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49.2k · Jun 2015
Youth day (June 16, 1976)
So many of us sit, think and still
But have we ever gave ourselves the chance to ask?
Well no!
We just rejoice and find oursleves
floating on cloud nine because
"it is just another public holiday"

So many of us have cherished this day,
as a day of drinking, parting
and being in the family way.
Which "Us" am i refering to?
Well it is the youth of South Africa,
That can only sing "Freedom is coming tomorrow" very well
without knowing the significance
of that freedom
and what it took for this freedom
to come

well let me take you back to the
hands of time.
In June 16, 1976
the mongoloid youth of South Africa
marched down the streets of Soweto for this freedom we have today.

and the cries of faces without races
filled the streets of Soweto.

Parents feared for the lives of their children,
but who knew that adolescents
could be so brave?

They stood together in unity,
the same unity we lack today.
Fought for what was right and that came with their African roots,
which we nolonger honour today,

they fought against the usage af
Afrikaans as the main language of communication at schools.
And look where it left us today.
We have the Right to choice
and the Freedom of association.

And not forgeting that,
they left us with the courage to say "WE ARE PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICANS"
One of my longest poems ever!
8.5k · Jun 2015
I planted a smile
I was never considered a friend,
just a classmate,
a time-pusher that was all i was.
But today,
i planted a smile.
A smile so deep and pure,
it came as a shock to her.
A surprize indeed.
But surely my own heart rejoices to know that i planted a smile.
6.9k · Jul 2015
Child abuse
Child abuse!
Child abuse!
What kind of a monster are you?

Children all over the world are being abused.
They are abused at home by their parents,
At school by their teachers,
And as they play with thier peers.
They suffer from the East, North, West and South.

What then should be done to make an end to this problem?
Parents, teacher and friends,
Lets all think about this problem,
Lets all try to make an end to it.

A little visit back into the hands of time, the first poem i ever knew and presented during the age of 9 on the year 2009 and i still remember it word for word.
6.6k · Apr 2015
cries of faces without races
i am African, Yes i am black, i live under the same sun as yours, yes we are one.   Why battle with one another, the xenophobia attacks in my country should end, shops are looted, houses burnt down, children fear going to school and hundreds are left homeless.     What happended to South Africa being known as a Rainbow Nation? After 22 years of democracy why do we still fight, defensless statues are destroyed, histroy is wiped away and all that is left is faces without races, let us put our weapons down and rather love than fight.
xenophobia attacks, looting and statue vandalism has become very distressful to my country there is nolonger peace within its citizens
5.2k · Sep 2015
Our heritage...(in Christ)
When the Lord created heaven and earth,
he created men.
They became our four fathers
who had the authority to rule over all that crawled on this earth.
They were told to be fruitful and mutlipy,
and they bore us.

Their dominion passed on to us.
While yet his commandments we abused.
But the Lord said unto us,
no weapon formed against us will prosper.
And every tongue that rised against us in judgement he condemned.

Our sins redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
he left all this as our heritage,
and our righteousness in him we found.
His breath bestowed in us,
his glory seen in us,
he knew in us our mothers' womp,
and in every hand he laid a different heritage.
A heritage of his grace,
his wisdom,
and knowledge.
Happy Heritage Day
4.6k · Jun 2015
I found my pleasure in writing poems.
But technology has tought me how to type.
But today i have decided to go back to my old roots.
I write this in pain,
Tryibg to wipe away all the opressions that is behind technology.
I just want to vanish into the channel of my thoughts.
Mybe i might come back happy once again.
4.5k · May 2015
Rejected corner-stone
It has been a while i waited.
I have discovered the little hope i have,
Why try be to better when all  you have done is reject me.
You speak in riddles and forget.

I once was the one who was your pillar,
everyday i would be that shoulder you leaned on,
but today i have become that rejected corner-stone.

Is it me or is it what you missing?
I have watched you everyday,
becoming bitter than am i afraid to talk.
You threw away that little bit of me that kept me happy and left me weary like a rejected corner-stone
3.3k · Jun 2015
Her Gift
"There is Gift" everyone says,
he is just a mystrious guy to us
   that we all have never seen.
But i must i agree it is lovely to
        call out his name....

