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Do you want me there, every time you turn over in bed, every room you walk out of and into, in your spot on the sofa, with your remote in my hand?
Do you need a minute?
I'm not sure why people do that, I'm not sure why I want that, if I want that.
Am I being selfish, not wanting to share my space?
But also wanting to share my space.
You invade it, slide into it, spill over my rough edges and then I notice you there, how long have you been there?
I'll share my morning hair, coffee breath and bad singing because I've decided missing you is worse.
but.. not everyone is on the same page at the same time. Timing is everything and I don't own a watch.
I'm all loved up,
By sweet promises,
And electric kisses.

Shared breaths and secrets,
Infuse our passion.
Whispered caresses,
Turn violet to soft lilac.

Saccharine desire,
And uncensored laughter,
Harmonise our rhythmic heartbeats.

We rise and fall,
Like undulating waves,
Chasing the wind.

We crash and burn,
Like the forest on fire,
Painting the sky.
We often ponder past emotions once felt for the same reason we re-read old books or listen to the same song over and over again.
To feel the utter sense of comfort in words of the familiar even though we have known the painful end before and each time leaves us in heartache, we cling to things our hearts have known before.
I asked myself
what is your biggest fear?
I heard myself reply
my biggest fear is
to be deeply known
but not loved deeply

— The End —