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NZ Oct 2010
The truth, it an ugly
thing. It runs around,
keeping the truth away
from you. You can never
get to it no matter what.
Slowly it drives you
insane you can't stop
thinking about. What
is it holding... Then one
day the truth is yours
and it only makes
your life worse.
Because I had learned
the truth...

The truth is ugly.
NZ Sep 2010
Time, time, time
I'm sick of time lets
run around for the
fun it. I'm sick of
hearing "We have no
time." What would
people do with nothing
to tell time with? "Tell
NZ Sep 2010
In first grade, I learned the turth. And to make it worse I had no friends to share it with because a secret because a secret is not for 1 and not for 3 it only is for 2.

In second grade, I meet ME a girl like me. I think that life could not better but then...

In third grade, I learn that life is not for fun for poeple like me, and ME...

In forth grade, I learn to love my life to its fullest...

In fifth grade, life is as great as it can be for poeple like me and ME...

                                                             SO I LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST !!!!!!!
NZ Aug 2010
Last week...
You told me a
story. That is
a story that
made me
think again.
At that moment
I could only
turn around
so I walked away
my love.
NZ Aug 2010
Who am I? Am I the girl
you knew since
kindergarden? Or the
girl next door? Or the
girl that knows all? Or
the girl that reads all the
time? Or that girl that is
playing a guitar all the
time? Who am I? Do you
NZ Aug 2010
One day after school
on the way home I saw
"Egypt" over the months
my friends and I made
Egypt better. One day
we lost Egypt forever.
And that was the end
of our  fun with Egypt,
but then we became
NZ Aug 2010
Our story is story
that is everlasting
story that will last
forever. Our love
is a love that will
never end. We are
like the ying and
yang of love. My
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