    His our "gift" but her "Gift"
a gift that remains still in her
But i must agree to some little jealousy stuck in me,
for their love makes the world jealous,
 their calmness, leads to

She smiles all the time we say his name.
She forgives everytime things go wrong.
      Our "gift" her "Gift"
his name translated to Zulu "Sipho"
a friend has composed a song.
       Gift is the name,
the name of the guy that lightens up her day.
     Our "gift" her "Gift"
   she so much loves him.
Dedicated to Nomzamo and Gift
3.0k · Sep 2015
She spends most of her days in doldrums,
always segregated from the whole crowd.
Everyone uses her acts and games against her.

It seemed like a game and they liked it.
But now it is toture,
she is being bullied
she fears coming to school,
she fails to catch some sleep at now,
their words keep ringing in her ears at night.

Today in the morning it was her shoe lace,
after assisting them
the only thanks they give is by making her feel misrable.
Now this afternoon she is crying,
and it all seems like a joke to them.

"Nomathemba help me with Accounting !"
they call out everyday.
After her help they become ironic,
"she is a distinction student".
They make her feel belittled.

"Dont worry you will be Accountant one day...
Because Accountants are greedy too"
i am not willing to support them,
their games are surely bad.

She fails to laugh,
nor smile,
her heart filled with pain.
She is a victim of emotional abuse,
and am the only one who seems to care.
What happened to the unity amongst us?
2.4k · Jun 2015
Blocked out
Sitting in a crowded room,
everybody has something to say,
i try to tell a story but
nobody would listen.

At that moment when i try to  raise my voice,
i just realise that am blocked out.
I sit alone in a crowed room and i wonder what my purpose is.

Much of a helper thats all i am,
much of a planner thats what i am,
so much of a listener and a talker when something needs to be solved,
but less than that am blocked out,
less than that am invisible.
Thats what i am
just less than that
When you just realise that people only come to you when they need help, less than that you are unknown.
2.0k · Jul 2015
My unsafe township
Bang! Bang!
The sounds of gun shots mid-day on Thursday,
Sirens getting closer to the crime scene,
Just two weeks ago a man's life was terminated for a cellphone,
More thugs and more gun fires,
the tragedy so bad it even appeared in the news.

But today i can feel fear creeping in my vains,
Another man shot dead today,
why do i have to live in this community?
For i am afraid.
Few months ago
it was just like an action movie,
people running and rolling
while the loud sounds from the police guns aiming over my
roof top kept on going
Bang! Bang!

I see the police patroling the streets by day,
having picnics in the park
while they watch their horses eroid away the soil.
They feast to some take away outlets
filling their sagging bellies by night.
While they letting the just go unpunished all year long,

Oh! It hurts.
I feel a bullet on my chest,
Oh! It hurts
for i cannot look through the dark
night anymore.
I sit on the side of this wide classroom window,
And i wonder,
What if one bullet comes straight to me. (God forbid)

Oh this township that i loved,
you are not safe anymore.
Where can i run to for i called you home?
There is no distance further gone  without any loud sounds;
Bang! Bang!

     Oh mam' ngiyalil'
     ngililel' labo abangasek'
     ikakhulukaz' imphil' yam'
     umphefumul' ongenacal'
     kungab' sewabayin' wena             dolobh' lami.

I called your name,
with so much pride and bragging,
but now i cannot even say your name
for you have groomed thugs,
drug addicts and drug dealers,
harlots... And what else that we do not know?

Could it be blood sacrificies,
are these the 'EndTimes' proclaimed in the book of Revelations,
Why should i bother trying to think when all i hear in my head are ecoing sounds
Bang! Bang!

All i need to do  is to find a way out,
    Nyawozam' ngibeleth' !
    Ngob' inhliziy' ayisahlalisekang'
when will that day be,
when crime will be stopped for good,
and police do justice to the community?
2.0k · Jul 2015
Forgive me
If the simplest words as "Goodbye" meant so much to you,
forgive me for thinking that
it was just one of those normal days,
it meant nothing much for
i knew that i would see you soon.
But now i am on my knees begging for you to fogive me.

