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  Jul 5 chris
It came in with a
stir and a spark
a flame
so close we were
forced to give
it a name, to
say it ten times
a day but
it didn’t stay
faded away
into the dust,
now only in the
books, replaced
by the next fire
that burned harder
and higher.
We crouch, cuddle,
feed it’s form with
wood, bits of branch
and blood, then
watch it consume us.
  Jul 4 chris
Stained Glass
"---I think...
        that every deep thinker is
            more afraid of being understood
                      than of being misunderstood.---"
  Jul 3 chris
fray narte
my soul is stuck
in old, coastal towns;
a cup of strong coffee in hand;
i can drown in its taste
mixed with my heartbeat running amok.

the sound of the rain
threatens to deform the roof,
as if the midnight sky
was trying
to read her sadness out loud
to the unmarked graves
beyond my ribs;
as if the raindrops
were prison guards
chasing after my soul,
waiting to cage it
back in place.

the broken clock
tells me it's still midnight,
but for all i know,
it may yet be another
sleepless night kinda
monochromatic daybreak

i can no longer tell which is louder —
the storm inside my head
or outside.
aiming for that edgar allan poe vibe
  Jul 3 chris
Gale L Mccoy
this is the life i want to live
I say from the ground
no it isnt
but itll be part of it
to have it to waste and wallow
the time to let myself be swallowed
  Jul 3 chris
e l l
is it possible to erase feelings of inadequacy
by overcompensating productivity
will it silence my self doubt
until exhaustion takes over
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