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nsw Jan 5
Pain only develops if you let it. People only hurt you if you let them. Your mind is so powerful that you are capable of never being in pain again, think about it.
nsw Jan 5
Everything is rooted from your mind.
Everything is rooted from your mind.
Everything is rooted from your mind.
nsw Jan 5
Years ago, if you told me that I would still be alive here today in 2021, I would not believe you. The rough patches of my past had taken over me many times, but if you sat here with me today, and told me that I would be okay, I would not believe you. If you told me how confident, loving, and happy I am today, I would not believe you. I was so stuck in my mind that I never let myself feel properly. I ran away from my thoughts, so if you told me today that I have healthy coping mechanisms and if you told me that I would be thriving today, I would not believe you at all. But guess what?

It's true.
nsw Jan 5
This year is full of constant changes. New feelings and experiences, I will get hurt and I will be happy, it is life and I realize that. I forgive myself for my mistakes of this past year, and I forgive those who have hurt me as well. This new year will be fresh, and without any grudges, I am releasing my past from my mind. I am proud of the person that I have become, and I am ready to move on without any mental damages, and any shackled conversations or uncomfortable feelings. I know what I deserve and I will get what I deserve. This year forward, everything is about me, and only me. My future, my joy. Affirmations.
nsw Jan 5
I gave 9 months to you.
You led me on, told me you wanted to be with me, and all of that was a lie.
The worst part of it all was that I had to pull your true feelings out of you.
You were someone I really trusted, and really loved
It hurts to look back and relive our memories, and realize that half the times we were even together, you felt unsure about me.
It hurts to hear that you already moved on a couple of days after we were done.
It hurts to know that you are completely happy without me, and that I did not even leave any dent in your life.
It hurts to feel like I was so useless to you, and that you could not even reassure me otherwise.
It hurts, because I expected so much out of you.
You acted like you were such a grown man, who is a great communicator, but in reality..
You're one of the most childish mentality than I've ever met in a person.
nsw Jan 5
Lots of time has passed..
My mind has become clear
I feel refreshed and energized
But one thing that stays in my mind daily
Is how untrustworthy everyone is
How others can love you to your face
But be plotting behind your back
The ones you are closest to,
Hurt you the deepest

I've come to the realization that I found myself, and I can only trust myself. Everyone is on their own journey, with every man to himself, so who am I to expect they'll treat me with same respect?
nsw Jan 5
I want to be loved in the way my daddy loved my mom.
I want to be loved in a way where I won't ever have to question your feelings.
I want to be appreciated in a way where I truly feel appreciated.
I want to be appreciated in a way where it benefits the both of us, no matter our relationship.
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