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Nohémie Oct 11
I found out that with you,
promises were never kept
& forever,
was never long
so, I had to accept
that our love would last for just a song.
I've been writing again. Not my best but I'm happy I'm writing for the sake of writing.
Much love, N.
Nohémie Oct 7
Someone said: it's always easy leaving someone knowing you'll return.
And since then,
I've promised myself that this time, would be the last.
I don't intend on coming back.
I still can't get over those words, they give me chills.
Much love, N.
Nohémie Aug 22
How much of me can I be without it being too much?
How much of me do I have to be to be enough?
I’ve got problems with managing myself, I've got issues with accommodating myself.
Not one of you can answer those question, not one of you can fix that problem.
The month of August was filled with less ups, more downs but so much growth.

Much love, N.
Nohémie Jul 27
All my friends got friends
Every single one of them
I’m afraid I’ll become a hinderance
As opening up might show my lack of strength
All my friends got friends
While all I have is them

So, how do I cope?
How do I reject jealousy when it wants to comfort me?
When it assures me that alliance benefits me?
When it asks me not to resist?
When it’s presence is so enticing, I can feel it’s breath down my neck, intriguing me more than scaring me
How do I cope?
When they get to experience life outside of our ensemble
Get to see corners my sight won’t reach
Because those experiences are unique to their memories
Memories I wasn’t invited or welcomed into
Memories that didn’t make sense for me to inherit
How do I cope?
When anger sneaks into my morning coffee
The heat burning my tongue and leaving me with a lingering bitterness
Stealing my voice and replacing it with its own to yell that only I can provide happiness
For so long, I’ve tried looking for different things from different people
Distributing parts of my trust to different pieces of the puzzles
So that their whole could make me but their individuality couldn’t break me
But what happens if I stopped at two?
What happens if only two pieces to the puzzle held that much power between them?
And why is it that bringing the two pieces of puzzle together left me so lonely?
I've been having a hard month mentally but I'm always trying to be the person I envision myself to be.

Much love, N.
Nohémie May 27
you are your life's quest. the purpose of your life is to figure yourself out. you can spend ages thinking you know yourself but life will put you through situations to let you know you don't. discovering yourself is your mission.
We keep on finding things out about ourselves, no matter what age.
Much love, N.
Nohémie May 23
love is not just letting go of the memories, the laughs and the past. it's letting go of the present moment and its comfort. it's also letting go of the future and its potential to becoming tangible.
Might've written something similar to this a while back! My friend recently went through a break up and I wanted to write about it.

Much love, N.
Nohémie Apr 8
I was craving how love could feel,
how intimacy could heal
I tried dating
but ended up wishing
I'd stick with the reoccurring dreams
and their appeal
with their kisses trailing down my thighs,
kissing me goodnight
People started worrying, told me they were praying
People told me to 'let God lead me to him',
to that special person I'd share my life with
'Let God choose him'
Because I seem to lack of good judgment
And soon enough, I fell in love
Jumped, never knowing when I'd hit the ground
God lead me to you and I was found
But now, he might feel inclined to take you back
Like depriving sleep from an insomniac
Because, I fell in love with the God I see in you
and I don't know which one I am supposed to listen to
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