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11h · 20
Fire to Fly
ibkreator 11h
Lay dream to the heat of a swans pose
a tickled scent to the babies toes
press taste to the breath of a red white fire
a wilt to the wonder on a willows shire

Chase hunger lame to the lions eye
fleshed to the essence of an eagles fly
spit soul to the buzz on heave of hive
a bottlenose swim to an oceans dive
ibkreator 11h
Liberty tasked to a brass bell
feigns dull a **** of consequence
heather wanes wilt oer a rosy death on a winters mete
bellowed ripe to reprise on the thick of natures breach

Hurried flush a hue sat on shire scalp and silken sheath
feather fire to a lucidious claim a flay
ambushed by the echoes martyr
a drench thru brines commence

Set down as thorn on the kreep of ivy
a bit to writ chucks tic to a tocs tail
wapping a wimp to the mustard sail
1d · 19
The Anal Mind
cuts everything to pieces to look thru the whole
an open mind looks whole thru every piece
1d · 163
There is no Hell
but heaven ignored

as man made mind
creates a hell to heaven
or a heaven to hell
2d · 29
Relation Trips
You are not doing
as I expect of you and I feel bad

please could you behave
so I can have a good feeling and blame you
remembered to the birth of time
held to nothing but the play of life

remembered to the warm of day cradled to the skin
no talk of living only laughter and joy
on the lip of adventure and discovery

remembered to the excitement of friendship
created to the star and hero on the sword of imagination
neath the flight of a dream

remembered to the glow of nurture
breathed to the skip and run of little feet on earths foothold
as the close of a hug to the beat of love
holds charge on the heat of a body not being
to that there you could be found by the hide of seek

remembered to the belt of a star to eve
as you make the first move on the kiss of sunlight
and touch soul to the flesh of sleeps fade
into the light of nights close

remembered to the rush of blood desire
thru the pound of a vein slipping its teeth
across the make of your naked pure

remembered to the sip of a body
thru the arc of a rainbows melt
as the ray of charge bursts open on the blister of sun
and drips to the earth of ground through the light of dust

remembered to the burn of life
held tight to the hunt of scent
gifting a rise on the black of slow heat
as the pelt of wolves prime escapes
to the prey on a red white snow

remembered to the last of kings and queens
answered to the truth of gravity
swept over the infinite mind on the lift of light
to the hand that one be hold
2d · 50
The Souls Keep
how we do not know
until the character life steps into play

how we do not move
until the whisper of thought helps you to your feet

how we do not breath
until the press of air takes you on its wing

how we do not live
until the wave of emotion shapes space to your skin

how we do not love
until desire sits you on its tongue to taste

how we do not be
until the souls keep puts light to the shadows face
2d · 48
The Living Word
and expect not to go hungry first

you be well and all be's well
u be food to lack
and you be eaten to death alive
as you don't wish anything bad
happen your mind
be best you shine not s**t on it
as you don't press against the souls fire
and let the sun have its way with you
Hull muzzled to the aftermath
seep admiration
on the shoulder of shoulders
hoisted to the chain of charge

a wave on  repute at natures satin urge
squanders to the hackles hapsake
bawled tinder to the twine on twig
spun broad on the crack of a thunderous retreat

Hallow grapple clutched to the black and blue ruts tail
up sway of a brigands blighty eye
suckles cheat to the sweet
a wish on the whip at the morsel bare to the heirs keep
malignant to disparency bravo bound
on a turpent tines twiddle twaddle

best be's best now all's arrrested
on the razor tongue be cuts requested
best be's all a flap on shire
due haste be riddled to require
5d · 70
Showing Up
full responsibility
for how others treat you

this you can control
that you can not
be made to choice given
or create one to have
Look here get this
Look there get that
Look at it and it looks you back
Look for it and it looks you blind

that everything you see
you had to put it there to find
Oct 17 · 103
The Death Thing
ibkreator Oct 17
a life not enough
means the lesser of death take its place
Oct 17 · 34
Tune Up
ibkreator Oct 17
a truth in tune
knocks everything that isn't out
Oct 16 · 33
ibkreator Oct 16
I put pain
where I think it hurts
the same place I put my wellness
Oct 15 · 38
To the Right
ibkreator Oct 15
Be the feeling
of an answer

the urgency
of a question
Oct 15 · 38
The Thought Alone
ibkreator Oct 15
the pursuit
of life

