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Juan Cahue Jul 2014
It's scary; not your typical Webster's definition of the term but more or less a synonym of fear.
Falling in love; knowing that you're devoted to making another human being happy and what they make you feel is identical, it's clear.
It isn't always good. Sometimes it doesn't work out according to the blueprints, there's bumps in the road, but you choose to remain in that lane.
But it also isn't always necessarily bad. There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing you're the source of someone else's joy, helping relieve at least some of their pain.
Honestly though, who can tell you for a fact that they don't experience emotions? No one.
It's just a matter of picking the right person to sit through the highs and the lows, the fights and the woes that are directly related to being in love with someone.
Juan Cahue Jun 2014
We may bump heads a lot
We may not always agree
But whether we're on the same page or not
There's something I want to set free.
You may be short tempered
You may always get mad
There's great memories to remember
Whether good or bad.
You're my dad and my role model
I strive to be half the man you are
From the days when you fed me my bottle
To today when we've both come so far.
You're the best dad that I could've asked for
Even though it may not always show
I'm eternally grateful and therefore
I wrote you this just to let you know.
It's the 20th time we're together
And I'm blessed to have lived one more year
You're the only person who can fill me with anger
And then make me smile from ear to ear.
So on this day that belongs to all fathers
There one thing that I just wanna say
I love you for all that you've done
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Wrote this for my pops on Father's Day a year ago.
Juan Cahue May 2014
I miss the the days when we were just "talking".

The days when you felt butterflies every time you spoke to me.

The times when you sent me the cutest messages without the slightest of difficulties.

Back when you smiled up a storm every time you saw me headed in your direction.

Back when we understood everything without the concern for a misconception.

But the honeymoon phase is over and we're no longer just "talking".
Things were so much easier in the beginning. Maybe I'm just new to this. Maybe I'm the only one. I doubt it.
  May 2014 Juan Cahue
Doy A
Roll the windows down
Because it's getting harder to breathe
With your mouth on my neck
And my hips on yours

Roll the windows down
Because it's fogging up now
And it's getting harder to see
Who's coming our way

Roll the windows down
So they can hear me scream
As you push me down
And I pull you in

I live for these stolen nights
With your arms, strong, around me
And your kisses, hungry, to feed me
Your voice, ecstasy, to calm me

But daylight is coming
It's too soon, I know.

We have to roll the windows up
I can't let them see me
In this stranger's car
Juan Cahue May 2014
Dwelling on the past, it went so swift it was so fast. A few years of my life but together we didn't last. Simple reminder that nothing is forever and nothing is set in stone that things can just change whenever. Expect the unexpected, live life in the moment. And if the time is now then best believe you gotta own it. See I was blind in the beginning, it was hard for me to see straight. That what I needed to find love was right in my face. But I ignored it and your feelings went away, should've known you wouldn't wait around and that your feelings would just fade. 365 multiplied by a third of 9, that's 3 years of your time that you combined along with mine. No label, no tag, not official just for fun, what we had wasn't stationary it was on the run. It came and went,  it was free, had its own set of wings. All of a sudden I could see and it was just a mess of things. We got through it like an obstacle, cause our love was too logical for senseless issues to interrupt and make it all fall apart. We shared a heart it was just one, but our time was nearly done. Cause we weren't destined to succeed as it had originally begun. The plans and memories we made, the times we spent were all erased. And now we're trying to be friends but it just isn't quite the same. I was too late, my train had left and all my feelings were in vain. You put the sentiments aside and I was afflicted with pain. Now every time I hear your name it hurts to even reminisce, about the days we were in love that I have now began to miss.
Clever mix of clich├ęs and original lines.
Juan Cahue May 2014

Starts with a motive.
Utter attempts to pave the road that you're roaming.
Calls that you make to create a life from a moment.
Chances that you take so you can live another morning.
Energy consumed that will result from all the torment.
Surprises down the stretch that will teach you to keep performing.
Stops when you feel you've done enough to feel comforting.

Success is what you make it.
Juan Cahue May 2014
I'm here in this position, my heart is pierced, my thoughts are fierce and there's no one to listen. Cause you're not here, I speak in vain, it's a constant demolition. I still feel torn, I still feel worn, I'm still in this condition. You chose to do this. But who's to blame? Not you or me, it wasn't our decision. The time was wrong, it didn't last, and now it has me thinking: Is love for me? Is there a learner's fee? I'm done with all this wishing. My time is up, I've spilled my cup and my feelings are slowly dripping... Away from you, away from me, away from all captivity. Alone they spread, to get ahead, for all they need is liberty.
This was written in August of 2013 talking about an old situation I was in a few years back.
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