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Emotions are just like flowers;
They need to see the day, the night, the rain,
So they can learn to evolve, to adapt, to grow.

Otherwise they would die in a minute
Not knowing how to react to the outside  vibrant environment.

Once faced with emotions again,
They will **** you.
I felt crushed
Talked about what hurt me
That's when I felt my pieces
Singing, playing as hard as they could
They started vibrating, itching; wanting to be the lead singer on stage.
I understood their need to take the brain's spot,
They never get much audience I suppose

From the wonderful
Support and applause they got
I've decided to let them show their rhythm more often.
After all, we should listen to the melody our hearts make-
To everything that contains the original energy of joy.

You may think I am insane
Saying that there's joy in crying
**** girl, you look so beautiful
Not beliving in yourself because of some goddamm fool.
Not seeing your worth because
Someone else didn't see it.
It looks so beautiful to me;
You cied so much
Because you loved that much
And there's not a greater joy than that.

The pieces of my heart
Create a rock band
And they have finally gathered the confidence to release a new album.
The world, get prepeared!
I almost feel like when you hear the end of your favourite song;
Exciting, soulful, time stopping, pure, enjoyable and calming moment.
Somehow I can feel the iron in my veins
starting to attract my whole beeing, my now.
The body; can't help it, gets pulled in.
My heart becomes the world, ready to be inhabited by blinded, unexplainable feelings.
Will you be a specimen and land on it?
Oh dear,
This became a chaos I fear
Even the summer sky doesn't appear as clear
All I can think about is how you aren't near
My sad summer sky shed a deadly methane tear
From the toxic emotions that you made appear
This is the end to my loving career.

Don't you **** worry my dear,
I guess everything can be fixed with little too much beer.
When you throw a paper sheet in the sea
It always reaches land again, no matter what it has been through.
I, the paper sheet cannot wait to reach you again my love.
Counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks.
You are my shore, my protector, my land.
Even the hope of seeing your sparkling like crystals, salty eyes
makes the journey around this stormy sea pleasant.
Gives it purpose.
Even if I crumbled, my letters got destroyed from the wicked waves;
Will you pick me up, take care of me, adore my wrinkled looks?
  Feb 2019 Eleonora Anakieva
The moment someone knows me
The moment someone sees
I exist
I am present
I am back to being me

And so I go where noone knows me
To where I'm openly not seen
To not exist for a few hours
Is such a blessing
Not to be
The January Lasts

It's not about non-existence. It's about getting away from the self without reset. It's about being... Refreshed. And we all do that differently.
The feeling of solitude.
Take a deep breath and try to explain it to me.
That's when I will feel a connection with you.
Funny isn't it; how loners connect.
The moment we detach ourselves
We release the highest amount of energy.
Similar to splitting the atom.
The imact that led to separation:
Thank you!
You introduced me to my best friend-myself.
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