My apologies bouncing back at me,
like a little table tennis game am playing alone.
If "Goodbye" surely means so much to you,
then you must know that "Sorry" means so much to me too.
Atleast forgive me now,
and foever will i learn to say "Goodbye".
He seemed too busy, so much in the spirit, i wanted to say goodbye but i couldnt manage cutting him off from the holy spirit
1.8k · Jul 2015
If anybody should be angry at the other its me,
angry at myself for the shame,
no need to point a finger or hide behind it,
not willing to call myself a failer
but i know i have failed.

Too ashamed to let everyone see me weeping,
not even myself from that mirror reflecting my loss back at me.

I was too proud,
believed in myself,
knew i was going to make it,
but no i failed,
and all it has done is to bring back my losses from the past.

To ashame to let the world see me,
i have locked myself away,
i cant even walk out of the house,
it feels like the whole world knows my loss.

Too proud,
too confident,
but now all my confidence has been washed away into the drain.

I am mostly ashamed for i failed to make my Mama proud.
Knock on the door of my heart
       and i shall open it for you
do not be frighten by what  you'll see.
   I have been trying for too long,
  to let you know how much i love  you.
    But you never bothered looking  further beyond that fake smile on my face.
      That is filled with heart breaks
               and doubts,
for you never bothered to see beyond.
Sitting in the silence,
It was too loud to bare,
Nobody talking everyone wanting to get the right answer.
A little deep thought, a little carried away i became.

Just like the clock ticking,
There was the tap dripping,
The sound getting deep into my head,
It reminded me of the times i leaned on your chest listening to your heart bounding.

But quickly was my mind drawn back to class,
And the sound shattered like broken glass.
A climps at the tap across the room,
I saw your tears shoting out like bullets,
And i remembered how much everyone deserves a second chance.
1.4k · Jul 2015
Her Sweet 16
My twin sister,
but from a dfferent womp,
i never dare to call her "Cousin".
Today she finally turned 16.
Ohh Boy! Am i so happy,
but i forgot to wish her
a happy birthday.
To busy too know,
school confusing as hell,
but i know her bitterness towards
me will be sweet once again,
for she has a forgiving heart (i just pray she does)

her sweet 16
my day so tiring.
Hope i am forgiven
Happy Birthday Little sis...
Notes (optional)
1.4k · Sep 2015
She groomed me...(mom)
The youngest of them all,
at times being the only one around her,
got me fed up.
Her love seemed like hate,
her protection like punishment,

yet never knowing that a time would come,
the time to find my freedom,
to see love and care in her,
to see comfort and safety in her protection.

She is the woman that kept me in her womp for nine months,
with a lot of pain
she brought me to the world,
with too much sufering,
she still never gave me up for adoption.

She is my mother,
the woman i can brag about everyday.
She is my mother,
the woman i love so much without any daught.

She made me vigilant to the things of this world,
groomed me with wisdom.
Taught me knowledge
and gave me the name Nolwazi[which means knowledge]
she fought for me never letting me sleep on an empty stomach.
She held me tight and made sure
that i went on with my studies.

She is my mother,
a woman i love so much,
a God fearing woman,
i never got to write about her until today,
she kept me warm throught the stormy nights,
and whispered in my ear while in her harms till i fell asleep.
I love her so much,
no one's love is greater than hers.
1.4k · Jun 2015
The full moon
Today my little town is bright.
Its like there have been neon lights placed on the pathways,
but surely it is the full moon.
Like a crystal it glows so clearly.
Watching its light spread to different directions,
i find my joy spreading all over my body.
If only the moon could fo ever stay full,
and glow overhead my roof i would forever stay happy and young
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1.3k · Oct 2015
Dear God...[Prayer]
Keep us close everyday,
Bestow Your love in our hearts,
Let us be humble and kind,
Make us keep to Your good deeds,
Allow me to love him dearly.
And let him know that i love him
Let me be able to celebrate in his sucess.
And be able to mourn in his sorrows.
Lord keep us together,
In loving harmony and peace.
You have heard the kindest words i say to him
Let us love one another into enternity Lord!
1.3k · May 2015
Cold in silent morning
In the cold and silent morning i feel the need of having you,
Just a little touch to make my heart so pure.

