

At the end of the night,
I will drift off,
In the ocean of my mind,
Asleep at last,
I free fall through space,
Like a shimmering bubble,
Formed by a child’s breath,
Sent off into the word,
*Careless and free.
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