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It's like I missed the alarm,
So I'm trapped here dreamin',
Whole time screamin',
Trying hard to stop believin',

Clenched a fist in my hand,
So hard that I thought I'd grow wings,
Lot of pressure in my veins,
But I can't feel a thing.

Took my body on the edge,
Took myself up in a pledge,
When the time that I'd go down,
I'd bring all that brought me down.

Our body-
Is like a bunch of cigarettes;
With the filters on our fingertips.
You might think its gonna start at the ends.
Truth is,
It's gonna start from the inside.
And the fire is lit from your heart.

You were known as a man of few words,

Yet you spoke of a thousand advice,

You held in all the pain,

So no one can hear your cries.

It's never my intention to argue with you,

I grew up knowing more of the ill toungue,

Been taught to detest;debate and prove myself right,

Since I was very young.

I wasn't there most of the time,

But don't mistook me for seeking freedom,

Such are not within my wish,

All that was so you can be there with them.

You left-

My dream is now broken.

Its all for the love,

That I might never have shown.

In my prayers and our memories,

Is where you stay,

Because Goodbye,

Is something I could never say.

Forgive me for not being able to be who you wished me to be.
I love you dad.
I'm all torn,

With no more reason to go on,

I've just lost,

All the will to survive,

Since you've walk away,

Out of my life,

This is too much.

You've sworn,

That you'd never be gone,

You've crossed,

All the trust that I have,

I couldn't see a day,

In my life,

Without your touch.

Just wait where you stand,

Don't you wanna see what I've planned?

I know I should stay away from rhymes, but it'd be a waste not to try, the hardest part wasn't connecting the words and the message or matching the rhymes, but actually a title for it. Anyone can suggest me the title for it? you can comment or message me here :)
there is this boy whom I once knew
he craved my heart butterflies tattoo

whenever we kissed,
those butterflies flew

but as cold as snow,
he left me blue

yet in the mention of his name,
those butterflies still fly too
the act of
restraining self
from the hunger
of your sweet kisses
and the thirst
of your soothing touch
Being away helps me forget,

Helps me lift the pain,

Helps lighten the worry.

Time would go faster,

Till it'll only just be a memory,

And the memory will fade,

Just like that.

But I don't want to forget.

look at my new heart
he sewn so beautifully
and I wear proudly
cause it makes my smile glows
and the blue sky follows
the birds hum our love song
like nothing ever went wrong
She is one of those dreams,
Where you're half awake,
And you're not sure if you're dreaming;
Or if it's real.

Even if it's just a dream,
I wouldn't even try to wake up,
Because this version of reality is much better;
Than what we've actually been.

Scary as I might get fully awake,
I would prefer falling even further.
I couldn't help myself;
But to chase this paralytic state.

Her voice began as whispers to the people's soul,
And quickly grew to a crescendo of battle cry for the fighting spirits.
She raised her hands and say "We are not the ones who are weak today",
With thunder-like roar stood the soldiers of today.

Spears came down like rain to the battlefield,
With only shields on their arms as their salvation.
War horses came charging in the front line,
Breaking down all means of defense from the front.

Those spears are not spears,
But words that society has poured upon them,
Those horses are horses,
But judgmental peers pressured their very existence.

While she is just one person,
Just a little voice in the midst of the dying world,
"Live life as if it was your last" She chanted,
Was enough as an inspiration to keep on going,

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