Like little arrows the rain pours,
it leaves me with sores,
only a gentle touch could fix.
You have been cruel to your fellow race,
you smeared blood all over your land,
and here you are now,
your soils hunger and thirst for green pastures,
and there are no where to be found.

Oh poor South Africa,
could you be another Eygpt
with God's plegues reigning all over you?
You showed no harmony,
you desired no peace,
you cared less about unity,

you left your own race to die,
with those large stones,
those weapons,
the sticks and the whips.
That fire that burnt the people  alive,

their tears fell to the ground
and they have dried up your land,
it is no shortage of water that you face,
but with unquestionable daughts,
you are facing terrible draughts.

Now that your fellow citizens fight against one another,
the blood is being shed amongst themselves,
and those stones now crush their own skulls,
it is nolonger faces without races that cry,
but your own race nolonger knows how to share.

this is all because you do not have
enough water to secure them anymore.
Their needs can not be reached
not even by the noble group that monitors from their royal seats.

Oh poor South Africa cry for mecry!
For your soils are running solid,
they shall nolonger be able to bear food.

The Lord covers your land with dark clouds,
yet there is never a seed of rain that falls and touch your platue.
Oh poor South Africa cry for mercy!
for your people are dying.
And yet you sit still in silence.
The shortage of water in South Africa is nothing but a burden, a young girls has died, while trying to defend there homestead river stream.
1.3k · Oct 2015
You have joined forces with my frenemies,
you have just destroyed our genesis,
you have become a total nemesis.

I thought you were a friend,
but you have been stabbing me right at the back.
I would have never guessed that there could have ever been an end,
but now i know how much you were fake.

That smile,
dear snake,
you kept crawling in the bushes,
but now you crawl on the eroided plateu,

i have seen your moves from afar,
stay away!
you keep on looking at me with those eyes filled with evil,
you trained to become wicked,
i am not surprized that you using your skills against me too.
I thought you were a friend yet you go around messing up for me and replacing me with other people...
1.3k · Jul 2015
A Tribute to 'Tata'
'Tata Madiba'
Father of the Nation,
Today you could have been 97 years,
but your journey of life was cut so short,
21 years years of democracy is what we will all remember you with,
Nelson Mandela,
the great fighter,
you tought us to love and be in unity,
your works we shall remember,
may your dear soul rest in peace forever,
while we still hold on to 67 minutes of Madiba day,
showing our love and care for our great nation as much as you did,
we love you Tata,
we honour your legacy,
together we still can because of your great dids,
'Halala Madiba Halala!!'
Notes (optional)
1.3k · Jun 2015
Ordinary girl
Just an odinary girl
with an extraordinary heart
i cannot keep quiet when i know
that my heart is bleeding.
I cannot keep quiet anymore
and i know it that it attracts my enemies.

I wouldnt fear to be hated
neither to lose a friend
lonely did i come
and lonely will i depart
i know they throw curses
but how far will they get through
that solid heart.

I used to have a smile
that glowed in the dark
for it overcomed the shadowed night
but now all is hallow
and i feel my heart sinking
into the shallow seas

i know they throw curses
but i am still willing to forgive
even though i would never smile
i feel sorry for you
because you dont know
how far pain cant shot through my heart anymore
1.2k · Feb 2016
Beacuse I care
I get hurt I don't mind.                       She gets hurt I don't care,
     You get hurt I worry a lot a lot
         Because I care,
      I never want to see you hurt,
   From all her drama and turmoils,
You still don't realise that its me who

      She's driven you through hell,
        Some little publicity and all.
   Silly little drama that could have pushed me way but still I stood with  
             My sobering heart
        Waiting for my chance to  
             You after her dread
  And heal your wounds from her
          Sharp swords.                               

It is my endless love that makes me
Yet I don't mind that you are never
             Going to love me.
1.2k · Mar 2016
I cried myself to sleep
I cried myself to sleep last night.
I wished you could be there,
To hold me close to you and whisper its okay.
It was one scary and unusual lala by.
But am glad I did not see its end.

