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Who Oct 2018
The air is filled
with smoke
I choke
I gasp to escape it
And yet I light another cigarette
Why do we do that which we hate the result of and love to do it
Who Oct 2018
Blades can't be dull
Bullets can't be slow
One in the skull
and one in the wrist

Maybe a noose,
can't be too loose
Maybe a building,
tall enough to not feel it

Too bad
my body is stronger than my mind
I might've done it one of these days
but if I fail, it could go one of two ways
I try again tomorrow or I get caught
hello counseling.
Talking about **** people hate is kind of my specialty

In the words of the wise and all knowing eight year old Roblox players, oof.
Who Feb 2018
I got my first tattoo
It's small and on my foot
It's sloppy like my life
And doesn't look that good

But it's not actually my first tattoo
That in fact was you
Not something anyone could see
Painted in me when you knew me
But I had it removed years ago. It was expensive. But worth it.
Who Jan 2018
Tear it down, build it up
All I need is to stay on your good side

Manipulate, articulate
Lies to repair any fight.
I lie more than I tell the truth, and honestly I am okay with it.

Wrote this about 2 weeks ago...
Who Jan 2018
A slice,
Through this.
Our relationship.
Not my wrists.

I am going to end it.
This is my last goodbye,
To you.

The rest of the world will still know me. Just I hope I never see you.
Who Jan 2018
Our history is like a sheet of glass, shattered to pieces.
It's now millions of shards
And picking them up is hard

But it's even harder
To put that sheet back together
Because no matter how much glue you use,
At any moment it could shatter.

Who Jan 2018
W h a t   t h e   *******

Who says that stuff to someone when they have work the next day...

And yet its still the best **** conversation I've had in a while because everybody is fake these days and you kept **** real
There's still a lot to say tbh but whatcha gonna do
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