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Ocean T Apr 24
I lean into God's voice
and catch my breath
at His whisper:

"come back
to your
first love"

My heart pounds
heavily inside
the very structure
He built to contain
His image in me.
These past 2 weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster and in the midst of it all, God reminded that my first love has always been His Son. He shared with me a greater truth: " Jesus took your hand in marriage before any man said he loved you". Jesus is the groom & His bride is the church - a covenant relationship where we become one with Christ
Ocean T Apr 19
some days
i don't feel

and others,
every molecule
of my being
reminds me
i'm alive
Ocean T Jan 30
i'm just trying to figure
e ve r yt hi n g
one-liners are the best kind.
Ocean T Jan 10
i can't help but love—
god has moulded me this way.
Ocean T Jan 6
here i lay,
in the ambiguous sounds
of the early morning

here i lay,
in the drowning mess
of heart-tugging thoughts

here i lay,
in the presence
of the Lord

here i lay,
in the muddled plans
of prices & flights

here i lay,
in the lamp light
of quitened fear

here i lay,
in the nothing
of the everything.
current mood.
Ocean T Dec 2018
my heart can only manage
to love you like this,
not a little,
but with
current mood, no joke.
Ocean T Dec 2018
crushes are crushing,
flings are fleeting,
hook-ups are haunting
yet love is lovely
I'm not incredibly experienced in the dating world, but I definitely have my fair share of moments in pursuing people and coming back to the same conclusion that if it is not love, then is it worth it?
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