I cried myself to sleep last night because I kept feeling I had lost you.
But today under the clouded afternoon.
I realise that,
The droplets of my tears melted your heart in your sleep,
And probably planted a short dream about me.
Because today you seem to have remembered me.
1.1k · Aug 2015
Poor player (cheater)
She played it well,
so **** good like a busketball game,
but hell broke loss when
caught between the devil and the dillema.

She was a player such a **** poor one,
she never knew when to play her cards right,
bet she read the wrong menu when it came to killing two birds with one stone.

Her timing was poor,
but not so bad at it than how she failed to tell lies.
She would cry upon vanity all day long,
and let the poor boys believe they where the only ones.(i call them boys because they were not men enough to see)

She could have just practiced paliamory, ohh no i oppose on that.
What love could it have been for two people when she knew she loved only one.

Now her family and freinds are trapped in her lies,
defending the other guy from the other (they are being fooled).

As much as we were groomed and told to give away our toys.
i believe its time she lets go
for her mourns, tears and screams have come to the extent of reaveling to the whole world how naive but not innocent she is.
1.1k · Jan 2016
[Just write-rhyme]
Perfect imperfections,
Drawn away frustrations.
Pondering sweet emotions,
Simplicity through dedications.
Discovery of new evolutions.
Washed away night's illusions,
Drifted away by happy motions
Pride through inspirations
And self identity through aspirations.
Tears have gone to extinction.
And I have become perfect through imperfection!
I would rather have you throw insults at me,
than you thanking me with insults,

all my dedication wasted,
i never did it for love but passion,

you nailed it just this day,
and am glad it happened soon,
i have been longing for this distance and it has now come to pass,

you know that you have a larger crowd to cheer for you,
but honesty lies between you, God and I,

i shall not be apologetic
today i just wont swallow my pride to make you happy and feel that you are right

let your loud voice increase in volume,
while i lock myself in the room and listen to you talking,
you are not the first hunter,
and i shall keeping on fleeing as a prey to  many that are still chasing,

when you have realised how much i was worth to you,
it will be too late for i would have migrated to a peaceful land.

I am not afraid to lose you for i have lost more friends than you in the times gone by.
When the clock strikes at four
my mind will not be at rest anymore,
when the clock strikes at four
this little energy i have will be fully drained,
these pillars of mine will be very weak
and unstable to hold my body  anymore.

When the clock strikes at four
i will be tired of forgetting,
my hand will not be able to keep the pen dancing,.my thoughts will be saturated by you
i cannot do it anymore
i can hardly bare sitting here anymore.

Its a Friday
After such a long day yesterday.
Tomorrow is Saturday
And thanks God that i will be home tonight.
I shall fail to cope because my mind roams in thoughts
saturated by my plans for tomorrow.

It is 8o'clock on the wall,
the moment for me to start trying to solve for X's
at nine i will have to retell the story of Animal Farm,
the death of Othello and anylse those poems.
At 10:30 i will be free
an additional language always makes my day.
But when the clock strikes at one
my soul will be gone and my body will be shut down,
i shall await for the clock to strikes 3:30
before some little excitment kicks in.

When the clock strikes at four,
i shall carry my bags with me and
get drifted away by the wind like
I shall find my way home,
only to get a peace of mind and a hot bath.
And then think about you until i nearly drawn,
when the clock strikes at four,
i know i will be going home today.
Just one typical boring day at school
1.0k · Jul 2015
Poor Africa
The originality manufactured naturally,
strength gained without any body building,
hard work born with no need to learn it.
Rising and falling known from first sight.
Being a refugee has now become a norhm.
Watching the sun set on empty  stomaches like some soup opera.
Poverty unplanned has been
jotted in the caleneders.

Always ready to take to the heels like some marathon race fleeing from wars.
Carrying a spiritaul shield to protect their lives because not even  any asurance can cover their deaths.
So many cries nobody knows if they are of joy or sorrow,
but i know that most of them project a message of pain.

Learning to be a doctor with no degree only because their societies need to be saved.
Little boys carry heavy battle machinery and are forced into war without any military trianing.

Poor Africa you are projected as helpless,
but nothing is so rich as your soils and every other thing that crawls on you,
the preys and its preditors so firece and cunning clever than those  pets that trained at some fancy school.
Your landscapes so unique they all are amazing to glare at.
Nothing makes you Africa so beautiful
than the golden rays from the sun departing to its sleep.
Giving everyone that chance to grasp a smile.

