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Lifeless Mortal Oct 2018
Your texts became fewer and fewer,

in person we never talked,

I tried, but it was never quite the same

to my weak heart, I give the blame.

Eventually I became like a ghost,

unseen, unheard, unknown.

It was not until then that I realized,

I have lost the person that I care for the most.
Lifeless Mortal Sep 2018
Like a fairytale
We are the plot of the story
It's just dreaming

Like a game
We are never in the real world
Being played by others

Like a picture
Everything seems shallow
In short memories

Like a song
Our emotions are being written
But we know what's real

We are just running in circles
In a world with no truth
The wicked smiles
Envy, resentments, and grudges are everywhere
This world wastes you away

Everyday I wonder
If I could escape with you
To get a life for happy end

— The End —