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NotMyRealName May 2015
Fling yourself at his feet and leave your fate in his sole grey eye
His tree was of the world
but his secrets were his alone    
He wasn't an All Father
His wine was spiced with blood    
Men know the price of madness
but what of boys
Left to shape their bodies in the forge
For some, there had been no hammer
Except the one they held      
No water to cool their molten steel
Except for the well they found
But the fire was fed all day long      
Liquid metal writing on the surface spilling into one shape and out of another
Over and over
No weapon can forge itself
But **** it
I'll try
NotMyRealName Apr 2015
Stutter your fingers      
over my body of badly tuned keys
The outside may be pretty
But darling,
it's a mess on the inside of me
NotMyRealName Apr 2015
Dew drops sing a silent requiem for the night that passed  
but I don't want the day to take you the same way it takes the morning moisture
NotMyRealName Apr 2015
My great grandfather had a saying
That he would whisper to his children late in the evening
He would tell his boys
In no uncertain terms
That if by first light
If all was not right
To harness their horse
And ride away
A shade in the night
But for the curses he whispered
In response to the poker
Held by his wife
That would inevitably
Make fast friends with his face
My great grandmother was not a very pleasent woman.
NotMyRealName Mar 2015
Don't tell me there's no hell              
I've felt its heat on my neck    
The tongue of a long lost lover
Her immortal delight is to impart the dystopic truths she's learnt of the world
She told me that my blood tasted of citrus fruits
and iron
and rain
She whispered that everyone had their own flavour of pain
So why resist my dear, drink up
find your poison and drown in it
You don't need to hide it from me
I want my flames to caress your skin
I want to see you burn
It's an intimate little sin
but don't worry sweetness
Soon I'll help you pass that sin
Watch the flames spread from person
to person
to person
Then you won't have to hide it at all  Everyone will be in your own personal hell  
Then you'll know that the flames you've felt at your neck all this time weren't the promise of some place deep underground
It's a cage
Constructed with great pain
Occupying your cranium
NotMyRealName Mar 2015
Through the filter of memory
The unreliable projector
I couldn't see a thing in that alley
But you hit me true
Left your bruise
I recall living in a place like this
Among skyscrapers made of  garbage with the floor painted a pleasent ***** green
where the psychopaths roam
Where do you come from?    
Well lit corridors and wide open spaces?            
Fed, washed and clothes clean
in front of the TV and bundled up warm ?  
Didn't you shiver
when those teeth came closer  ?
Did you see the late night screening
of flies on the ceiling?    
Did you have dinner with your mother and father  ?
Get a pat on the head
when your nose started bleeding?
Fist fights and *****
or homework in the evening?
Give me your story
Make it ******* gory
First poem. Feel free to comment and let me know where I can improve

— The End —