Africa is rich not because of money, but beacause of the natural resources extracted from it.
Something i thought of writting with no intention, I hope it makes sense
1.0k · May 2015
Like shoting bullets
Like shoting bullets you throw your words at me,
with that little heart i have,
you knew they will penetrate in my heart and leave me bleeding.

With that anger and pain covered with your gentle words,
i know that you are hurt.
With the smile on your face from ear to ear,
i know you broken.

"No turning" thats the story,
"No forgiveness" thats the song,
"No love" thats your stress relief,
yesterday is gone, tomorrow is here to stay,
but surely that song in you mind will once be erased.

Like shoting bullets, runs down those tears,
like shoting bullets, your words decieved me.
Fell into the traps of your words,
but like a swift bullet, i learnt to drift away quickly.
1.0k · Jun 2015
You and I
With this modern technology
all the memories i had of us
are stuck in my phone.

Going through every picture of us
made me realise how much
we once where happy together.
Up until i came across the one
that said "Give me back my heart"

i listened to our phone call records,
the beat you sent for me,
the songs you composed for me
and those songs we always
sang together and realised
how much music brought us close
all the time
Up until i came across a song
saying "So now i take my heart back"

i went through the messages and texts we wrote to each other
they seem quite romantic
and they made me realise
how open we where with each other
Up until the day you made
1 June, 2015, 23:59
the last day we ever talked
to each other.

Now that i hear my friends asking
me so many things about you,
while still making jokes about
you and i.
It troubles,my heart because      
i know how much
there is no love any more
It was fun having you in my life
972 · Oct 2015
A 28 years difference,
You just turned 45.

My age uncomparablie to yours,
Yet my smile reflects your love.
It has been long without writing to you,
while yet i have a lot to say.

From all the toils and struggles,
I have seen you nearly at death,
Thinking that you would be gone for good,
and here you are celebrating your
45th birthday.

With a little smile on your face,
confidence and courage.
With the bold figure that you have,
i am glad to see you happy,
and here you are today with strength.

Thanking God for the gift of life he betowed upon you.
Do not let this day go unspoiled.
Praying that God adds more days to the ones you already have.

Happy birthday!
From me to you

with love
957 · Mar 2016
Happy birthday: Tev
Another year gone by,
Atleast for 7 months the debate about who is older will not be heard.
Ohh boy!
An I so glad.
Its just silly to be wishing you a happy birthday,
But whatever,  you deserve it.

Wishing I could spoil your day so badly.
But luckily I ain't around.
Little-Old "bro" God has sustained you.
Wishing you a long life
And heaven at last.
May the good Lord guide and bless you.
Reminding you that every day leads to you being a man.
May you live to see your children's children.
(And also mine too).

A blissful and a happy birthday to you
With lots of love and care.
Happy birthday to you Tevin .A. Ndlovu.  A friend and a brother I never had.  19 is still just a number,  there are still more years to come. Hang in there buddy
940 · Jun 2015
Feel like i have fallen under the devil's trap,
Under opression,
And my soul is chained up in manacles.

Trying my best to reach to the world,
But that concrete wall bounces my words back,
the louder i become its like my voice is being lowered.

They say they want the best,
But they never assist me in achieving it,
Just like that novel Animal Farm,
they are Squealer and Napoleon.
Only caring much about the result but not me.

It feels like i am back in the Aparthied era,
And like Nelson Mandela,
My 12 years of learning have just become a 27 years imprisonment.

I feel like i am a murdurer being questioned in the court of law,
I dont know anything about being a lawer nor a police,
But am forced to write reports of why i failed.
Looking at their barbaric faces,
i know how much they will never suport me.

They call a school a place of learning,
but today i saw another story in the system.
939 · Jun 2015
Am only human
I wouldnt deny to failer,
nor bow down to it.
I wouldnt deny to defeat,
nor fall under it.

Am only human,
just a little girl.
Have made wrong and right,
but never have i expected perfection.

Am only human,
better than today's technology,
for i know when to rest,
and i know when to say "NO"

am only human,
yes i can feel,
take every step with caution,
reflect to my past and still stay in the present.

