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Nyaituga Apr 5
You've haunted the skies above me for far too long
At last, you're floating away
Every trace of you is turning to
A shade of gold at sunset
I sit, sigh and smile awhile
Watching the day become dusk
I bid the light "adieu"
Knowing that this is true:
What we had is dead and gone
I live to love another day
Escapril - Day 4
Nyaituga Apr 4
A womb, holding grief where life should have been
A tomb, holding life where death should have been
Both tell of love, of sorrow and surrender
A mother and my Saviour, so similar in nature
Escapril - Day 3
Nyaituga Apr 3
Somewhere in between the dying and the rising, there is rest
Somewhere in between Good Friday and that Sunday, there is silence
We sit and wait with bittersweet hope, shrouded in uncertainty
Will He really do what He said He would do? Time will have to tell.
Escapril - Day 2
Nyaituga Apr 3
Whatever it is, it must be me
No matter how the story goes,
I am the victim, I am the villain
It's me

The best, the worst
The first, the last
It's me

The highest or the lowest
The greatest or the least
It's me, always me
Escapril - Day 1
Nyaituga Mar 23
it's time to surrender whatever "should" be and make peace with whatever simply "is"
Nyaituga Nov 2020
They keep slipping in and out of orbit
Your world and mine
I can't help but hope that they collide
Yet, if they don't, I'll be just fine
Nyaituga Aug 2020
Your penchant for solitude won't make you strong
Your sanctum's a prison. Pick the lock, break out.
The world isn’t quite as scary as you think
Brutal – no doubt – but beautiful too
Take a look, I promise, it won’t **** you.
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