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Nyaituga Jul 21
I liked you better at a distance
from far away, you seemed shiny
up close, you're too much like me
human, fickle and frail
Nyaituga Jul 15
it sounds like a gasp from a child lost in thought
a gleeful chuckle, a sigh of realisation
a cog clicked into place
a gear shift
a whirring engine
a trajectory forever changed
Nyaituga Apr 11
she hasn't left her room in a while
she's isn't returning my calls
she's looking pale, thin and sickly
something isn't right

she's been out and about, non-stop, day and night
she's constantly giving her all
she's looking wired, wild and lively
something isn't right
Escapril - Day 10
Nyaituga Apr 8
grow, bloom, wither and die
die, grow, bloom and wither
wither, die, grow and bloom
bloom, wither, die and grow
Escapril - Day 8
Nyaituga Apr 7
Every time she packs her bags
Or hits the road
Or takes her flight
A piece of garment falls away
Her soul stripped of its clothing

Before too long, it's all revealed
The skin that lies deep down beneath
Her job, her home, her treasures and titles
Beneath what she owns
Beneath what she knows

And so, she goes
From place to place
Traversing the earth
The same way she entered it
Escapril - Day 7
Nyaituga Apr 7
My God, do I love silence
Solitude, my bliss
The peace of being alone in a room is
Is sweeter than most things
Escapril - Day 6
Nyaituga Apr 6
Playing tennis against the wall, outside
Sleepovers in the backyard
Trampoline parties
Listening to Scissor Sisters in class
On Friday afternoons
"I don't feel like dancing"

Running laps around the oval, every morning
Flailing in the water, every arvo, **** near drowning
Learning high school musical tunes because you wanted me to
You made stir fry with pinapple, chicken, a side of juice

I remember your beauty mark, right on your cheek
Full lips, brown eyes, thick curly hair ******* in a pony tail with ringlets at the end
I remember your handwriting
And I remember your taste in music
Because I took both and made them my own

Here's what I remember: you.
Escapril - Day 5
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