I am only human,
i cry,
i laugh,
i hate,
i love,
i smile,
i frown

i am only human
and i have emotions just like you.
925 · Jan 2016
I am happy
Before 23:59 on December 31
I was certain,
About my wasted feelings and hopes.
Love that was meant to be handed to the longing heart,
And not yours was put into waste.
I was certain I had messed it up.
And that was true.

I spent too much time in stagnation and thinking about you
When I wasn't in your thoughts.
I felt happy to leave my broken peaces behind.
And I couldn't ask for more.

My yesterday's meditation cured the little scratches that still ached.
I was revived and drowned into happiness.

I left my silly thoughts behind,
And am happy that you in my mind no more.
And in my own tight arms I am happy.

Today is 20:20 January 1
And I feel liberated from the thoughts of you that captured me with unforgiving claws.
913 · Jun 2015
"Dear Friend"
Fought against my fears,
Until now that they have become hate,
Pushing back those tears,
I am trying my best to find ways to meet my fate.

Carrying on my shoulders a heavy pile,
I hide my broken spirit behind that smile,
Locked myself away in the room,
My whole world has been feeling gloom.

Seems like the earth and its creatures have won once again,
I will admit that its not atitude,
We are just in diffrent altitudes,
All i can do is pace myself away from your latitude,
There has always been a different "Dear Friend"
911 · Jun 2015
My pillar
He leads me in green pastures,
He guides my path to rightousness,
He lifts me up when i fall,
He is my pillar to lean on when i cant stand.

He says "yes"
when all say "no"
He makes a way where it seems to be non
Forever Has He been my shield.

He knew me in my mother's womp
Created me in His own image
gave His son away to the earth
for my sins to be washed away.

How Great is Thou Art
Highly exalted above all nations
The King of kings
The Lord of lords
with Him all things are possible.

I call him Emmanuel
The I Am That I Am
The Mighty above all
The Alfa and The Omega
The Unchangable Changer.

He is my pillar
The one and only friend i could ever ask for
In Him i can never lack
but rather rejoice
for He is The Prince of Peace
836 · May 2016
Crazy-sweet, confusing love
He knows he likes her,
But he is not sure he can stand the cyclones around them.
She knows she likes him,
But there are just these obstacles standing in her way.
They know they are in love,
But what do they have to do to be convinced?

Oh! Boy, Oh!  Boy
Relationships! ,  relationships!
And most of all.... 'LOVE'

You make me laugh when am not supposed to.
And smile when I dont have to.
You make me happy though I dont know the reason why.
You are the bright blossom of my clouded day.

He is a keeper,
And I hope she keeps him too
She is and Angel
And I hope he becomes hers too.
She hopes for a protecter
And I believe she has found one.
He hopes for a comforter
And I believe he has found one.

Everything is just wild,
With mediators on the side
And on lookers observing.
It is so hard to look at it and ignore,
But I am happy to know that the world around me still carries love.

He knows he loves her,
And I hope she loves him too.
For M.N and T.N

P. S I love you guys
825 · Feb 2016
Dont be too ignorant
Ignorance leads to distruction.
It is more sad if you are avoiding the situation.
Nothing is risky than watching a loving heart drawn in sorrow and pain of disappointment.
And never having that time to turn back the hands of time.

"If only" will just be words that will infect your wounds.
And I will still be left alone to cry.
Please don't be too ignorant.

Open up your eyes and depart from your world for a little while.
I have gotten rid of mine and i have found myself in one I made for us.
Don't say love is risky when you know it is worth trying.
I guess its been long without writing...about you of course but when things get too hard to bare, I share them with my HP family because they still seem to be the only ones listening
824 · Nov 2015
Trying to forget you
I sit starring at the mirror,
your thoughts roam in my mind.
I am waiting for that day,
i will wake up and think about you no more.
786 · Feb 2016
Memory lane
One day I will look back at this moment and say "Gosh! I was crazy".
However, this is one moment that has just found its permanent post in my memory lane.
I will cherish it always and only share it with those who will understand.
784 · Jan 2016
Birth of a little Angel
While I crawled in the arms of my tender sleep,
Having said a little prayer,
Dreaming of reality's dread.

