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Nyah Jan 2018
Currently waiting inside the car
while my tummy's state at war
I lean with abstractions in my mind
Purely and briefly outlined

As I take my pen
Jotting the essence of writing
That ought to be spoken
Me with my head chock-full of sighting

Take one step at a time
Collect your thoughts
Thinking about its prime
Like untying the holding knots

May grapple at first
But the creative process
Can make it all together unforced
As though you're learning to put them all on paper professed

Writing takes you to another place
In a way that prose can never do
The struggle of putting it all together
Very well to put together here
its been so long since the last time i write a poem. i needed to make one today because for our homework in lit and topic was about writing process. should i continue writing poems or nah?
  Oct 2015 Nyah
i can't love you.

i'm already in love with
someone else's words.
Nyah Oct 2015
A cake I wont forget
Bought you without regret
Regretting not even my own breath
Everyone's favorite, red velvet

Mesmerized by your taste
Eating you without haste
Scrumptious in every aspect
Why are you so perfect

Every bite I make, happiness overflows
But doubting, "why sadness follows?"
Midway until the very last bite
A love of my life notice you in sight

As she walks towards you
Grabs you and there's nothing I can do
Oh red velvet, you're worth every dime
Everyone's favorite, until next time
  Oct 2015 Nyah
The pills didn't work
Useless anestheticĀ 
To this raging storm inside me

Each and everyday passes by
I fake a smile to the world

No one ever knows
Underneath my smile
Is my broken heart

I had reached a breaking point
The crystals streamed down my cheeks
I screamed, I shouted, I yelled



I can hear them in a whisper
Yet they can't hear me screaming

Tick tock goes the clock
Waiting in the amber of darkness
Embraced only by the lonely night's breezeĀ 
Facing my daunting life's misery


A voice kept playing in my head
Repeating the same words
Over and over and over

As I see
A light at the end of the tunnel
A ray of hope

For in this very moment
I only have me
Only me

I have to fight
No! I must fight

This is my life, my match, my war
If there is only one winner
It will be me!

This game of mine
I am going to blow it up

As only I and I alone
Can paint a future that I truly deserve
Never give up in life..
Try to fight the negative vibes around us..
And shine.. ;)

*this poem related to my poem 'Depression'
  Sep 2015 Nyah
Bathabile Beey Modiba
i have too many scars on my back.
...from all the knives people have stuck in it.
Nyah Sep 2015
Getting hurt is inevitable
Also is an obnoxious feeling that no one can't resist
Some people would rather feel nothing at all
Wishing love didn't exist

Why don't they love us back?
Leaving us false hope
It gives us a heart ache
Like tying ourselves in a strong rope

Why look for something when right one's in front of you?
Loving them makes our life complete
They make our life out of the blue
That no one can't compete

We may feel weak at first because of suffering
But one day, we'll gonna learn lessons by recovering

— The End —