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Ocean T Jan 30
i'm just trying to figure
e ve r yt hi n g
one-liners are the best kind.
Ocean T Jan 10
i can't help but love—
god has moulded me this way.
Ocean T Jan 6
here i lay,
in the ambiguous sounds
of the early morning

here i lay,
in the drowning mess
of heart-tugging thoughts

here i lay,
in the presence
of the Lord

here i lay,
in the muddled plans
of prices & flights

here i lay,
in the lamp light
of quitened fear

here i lay,
in the nothing
of the everything.
current mood.
Ocean T Dec 2018
my heart can only manage
to love you like this,
not a little,
but with
current mood, no joke.
Ocean T Dec 2018
crushes are crushing,
flings are fleeting,
hook-ups are haunting
yet love is lovely
I'm not incredibly experienced in the dating world, but I definitely have my fair share of moments in pursuing people and coming back to the same conclusion that if it is not love, then is it worth it?
Ocean T Dec 2018
don't hurry–

stay awhile &
watch the stars
hold me close
sing our song
whisper love

with you,
everything is a little magical.
|this is inspired by my amazing boyfriend who is a gentle, kind, loving godly man that I am in awe of. sorry for the cliches: but real, authentic love is worth waiting for, don't settle for anything less. |
Ocean T Jun 2018
take it from me
isolation isn't a walk on the beach
it's a never-ending trip down memory lane
  where there's blurred lines
between having space
and being lost in the space of a heavy mind
the hardest place to be is alone in your thoughts
there you really are alone
I think we tend to justify hiding away in our own shells as "I need some me time," when really all we're doing is retreating to be by ourselves to wade around in our mind and not let anyone know how we really feel.
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