Mama stayed awake trying to let you out.
Sweating and fighting all the pain and strains,
And hoping you would be out soon.

Daddy kept saying little prayers and signing songs of praise in his heart.
He awaited for your arrival,
It was soon enough until you surfaced the earth.

They both couldn't wait to have you in the palm of their hands
And see your sparkling eyes open up to reality's dread.

But do not worry you little one,
For we are all here for you.
To protect you from the devouring spirits,
And every other wicked spiritual realm;

Rock of Victory youth will never let you sobber in pain in our site,
Nor let any bully bring down your flaws.
We are willing to support you all the time.

Mommy and Daddy will always keep you happy,
And they will never leave you behind.
They will groom you to be mommy and daddy's little girl.
They shall always keep you warm in the dark,
And in comfort during the storms.

The Lord shall become your refuge and your strength,
He will shower you with blessings,
An pour his wisdom upon you.
He shall lead you into the narrow gates,
And forever shall he be your fortress.

Our deep breaths we have been holding for too long have been released into the thin air.
And from them we have found an atmosphere of celebration.
With little words to describe my happiness,
I am so greatful to be amongst those to celebrate the gift of life that God has presented to you.

Nolwazi J Mabilisi®
To my beloved pastor's (Pastor "P" and "Mama P") daughter heavenly Beauty Nkomo, who was born yesterday night around 9am. Can't wait to hold you in my palms
781 · May 2015
Why, why, Why?
A simple question,
But i cannot answer.
Looking at how much we get along now than before,
Surely i need an answer.

Why do I hate you when i should love you?
Why do i love you when i should hate you?
I humble myslf more as a friend,
And i rebel when i am your lover.

Why, why, why?
You are a simple question,
But i cannot answer.
Why, why, why?
Does anybody know??
772 · Apr 2018
I still...
I still want to write positive about you.
But all my memories of you are dead,
It's like I should simply stop writing.
But, no matter how I try and stop.
I still seem to go on and on.
It is this love so strong.
O! this sad love story,
That still guides
My innocence.
Its time I say
I still
767 · Mar 2016
My apology
I wasn't me not today.
I guess all my fears came chasing.
All that I thought I would never have to face again.
The fear of being let down,
The fear of having to wait for someone to come
And they never show up.

I was hoping for a change in the chapter of my life.
Hopefully it would clear all the doubts I have been having.
You were that spark of hope for a moment,
And when things changed.
I was so disappointed.

I know I had no reason to be angry
I failed to compromise.
And mostly appreciate your values.
Guess at that moment I felt unappreciated.

I don't know what much more to say.
But I deeply apologise.
Not because its a must but because I know I should.
I was just selfish.
And unearthly to be so arrogant.
I surely know that I could have behaved a little better,
But I didn't.
I really don't know how to put it nor say it. But I believe it is the only thing I can do. I hardly believe the word "sorry" but I hope you believe my words of apology.

I will not blame you if you decide to push me away. To cut off all communication. To turn into another direction. Probably its because I do not deserve you.
759 · Sep 2015
Hey player
Hey player,
i know you are good with your foot game,
passing the ball from one player to the other,
you sought for the right time to shot,
while you, player get me faded away.

Havent you seen who your best keeper is,
she knows a lot about you that you dont realise,
she keeps those little secrets that seem to be harmless.

Hey player its time you become a striker,
you'v been defending the goals from your team-mate for to long,
stop kicking it to your oponents,
i am right here!

A good goal keeper,
i can keep your heart too,
a good team-mate,
i can always be tolerant,
and a lot of sharing,
i wont keep the ***** to myself all the time.

Hey player,
be fair,
i know how to kick the ball too,
but i am sure that i will save your heart from falling and getting hurt.
Lousy thoughts
751 · Aug 2015
I was 9
You aimed arrows at me,
tore my flesh in to pieces,
and threw me out to be the feast of the night,
but i survived,
i was 9,
i loved you,
but you were so mean, i couldnt even say the word 'dad'.
But now that i am nearly 18,
i have discovered how much an evil man can be easily replaced
by a forgiving heart
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