thru thought

is like following
a scent

to find
your nose
Oct 15 · 44
ibkreator Oct 15
Is a
way back

to who
really are
Oct 14 · 100
Changing the Past
ibkreator Oct 14
the wave of thought calls life
to the memory of a body in heat yet to forgot
dis charges its stigmatic pulse across the
surface of inequity and settlement

we are the spoilt ones spelt in the river of renewal
repute and delivered to the lot of time
as purse of mercy be re acquainted to divine
and the lesser more offers soul in service off hand
to near the miss of a drawn out sand
Oct 14 · 133
I Am You
ibkreator Oct 14
as a picture of me in your mind
Oct 9 · 94
ibkreator Oct 9
At first I could see
that felt like me
was the child with no eyes

at first I could hear
that smelt of me
was the throw of blindness

at first I could taste
that touched to me
was the food of imagination
Oct 8 · 20
Take leave stranger
ibkreator Oct 8
we have not left of you
but the the wit of life
made way on the inner voice of silent speak
spoke as flesh into this resonant body
sung into being by the minds lament on the tongue of tongues

no other ye be born to here in the spin of eye
no sight no blood no life to gift
as that first dies in the living of creation
buried in the hopes of prophecy and self
scented oer the trunk of the open heart
on souls stay as gone isn't long now
and rich be's the fruit of fear
loved unto its truth
Oct 8 · 33
Life Says Hi
Oct 5 · 156
The Last Kind
ibkreator Oct 5
Imagine you as dead as life can be
to a world cast in the living providence
of life's memorial

imagine the slow stone of wake
spin and split in its silent forever
oer your majestic body of ash and clay
faithful to the wild fire burn of suns melt
into the mould of soul

imagine the harness of all time being
bend its dream to angelic press and taste on the take of all
as the wave of perfect love birth with the fill of stillness
breaks the shadow of its own light

imagine the nakedness of child
spoken into its speak of never
and the only there is and always will
be comes
to no end be its last
to no last be its end
ibkreator Oct 5
as its culture creates on demand

belief is the condition
the cure keeps looking for
ibkreator Oct 5
once you've thought about it

catch it in the feeling below the kneck
before it reaches into your minds eye
your mood is the magnet to all thought realised
Oct 5 · 31
Thought incorporated
ibkreator Oct 5
i can not tell of that it means
to care not that you think of me
i have and come to understand
that you be not that be's i am

and in that way i let you be
to that you are not that it seems
as you be made to that you think
and i be writ not to your ink
ibkreator Oct 2
but you alone

give up that two way story line
and fall the all self deeply into your precious harmonic
and live the loving heart you never lost
to the bust of time
ibkreator Oct 2
take an after taste

thought comes to your mood
and then that you think shows up
Sep 30 · 40
The Heel of the Heart
Sep 30 · 52
A Roundabout Reality
ibkreator Sep 30
A lot of energy
is taking up remembering creation
and creating to that memory
nothing new

as you become more
its not the more you were
its the more you choose to become
Sep 30 · 54
The last be's first
Sep 30 · 65
Love bends no rules
ibkreator Sep 30
to mend a broken heart
but tender is her beauty rare
as she fails you into her dark of nite
Sep 29 · 183
The Begger's Banquet
ibkreator Sep 29
We be given to you
a will in ancient way
slept to the memory of open mind
in the rush and temper of tongue and fire
we dwell in the heat of a white wolves cry
as lamb be's birth brazen and naked on the spit of life

gentle eyes pierce the sky within the fold of skin
collected to sight on the razor sharp ray of sun
coloured to the souls velvet underground
brittle to the bones burn
no turning away in the no return
Sep 29 · 99
A Slow Cooker
ibkreator Sep 29
be soft to the touch
and life will be tender on its body
ibkreator Sep 29
without turning it into an enemy to **** again

the enemy isn't that man is
its that man makes it to be
Sep 29 · 53
When your time comes
ibkreator Sep 29
you will not be leaving
you will be coming
Sep 28 · 16
Miss Carried
ibkreator Sep 28
We will carry you home
as life carried you first
We will break the bone
of love over the crack of your spine
and save your oceans deep
as life weeps its way to our shore
we will suffer the children's sleep
bled to the heart of a mothers mourn
still born to the soul ***** of its own birth
ripened in the cradle of a rest once more
Sep 28 · 152
A Reapers Reel
ibkreator Sep 28
Slip thru the eye and take a look
the world is serving up its book
as tempered be to mare at hand
in luck of might and reprimand

so gentle on the freedom wheel
is life here tuning thrice its seal
to ones own point of pole and peel
a flicker on the reapers reel
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