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  Jan 2017 Roman Four
Mike Essig
Be humble, you
are mortal flesh.
Be noble, you
own a brave heart.
Be joyful, you
have tasted the
sweetness of love.
Enjoy your life,
it is the vessel
that contains
these wonders.
tell me
*why were you crying?
my passion is for you.
It's for everything you are.
Your eyes
your hair
your smile
your personality.
My loyalties remain to you.
I will not let you down.
My queen, worth a thousand moons.
I love to tell you I love you.
It soothes my soul.
See, you aren't like many,
you have morality.
You gave your everything.
it got my love.
I want you by my side forever.
You mean that much.
Without you, my life would be anarchy.
you bring peace and order to my desires,
you keep them in check.
I love you baby,
i hope you know.
I can't live without you.
I can't breathe.
I can't see.
Without you.
My angel from the sky.
Unmatched beauty.
Unmatched personality.
The perfect match.
for me
  Jan 2017 Roman Four
I love you, said the boy
Watching his brothers nap
I love you, said the girl
Rocking her pup on her lap
I love you, said the movie
That two people watched for kicks
I love you, said the man
As he gently kissed her lips
I love you, said the woman
While she nibbled on his ears
I love you, said the father
Giving his daughter away in tears
I love you, said the dad
To his newborn baby girl
I love you, said the mom
Who had all the love in the world
  Jan 2017 Roman Four
Trust me baby,
it'll be over soon.
I promise to you,
for, my darling, I swoon.
Just think of us
together at last,
to help you through
the rough days past.
The time to come
seems so far away, because
I want you in my arms
forever to stay.
My girl, my world
I'm here for you.
I will never get over
my sparkling view.
Your eyes, they shine
like the moon and the stars,
Showing deep lasting love
that is rightfully ours.
They show me the light,
the everlasting thrill,
For I love you my dear
and forever I will.
If you ever forget
just look to the moon,
because baby, don't fret,
it shall be over soon.
Just a cheesy love poem
I forgot how fun these were to write ^-^
(Disclaimer: this isn't about anyone-I just wanted to write it haha)
  Jan 2017 Roman Four
Playing my guitar
the music entangles
in the room around me

Music I try
to spread to you
but it never seems
to reach

This musical bubble
has not been popped
though sometimes I feel
it should be

To stop and think
thinking is usually
bad, yet here
it gives me hope

I think of the saying
I said long ago
to someone who has
a special place
in my heart

I believe in this treasure
because its what
keeps my bubble
from popping

Seven beats
Seven measures
Seven notes
Seven words

Believe in yourself
Believe in who you are
You are you, for a reason

Know you can overcome,
surpass this time
of hardship and darkness

You have the strength
You have the support
to continue forward.

I believe in all of you,
though that may not mean much,
It's the best I can do
for now

I will continue to play my guitar
For you, my friends.
All I can do,
is surround you with
my music.

What I need you to do?
*Don't let the Music within you Fade.
Based upon a poem from a few months ago
Though, this poem reaches to three, rather than one, it still clings to the special meaning it held so long ago.
The structure isn't the best,
but the message is pointed across well i hope.

I'm sorry.
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